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April 13, 2013 French Quarter Fest Master’s Tournament

Below are some of the shout-outs from after  the tournament followed by copies of emails from Billy Goodell  keeping everyone incredibly well informed.

Photos at

YES!!! Thanks Guys!!!!! Lookin’ forward to next year already!!!!


Albert “Skip” Rizzo, Ph.D.

Associate Director – Institute for Creative Technologies

Research Professor – Dept. of Psychiatry and School of Gerontology

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA. 90094




It was six seconds and 18 steps. But, who’s counting?




Lester Duhé

Ted McGehee <> wrote:

My sincerest thanks to Billy Goodell, Swamp, Geip, the NO Olde BoyZ and everyone who made the past weekends’s tournament possible.

Saw my rugby fraternity brothers and played for the first time in seven years.


The seven seconds I lasted was worth it. (pulled a hammy 20 steps after kickoff)!!!!!!!!

Next year dude. Next year.

Silver Surfer

On Apr 16, 2013, at 1:21 PM, Henry Roop wrote:

Dave, Bill, Dave & Company,

I echo Dave’s comments. Well done gentlemen. Great time had by all in NOLA. I am already booked again this same time/weekend next year. You guys are the best.

Also, more pictures were taken by Craig Boudreaux that were excellent. Go to his website at and you can see them all. Incredible photography!!


Henry Roop

Mississippi Maddogs Semi-Professional Football Team

Tupelo, Mississippi



Bill, Dale and Company – great time, thanks for putting it on. If anyone is interested I have photos of the 55s Slime vs. New Orleans; 35s Poltroons vs. New Orleans and 50s Geese vs. New Orleans on my facebook page, which is open to all, just look me up David Weiskopf, feel free to friend me, stalk me, tag friends, steal the pics, etc. I look forward to next year. cheers, David Weiskopf

3/27/13 from Billy Goodell

Slightly revised , start times an hour later, the two 35+ texas teams have combined.
Friday night social and captain’s meeting at Irish Cultural Museum , 933 Conti st. , in French Quarter near festival stages.
See everyone soon.

The following Information about the 2013 French Quarter Fest Masters Tournament was provided by Billy Goodell.

Sent 3.21.13


OK people, if you are a whore and want to align yourself in advance i suggest you contact battleship(lars granade/brad bassett) and wild geese (neal henderson) as both teams have told me they want some additional players . their email addresses are in string above.

Over 55 whores, contact Larry Bilon with Littlerock if you want , they want more players also.

OR just show up


WE ARE LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what we will have:


35+ DIVISION (6 teams)

Baton Rouge with Battleship friends

New Orleans Black and Blue

ROT (Dallas-Fort Worth area)

Austin Silverbacks with Woodlands Deadhead friends

Washington Poltroons

Memphis Old Boys


50+ DIVISION (4 teams)

Virginia Cardinals

New Orleans Vieux Garcons

Wild Geese (D.C. Area)

Battleship Old Boys



Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Alan Noel, Joe Kelly, Crawfish, Sam Hyde, Mark Ferguson, Major Dan, Tyree Boss, other unnamed ORBs, Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Larry Bilon, Jim Williford, Billy Bryant., Paul Maxwell.



Little Rock and Friends v New Orleans Random Acts of Rugby



50+ whores………………..Wild Geese and Battleship want some extra 50+ players.

55+ whores………………… Little Rock wants some help in the 55+ match.

35+ whores………………….you can find a team for sure

We will set up at the referee tent to help facilitate placing whores with a team.

Coincidentally, the 55+ match will be a rematch of the 1984 Memphis in May Championship, CCRFC v Little Rock!!!!!!!!


Get with Sharon Resta and let her know your needs/desires etc on motel and other travel arrangements and she will handle the rest. Sharon Resta, Landmark Travel, “ 954-792-2371 (direct)



Baton Rouge with a little help from Mobile

New Orleans Black and Blue

Memphis Old Boys

Washington Poltroons

ROT (Republic of Texas- Dallas-Fort Worth)

Austin Silverbacks with Woodlands Hos


New Orleans Vieux Garcons

Virginia Cardinals

Mobile Battleship

Wild Geese (D.C. Area)

55+ Exhibition Match

New Orleans Random Acts of Rugby v Little Rockers and friends

NOLA “Radom Acts of Rugby ” including but not limited to the following stalwart studlys:

Jerry “Stallion” Gallion, Billy “Goodildo” Goodell, Skip Rizzo, Tommy “Twinkletoes” Martin, Ron “Snaggletooth” Gibbs, Henry “Hitman” Roop, “Keg” Roberts, Jack “Fuck You” Biven, Sam ‘I’m going to Home Depot” Farnet, Lester “Molester” Duhe with two shoulders, Wally “65 and counting” Ferrara, “Bruiser” Bruce Heheman, Chris Gillen, Ed Land, Randy “Tractor”Traylor, Billy Bryant, Geo “Fav Ex Roommate” Morris, Paul “Meathook” Lachin, Philip “I’m not Paul” Lachin, Bob “Jonesy” Jones, Jim “Flyprop” Genthon, Fran Thompson

Little Rockers led by Larry “Dancing Bear” Bilon and Jim Williford

50+ NOLA

Scott McClean, Sam Farnet, Tim Falcon, Joe Guinta, Jerry Levy, Felix Bopp, Ron Gibbs, Bill Goodell, Henry Roop, Jerry Razer, Geo Morris, Bruce Heheman, “Gorgeous Gil the Cajun Thrill” Guillory, J.R. “Podnuh” Venedetto, Gary Giepert, Hunter Guidry, Chris Gillen, Ed Land, Fran Thompson, more to commit

50+ WHORES ( a full side!!)

Doc Frisbee, Matt Hefelfinger, Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Alan Noel, Joe Kelly, Crawfish, Sam Hyde, Mark Ferguson, Major Dan, Tyree Boss, Paul???, another unnamed ORB, unnamed and unnumbered CARs,Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Larry Bilon, Jim Williford, Billy Bryant., Paul Maxwell more coming


April 6, 2013 Louisiana/Deep South High School Championships

March 29,2013 Hopefully, this is the final schedule:

Thursday April 4th Br Martin v Lake Area 4:30pm at Gretna Field
Thursday April 4th Shaw v Jesuit 6:00pm at Gretna Field

Saturday April 6th:
10am Jesuit Blue v Audubon ( 25 minute halves)
11am Loyola 7’s and Youth Rugby
noon Jesuit Blue v Mississippi ( 25 minute halves)
1:30pm New Orleans v Memphis (40 minute halves)
3:30pm Audubon v Mississippi ( 25 minute halves)
4:30pm Cup Consolation (30 minute halves)
6:00pm Cup Championship (30 minute halves)
7:30pm New Orleans v Atlanta (40 minute halves)

9am -10am Jesuit Blue
10am-11am Loyola
11am-noon Audubon
noon – 1pm N.O. Gold
1pm – 2pm Mississippi
2pm-3pm Lake Area
3pm-4pm Jesuit White
5pm-6pm Br Martin
6pm -7pm N.O.Old Boys
7pm-8pm Shaw


NEW New PROPOSED SCHEDULE: based upon imput from Audubon and Mississippi and sent out by Gary Giepert on 3/21/13
> all games to played at Pan Am Stadium
> 10am             Jesuit Blue v Audubon           ( 25 minute halves)
11am             Loyola 7’s and Youth Rugby
> noon             Jesuit Blue v Mississippi         ( 25 minute halves)
> 1:30pm         New Orleans v Memphis         (40 minute halves)
> 3:30pm         Audubon v Mississippi              ( 25 minute halves)
> 4:30pm         Cup Consolation                      (30 minute halves)
> 6:00pm         Cup Championship                   (30 minute halves)
> 7:30pm         New Orleans v Atlanta              (40 minute halves


The following is Gary Giepert’s vision for 2013 Louisiana/Deep South High School Rugby Championship as expressed by email March 10, 2013:

If Niceville is in the top four this year, and it looks like they will be , this is what I envision for April 6th since in all likelihood we will not be able to play the Cup semis early:

9am  Cup Div 1 v 4
10am Cup Div 2 v 3
11am Bowl Div 1v 4
12 noon Bowl Div 2 v 3
1:30pm New Orleans playoff game (NORFC A v Atlanta Renegades)

3:30pm Cup Consolation
4:30pm Bowl Consolation
5:30 pm Bowl Championship
6:30pm Cup Championship

All of high school games will be 25 minutes except the Cup Championship which will be 30 minutes.  Please give me your feed back.

If you finish in the top four you certainly can be in the Cup division.  Lori told me a few weeks ago that you were combining with Miss to put a team in.  Is that no longer the case.

Gary J. Giepert

Doc Frisbee ( coach of Niceville) wrote on March 9, 2013
> We are making a commitment to come to NOLA for the st. tourney April 6.  We are changing our match with shaw for april 20th.  Is it possible for us to be put in the upper four tour grouping for the st. champ.  Plus  can you change the name to the deep south hs championship??

Niceville  beat Mississippi 39 to 10 on March 9th.

The high school league standings as of March 9th.
Team                W                 L                   T
Shaw                 5                  0
Br Martin            6                  1
Niceville              3                  2
Lake Area           2                  2                  1
Jesuit White        2                 2                 1
Mississippi           2                 3
Audubon              1                 3
Jesuit Blue            0                3
ESA                       0               4

Email from Gary Giepert April 12, 2013

After adding in Conrad Breit’s check here is the accounting for the April 6th Championship day:

REVENUES Gate and T-shirt sales                                               6585


Royal Honda                500

Paul Miniclear              500

Giepert Law                 250

Deep South Rugby      250

Breit Marine Services  250

Planet Beach              100
TOTAL                                                                  1850

Team Payments:                                                         675

(This includes $100 FROM Lake Area which I am still waiting on.)

TOTAL REVENUE                                                                                                     9110

EXPENSES City Park – Pan Am Rental                                   1500

Outback Specialties – T-shirts                                 765 Referees                                                                 610

Original Bank                                                          300

TOTAL EXPENSES                                                                                                  3175
NET PROCEEDS                                  $5935

2012-13 Season Posts

March 8 –  Shawn Depenport, a 22 year-old member of NORFC,  was tagically killed in a motorcycle accident on I-10.
Dec. 31st, 2012  Cameron Falcon (Shaw, LSU) is picked by RugbyMag as one of the 12 in 2012 likely to become an Eagle. Below is the part of the article on Cameron:
” There are some hookers who seem like extra flankers, and some that are more like mobile props who concentrate on set piece. LSU product Cameron Falcon is that second kind. He has played both hooker and prop for the Junior All Americans, for whom his lineout throwing was virtually perfect. Smart, tough, and powerful, Falcon is now working his way through the ranks at Trinity in Ireland. If he learns what he needs to learn there, he could develop into the next Eagle #2 very quickly. ”   By Alex Goff & Pat Clifton
Jan., 2013,  Two NORFC Players Selected to Play Mexico
 On the USA South squad that defeated Mexico 56-23 in round 1 of NACRA in Atlanta, GA, on 1/19/2013 were two players from New Orleans RFC – Jeff Reuther & Saade Bou-Mikael Saade played scrum-half and scored a try.

July, 2012, Jeff Reuther Leads USA South to Cape Fear Championship

A story from which the below is extracted was published in

The South Men’s All-Stars defeated the Pacific Barbarians 26-12 to win the Cape Fear 7s Premier Bracket Sunday in Wilmington, NC.
The South was led by longtime all-star Jeff Reuther, while East Carolina University product Matt Hughston was superb on defense.
After defeating the Georgia All-Stars in the quarterfinals Sunday morning, the South downed the Navy Exiles, who had squeaked by 1823 in the quarters.
That set up the game against the defending champs the Pacific Barbarians. The Barbarians beat Charlotte in the quarters and then Kenya Exiles in the semis to make the final
South Head Coach was  Julie McCoy.
“We’ve been working on our combination of speed, work rate, and maturity, because we knew it would pay of for us later, especially in a final with ten-minute halves, and it did,” McCoy said.
After going 2-1 in pool play the South kept getting better and better. Reuther was a big stabilizing influence on a young team, while assistant coach Alex Houser worked well with McCoy to keep the team on track. The young talent was also solid. Hughston made several big plays. Bobby Allen, who led the 2011 National All-Star Championships in tries, continues to improve at scrumhalf, Georgia Southern talent Mu Cabbell was green but supremely difficult to contain in the open field, and Brevard club player DeWayen Parks was a revelation.
“They were just a good group of guys,” McCoy said. “They worked very hard on their maturity, not freaking out when things went bad and staying in the moment, and they just played well. Onward and upward to the NASC.”


March 9, 2013 – Day of Rugby @ Pan Am Stadium

By Gary Giepert

The New Orleans Womens side, the Halfmoons, have not been able to schedule a game for the DAY OF RUGBY. Therefore the schedule has changed somewhat. Please see below. Ref’s name is at the end of the teams playing. 
10:30am Jesuit v Central Illinois Doyle
11:45am Br Martin v White Station Parrill
1:00pm Youth rugby TBA
1:15pm Brother Martin B v White Station B Wallace (20minute halves)
2:15pm Youth rugby TBA
2:30pm Loyola v La tech Doyle
4:30pm White Station v Audubon Wallace
6:00pm Central Illinois v Lake Area Parrill

Please note the gate schedule has changed as well:
Br Martin 9:30am – 11:00am
Jesuit 11:00am -12:30 pm
Youth rugby 12:30pm- 2:00pm
Loyola 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Lake Area 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Audubon 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Below is the original schedule before the Halfmoons had to cancel because they couldn’t find an opponent.

10:30am Jesuit v Central Illinois
11:45am  Br Martin v White Station
1:00pm    Youth rugby
1:15pm    Halfmoons match
3:15pm    Youth rugby
3:30pm     Loyola v La tech
5:30pm     White Station v Audubon
7:15 pm     Central Illinois v Lake Area

Entry fee will be $7 for adults and $3 for children under 18.

The gate schedule is as follows:

Br Martin     9:30am – 11:30am
Jesuit          11:30am -1:00 pm
Youth rugby 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Loyola          2:30pm – 3:30pm
Halfmoons   3:30pm  – 5:00 pm
Lake Area     5:00pm – 6:30pm
Audubon       6:30pm – 8:00pm

Randy Traylor will be in charge of the gate
Sam Farnet will be in charge of the fields
Ian McNulty will be in charge of publicity