Top Thirteen Deep South Rugby Happenings 2012-13

1. New Orleans RFC finishes 3rd in Div. 1 National Club sides.

To get to final 4 NORFC defeated Chicago Griffins (41-17), Potomac AC (57-8), and Metropolis MN (15-10). NORFC lost to Seattle/Old Puget Sound (43-25) and defeated Denver Barbarians in 3rd/4th play-off (32-28). Life also from USA South won Div. 1 defeating Seattle/Old Puget Sound 27-26.

2. USA South wins the NACRA (North American Caribbean Rugby Association) championship with lots of Deep South help.

USA South captured the North American Caribbean Rugby Association Championship. To get to the final the USA South defeated Mexico (56-23), Jamaica (29-12), Cayman Islands (9-7), Bahamas (42-15), Bermuda (24-12), and in the final Trinidad & Tobago (26-18).

Chance Doyle from NORFC scored the game winning try in the championship match vs Trinidad & Tobago. Other Deep South players who played with USA South during the run to the championship were NORFC: Jeff Reuther, Matt Upton, Saade Bou-Mikael , Tallahassee: Tyler Bishop, Kirk Swanner Birmingham: Brendan Smith, Auburn: Ben Winiarcyk, Panama City: Marcus Satavu

U. of South Alabama – Wes Darwin coach/technical

Here is roster from final match vs Trinidad & Tobago

USA South Roster





Matt Upton


New Orleans


Eduardo Herrera


Boca Raton


Jason Hinchmann




Saadiq Ziyad




Stephen Hickey




Kirk Swanner




Derek Wolfe




Brenden Smith




Saade Bou-Mikael

Scrum Half

New Orleans


Lucas Biastrocchi


Univ. of Florida


Ty Elkins




Jeff Reuther


New Orleans


Amir Kahn




Ben Winiarczyk




Chance Doyle


New Orleans


Wayne Chermley




Josh Wolverton


Little Rock


Dave Meehan


Boca Raton


Chad Haynes




Jake Finger

Scrum Half



Mark Fulmer


Little Rock


Matt Abernathy

Center/ Forward


David Conyers


Kennesaw State

Rene Daniel


Emory Univ.

Jody Hensley



Wes Darwin


South Alabama

Will Rogers



John Devonport

Team Manager


Kevin Kitto

South President


Sean Borman


Boca Raton


3. Tracy Moens (New Orleans Halfmoons) is honored in Houston at USA v Ireland.

During her long  playing  career Tracy (who started playing for the New Orleans Halfmoons)  was capped for the USA. Tracey played twice for the US, once in 1987 in the first women’s international match against Canada in 15’s. The USA won. Tracey played inside center. Then 10 years later she played on the first women’s 7’s national team in Hong Kong. In Houston Tracey was among a group of past national team players who were honored. She was given a signed ball,,,” which was nice!”

4. Cameron Falcon (Shaw/LSU) played hooker for USA Men’s Junior World Cup team  in France.

Below is a post from “This is American Rugby” on selections for the USA’s match vs Scotland.

Having suffered three heavy defeats in the pool play but also able to judge which players played the best, Junior All-Americans coach Jason Kelly has named his starting lineup for his team’s knock-out match against Scotland tomorrow. Once again captaining the side will be Tom Bliss. He will also once again pair with Conor Kearns in the halfbacks.

Up front Kelly has named his most experienced front row with Chris Banks and Henry Hall lining up at the props and Cameron Falcon playing hooker. Teli Veamatahau and Chrisian Ostberg will form the locks while Zach Bonte, Vili Toluta’u, and Alex Goff will be in the back-row. Goff has been once of the team’s more consistent players and has beat out the likes of Ross Deacon, who is on the bench, for playing time.

Link to entire article:

 2013 Junior World Championships Pool Standings

South Africa 3 0 0 154 43 111 1 0 13
England 2 1 0 163 37 126 1 1 10
France 1 2 0 70 59 11 1 1 6
USA 0 3 0 3 251 -248 0 0 0
New Zealand 3 0 0 104 42 62 2 0 14
Ireland 2 1 0 91 49 42 1 1 10
Australia 1 2 0 71 45 26 1 2 7
Fiji 0 3 0 21 151 -130 0 0 0
Wales 3 0 0 93 44 49 1 0 13
Argentina 2 1 0 92 54 38 1 1 10
Scotland 1 2 0 70 103 -33 1 1 6
Samoa 0 3 0 52 106 -54 1 1


5. Two Louisiana high schools are nationally ranked.

Rugby.Mag ranked Shaw 14th and Brother Martin 35th in the USA.

2013 Boys HS Top 25

May 15 2013 presented by Selective Service

Crnt (Prev) Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC) 51-3 over Pride (8)
2 2 Xavier (NY)
3 3 Sacramento Jesuit   (Calif.)
4 4 Penn (Ind.)
5 11 Herriman (Utah) 41-19 over Snow Canyon   (10)
6 5 Dixon (Calif.)
7 7 Charlotte Catholic   (NC) 57-0 over Providence   (25)
8 6 Greenwich (Conn.)
9 9 St. Joseph’s Prep   (Pa.) 46-12 over Woodland   Hills
10 10 Snow Canyon (Utah) Lost 41-19 to Herriman   (11)
12 13 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.)
13 15 Chapin (SC)
14 17 Shaw (La.) Won South
15 8 Perry Street Pride   (DC) Lost 51-3 to Gonzaga   (1)
16 Unr Ravenwood (Tenn.) 34-5 over South Doyle   (16)
17 13 Park Hill South (Mo.) 2nd in Missouri to KC   Jr Blues (MS3)
18 18 St. Ignatius (Ohio) Lost 40-19 to Brother   Rice (MS 33)
19 19 Wilson HS (Calif.)
20 20 East HS (Colo.) Lost Colorado Final   47-13 to Colorado Springs (MS2)
21 21 Lake Travis (Texas)
22 22 Torrey Pines (Calif.)
23 23 Capital HS (Idaho) Won Idaho semi
24 24 St. Edward (Ohio)
25 26 Lincoln (Ore.) 44-14 over Prairie
26 27 Reynold Raiders (Ore.) 29-12 over Battle   Ground
27 25 Providence HS (NC)
28 28 St. Thomas (Texas)
29 30 Bishop Hendricken   (Mass.)
30 Unr Nakahi (Idaho) Still undefeated in   Idaho except for loss to Capital
31 12 Unionville (Pa.) 37-33 over Cumberland   Valley
32 16 South Doyle (Tenn.) Lost Tennessee Final   to Ravenwood
33 Unr Edina (Minn.) Undefeated in   Minnesota
34 Unr Burnsville (Minn.) Undefeated in   Minnesota
35 Unr Brother Martin (La.)


6. University of Louisiana – Lafayette  wins the Deep South College Conference & U of West Florida is ranked 28th by NSCRO.

On March 9th in the inaugural NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization) South Cup the University of West Florida represented the Deep South Rugby Conference. They finished 3rd defeating Sewanee 31-30. In the final (reffed by Deep South referee Alex Sharland) Duke won 24-5 over U. of North Florida. UWF lost 55-19 to Duke in the semi-final. Duke went all the way to the national championship where they lost to St John’s 31-16.


On April 6th the Deep South Rugby Conference championship was held. The Final 4 were U. of West Florida, U. of South Alabama, U. of Louisiana Lafayette, & Tulane. The final saw U. of Louisiana Lafayette defeat U. of West Florida 31-20.


In NSCRO’s final ranking of the 211 NSCRO rugby sides in the USA, Univ of West Florida was ranked 28th (tied with Wayne State)

7. Deep South Rugby Union merges with Mid-South to become True South.

See article with Jerry Gallion

8. Montgomery Yellowhammers win Div 3 USA South Title

South Playoffs – April 27-28 in Fort Myers, FL
Semi-Final (4/27): Montgomery Yellowhammers 37-34 Palm Beach Panthers (FL)
Semi-Final (4/27): Hilton Head (SC) 19-5 Charlotte D3 (NC)
Final (4/28): Montgomery Yellowhammers 22-7 Hilton Head (SC)
The Montgomery Yellowhammers are the South #1 seed; Hilton Head (SC) is the South #2 seed

Montgomery lost to Kalamazoo Dogs (Michigan) 18-5 in the round of 16.

9. LSU finishes top of western division of new SEC Div. 1 rugby conference.

LSU lost to Eastern division champ U. of South Carolina in play-off.

10. Southeastern Rugby Conference player of the week

The following players from the Deep South area were named players of the week for the western division of the Southeastern Rugby Conference.

Week 1 Allen Alongi LSU

Week 2 Josh Oriez U of Alabama

Week 3 Will Middleton LSU

Week 4 Josh Eloy (sp?)  MS State

Week 5 Malcolm Gardner UM & Ben Winiarcyk Auburn

Week 7 Allen Alongi LSU

Week 8 Sebastian Kanyab (sp?) Auburn

Week 9 Malcolm Gardner  UM

11. covers National Teams covered the following tournaments involving USA national sides: NACRA 7s tournament Ottawa, IRB Women’s 7s in Houston, USA v Ireland in Houston, & Rugby World Cup 7s in Moscow.

12. Krebs Field was dedicated in Birmingham in honor of one of the founders of rugby in Alabama,  Eddie Krebs. See article in 2012-13 archive)

13. Lori Sutherland (the energy behind the founding of Mississippi youth rugby on the Gulf Coast) moved to California.

Please suggest other Deep South news items that you would like added and votes for  the top 3 of 2012-13  by emailing

Jerry Gallion & True South Geographic Union’s Evolution and Representation

From USA Rugby: ‘Effective with the opening of the 2011-2012 Competitive Season, the USA Rugby Board named four Geographic Unions (GUs) as part of a pilot program to review a new streamlined union structure to support anticipated growth in the game and to provide increased member services in the local areas. Geographic Unions (larger than typical Local Area Unions and smaller than current Territorial Unions) are defined based upon a combination of club density in an area and natural geographical boundaries.’ The total process was projected to take approximately 4‐5 years to complete. True South was not one of the original 4 geographical unions.  For the 2012-12 season the Deep South and Mid South Local Area Unions joined to form the True South Geographic Union.


In October, 2012, published an email exchange in which Jerry Gallion (representative to the True South Geographic Union) answered questions about the evolving True South structure and dues implications.  That email exchange was in response to one of the evolutionary issues encountered by youth and high school rugby clubs with the simultaneous advance of USA Rugby’s shift to state-based governance for the youth and high school game. State Rugby Organizations (SROs) have now been established in most states to govern youth and high school rugby.


As the Geographic Union pilot plan was beginning, colleges and universities were starting to go their own way and form their own competitive leagues or conferences. The Div. 1 universities formed the SEC Rugby Conference   and area Div 2 & small colleges formed the Deep South Collegiate Rugby Conference


 At the January 2013 USA Rugby Congress meeting, it was approved that the GU structure would no longer be considered a pilot program and would be fully adopted as the local governance model for Club Rugby moving forward.


The following is a link to the teams that currently participate in the True South Union


Prior to the USA v Ireland match (June 8, 2013) members of the USA Rugby Congress and Board of Directors met in Houston with USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville to address appropriate revisions to the USA Rugby by-laws resulting from the intentional division of the administration of the sport in the USA, described above.  The following are Jerry Gallion’s observations on issues facing the emerging True South Geographic Union –


The current by-laws, which include how Congress representatives are chosen, reflect the old Territorial Union governance model, one which has now been overtaken by events. The current by-laws provide that Congress is made up of three representatives from each of the seven Territorial Unions, plus a 20% contingent of international athletes to comply with USOC requirements. But the recent separation of the youth and high school (SROs), college (conferences), and senior club rugby into three separate “silos” left the Congress made up of representatives only from senior clubs. That, combined with the evolution of the governance model from the two-level Territorial Union/Local Area Union structure to the single-layer Geographic Union structure, resulted in no representation on the Congress for youth and high school rugby or college rugby or from the GUs directly. The challenge for the Congress was to settle on a fair and reasonable mechanism to ensure appropriate representation by youth and high school, college, and senior club rugby interests.


After a long and lively debate by the Congress members, a compromise was reached in which youth and high school rugby interests would have ten representatives, college rugby interests would have ten representatives, and senior club rugby interests would have sixteen representatives, which, when combined with the requisite number of international athletes (nine) would result in a Congress of 45 members. The by-laws committee of the Congress will draft and propose revisions, including the mechanisms for each “silo” to select or elect its Congress members, and it is likely that the current Congress will approve them later this year.  The Youth and High School Committee and the College Management Council have already determined how their representatives will be selected. The sixteen senior club representatives will be elected geographically, two from each Competitive Region under the new Club Competitions Structure that becomes effective on September 1, 2013.  For the True South GU, that primarily means that its representation will come from individuals elected in National Competitive Region 2 (NCR2), geographically very similar to the old USA Rugby South Territorial Union, although some of the True South GU’s actual geography now lies in the American Competitive Region 4 (ACR4, a/k/a Red River Rugby Conference) to the West.


A significant challenge facing the True South GU, and all of its counterparts across the country, is retention of the players  who are being introduced to rugby and developed through the youth and high school and college “silos,” by the senior clubs within the union. Current statistics, although primitive, indicate that only a small percentage find their way into the club game. In my view, that is directly related to the maturity and effectiveness of administration at the senior club level. Every club with aspirations earnestly wants to improve its infrastructure, its management, its coaching, its level of play, its ability to recruit and retain quality players and administrators, its relationships with its home community,  the visibility of rugby and its local “brand” or image, its sponsorship and financial stability, its plan for the future.  Most need help finding and using the right tools to do that. USA Rugby has recently appointed a Club Director (Jim Snyder), charged with developing a plan to address the retention issue. This is a big challenge, and I have told him that I believe it is directly linked to the vitality of the individual clubs. Giving them tools, best practices, the benefit of the experiences of others, simply a leg up, is critical to achieving  retention of young folks who are now learning the game.




2012-13 Deep South Rugby Conference Collegiate All Stars & Season Rankings

The following college athletes playing in the Deep South Rugby Conference were selected as conference All Stars for the 2012-13 season:

University of West Florida

Nate Swartz, Charles Phillips, Alex Bartlett

Springhill College

Chris Montgomery, Tommy Campbell,

University of South Alabama

Gabe Torres, Hanno Bartsch, David Fillingim, Stephen Alexander

Troy University

James Mathews, Cruise Young, Josh Harrison, Eric Milner

Louisiana Tech

Aaron Gootzeit, Tyler Wright

A  few players were added late and we have not received those names yet(5/24/13) .

The Deep South Rugby Conference formed in 2011 as the Division 3 Bayou League morphed into the East and West Divisions of the Div. 2 NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization).

The following are the 2012-13 season ranking for Deep South Rugby Conference:

1. University of West Florida

2. University of South Alabama

3.Tulane University

4.University of Louisiana – Lafayette

5. Loyola University

6.Troy University

7. Spring Hill College

8.Louisiana Tech

9. University of Southern Mississippi



2012-13 High School All State (All Deep South) League Selections

2012-2013 All League Selections


Prop Jay Driggers Shaw
Hooker Blake Faust Shaw
Prop Vincent Duhe Br. Martin
2nd Row Germaine Bezue Jesuit
2nd Row George Knight Shaw
Flanker Joe Caravella Br. Martin
Flanker Otis Leige Lake Area
Eight Man Todd Dupre Shaw
Scrumhalf Tommy Prestari Niceville
Flyhalf Patrick Holden Audubon
Inside Center Ben Gambino Br. Martin
Outside Center Jacob McKay Audubon
Wing Joey Morris Br. Martin
Wing Toney Hughes Lake Area
Fullback Cameron Troxler Shaw


Lloyd Williams – Loose Head Prop                     Lake Area
Kevin Heidingsfelder Prop                                  Jesuit
Dwayne Robertson – Hooker                              Lake Area
Sam Clutter – Hooker                                           Jesuit
Mark Miniclier-Lock.                                            Audubon
Jacob Campos -Lock                                             Jesuit
Mike Fitz Patrick – Flanker                                   Jesuit
Patrick Wolverton- Flanker                                 Audubon
Matthew Hood – Flanker                                     Br Martin
Zack Creel – #8                                                       Jesuit
Ian Growden – #8                                                  Audubon
Brennan Falcon – Scrumhalf                                Shaw
Colin Bergeron – Scrumhalf                                  Jesuit
Connor Glennon – Flyhalf                                     Br Martin

Alex Schultz – Flyhalf                                              MS Rugby
Trey Nicolosi – Center                                           Audubon
Bruce Cuccia – Wing                                              Br Martin
Ryan Baldassaro- Fullback                                   Br Martin



4/13/13 – NORFC Players Selected USA South vs Bahamas

Game result:

 The USA Rugby South beat The Bahamas 42-15 and advance to the North American Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) North pool stage with Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. They’ll host the Cayman Islands May 4th  and travel to Bermuda May 16th.

New Orleans flyhalf Jeff Reuther scored a try in the match.

From head coach David John Conyers

America South squad/management team for
N.A.C.R.A round 3 international in Nassau Bahamas April 13th,

1 Ethan Winel Prop
2 Eduardo Herrera Hooker/Flanker
3 Jason Hinchmann Prop/Hooker
4 Saadiq Ziyad Lock
5 Stephen Hickey Lock
6 Tyler Bishop Flanker/lock
7 Derek Wolfe Flanker/8
8 Brenden Smith 8/Flanker/Lock
9 Saade Bou-Mikael Scrum Half            *NORFC

10 Lucas Biastrocchi Flyhalf/Center
11 Ty Elkins Wing/Fullback
12 Jeff Reuther Center/Flyhalf                 *NORFC
13 Amir Kahn Center/Wing/Fullback
14 Chance Doyle Wing/Fullback/Center     *NORFC
15 Ben Winiarczyk Fullback/Wing

16 Wayne Chermley Lock/Flanker
17 Matt Upton Prop                                              *NORFC
18 Matt Abernathy Lock/Flanker
19 Tim Herff Flanker
20 Jake Finger Scrum Half/Wing
21 Rod Ceasar Wing/Fullback

22 Grant Snyder Wing

David Conyers Coach
Rene Daniel Coach
Jody Hensley Coach
Wes Darwin Coach/Technical
Will Rogers Technical
John Devonport Team Manager
Kevin Kitto South President
Sean Borman Trainer

April 13, 2013 French Quarter Fest Master’s Tournament

Below are some of the shout-outs from after  the tournament followed by copies of emails from Billy Goodell  keeping everyone incredibly well informed.

Photos at

YES!!! Thanks Guys!!!!! Lookin’ forward to next year already!!!!


Albert “Skip” Rizzo, Ph.D.

Associate Director – Institute for Creative Technologies

Research Professor – Dept. of Psychiatry and School of Gerontology

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA. 90094




It was six seconds and 18 steps. But, who’s counting?




Lester Duhé

Ted McGehee <> wrote:

My sincerest thanks to Billy Goodell, Swamp, Geip, the NO Olde BoyZ and everyone who made the past weekends’s tournament possible.

Saw my rugby fraternity brothers and played for the first time in seven years.


The seven seconds I lasted was worth it. (pulled a hammy 20 steps after kickoff)!!!!!!!!

Next year dude. Next year.

Silver Surfer

On Apr 16, 2013, at 1:21 PM, Henry Roop wrote:

Dave, Bill, Dave & Company,

I echo Dave’s comments. Well done gentlemen. Great time had by all in NOLA. I am already booked again this same time/weekend next year. You guys are the best.

Also, more pictures were taken by Craig Boudreaux that were excellent. Go to his website at and you can see them all. Incredible photography!!


Henry Roop

Mississippi Maddogs Semi-Professional Football Team

Tupelo, Mississippi



Bill, Dale and Company – great time, thanks for putting it on. If anyone is interested I have photos of the 55s Slime vs. New Orleans; 35s Poltroons vs. New Orleans and 50s Geese vs. New Orleans on my facebook page, which is open to all, just look me up David Weiskopf, feel free to friend me, stalk me, tag friends, steal the pics, etc. I look forward to next year. cheers, David Weiskopf

3/27/13 from Billy Goodell

Slightly revised , start times an hour later, the two 35+ texas teams have combined.
Friday night social and captain’s meeting at Irish Cultural Museum , 933 Conti st. , in French Quarter near festival stages.
See everyone soon.

The following Information about the 2013 French Quarter Fest Masters Tournament was provided by Billy Goodell.

Sent 3.21.13


OK people, if you are a whore and want to align yourself in advance i suggest you contact battleship(lars granade/brad bassett) and wild geese (neal henderson) as both teams have told me they want some additional players . their email addresses are in string above.

Over 55 whores, contact Larry Bilon with Littlerock if you want , they want more players also.

OR just show up


WE ARE LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what we will have:


35+ DIVISION (6 teams)

Baton Rouge with Battleship friends

New Orleans Black and Blue

ROT (Dallas-Fort Worth area)

Austin Silverbacks with Woodlands Deadhead friends

Washington Poltroons

Memphis Old Boys


50+ DIVISION (4 teams)

Virginia Cardinals

New Orleans Vieux Garcons

Wild Geese (D.C. Area)

Battleship Old Boys



Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Alan Noel, Joe Kelly, Crawfish, Sam Hyde, Mark Ferguson, Major Dan, Tyree Boss, other unnamed ORBs, Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Larry Bilon, Jim Williford, Billy Bryant., Paul Maxwell.



Little Rock and Friends v New Orleans Random Acts of Rugby



50+ whores………………..Wild Geese and Battleship want some extra 50+ players.

55+ whores………………… Little Rock wants some help in the 55+ match.

35+ whores………………….you can find a team for sure

We will set up at the referee tent to help facilitate placing whores with a team.

Coincidentally, the 55+ match will be a rematch of the 1984 Memphis in May Championship, CCRFC v Little Rock!!!!!!!!


Get with Sharon Resta and let her know your needs/desires etc on motel and other travel arrangements and she will handle the rest. Sharon Resta, Landmark Travel, “ 954-792-2371 (direct)



Baton Rouge with a little help from Mobile

New Orleans Black and Blue

Memphis Old Boys

Washington Poltroons

ROT (Republic of Texas- Dallas-Fort Worth)

Austin Silverbacks with Woodlands Hos


New Orleans Vieux Garcons

Virginia Cardinals

Mobile Battleship

Wild Geese (D.C. Area)

55+ Exhibition Match

New Orleans Random Acts of Rugby v Little Rockers and friends

NOLA “Radom Acts of Rugby ” including but not limited to the following stalwart studlys:

Jerry “Stallion” Gallion, Billy “Goodildo” Goodell, Skip Rizzo, Tommy “Twinkletoes” Martin, Ron “Snaggletooth” Gibbs, Henry “Hitman” Roop, “Keg” Roberts, Jack “Fuck You” Biven, Sam ‘I’m going to Home Depot” Farnet, Lester “Molester” Duhe with two shoulders, Wally “65 and counting” Ferrara, “Bruiser” Bruce Heheman, Chris Gillen, Ed Land, Randy “Tractor”Traylor, Billy Bryant, Geo “Fav Ex Roommate” Morris, Paul “Meathook” Lachin, Philip “I’m not Paul” Lachin, Bob “Jonesy” Jones, Jim “Flyprop” Genthon, Fran Thompson

Little Rockers led by Larry “Dancing Bear” Bilon and Jim Williford

50+ NOLA

Scott McClean, Sam Farnet, Tim Falcon, Joe Guinta, Jerry Levy, Felix Bopp, Ron Gibbs, Bill Goodell, Henry Roop, Jerry Razer, Geo Morris, Bruce Heheman, “Gorgeous Gil the Cajun Thrill” Guillory, J.R. “Podnuh” Venedetto, Gary Giepert, Hunter Guidry, Chris Gillen, Ed Land, Fran Thompson, more to commit

50+ WHORES ( a full side!!)

Doc Frisbee, Matt Hefelfinger, Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Alan Noel, Joe Kelly, Crawfish, Sam Hyde, Mark Ferguson, Major Dan, Tyree Boss, Paul???, another unnamed ORB, unnamed and unnumbered CARs,Gene Higgins, Jeff Larkin, Larry Bilon, Jim Williford, Billy Bryant., Paul Maxwell more coming


April 6, 2013 Louisiana/Deep South High School Championships

March 29,2013 Hopefully, this is the final schedule:

Thursday April 4th Br Martin v Lake Area 4:30pm at Gretna Field
Thursday April 4th Shaw v Jesuit 6:00pm at Gretna Field

Saturday April 6th:
10am Jesuit Blue v Audubon ( 25 minute halves)
11am Loyola 7’s and Youth Rugby
noon Jesuit Blue v Mississippi ( 25 minute halves)
1:30pm New Orleans v Memphis (40 minute halves)
3:30pm Audubon v Mississippi ( 25 minute halves)
4:30pm Cup Consolation (30 minute halves)
6:00pm Cup Championship (30 minute halves)
7:30pm New Orleans v Atlanta (40 minute halves)

9am -10am Jesuit Blue
10am-11am Loyola
11am-noon Audubon
noon – 1pm N.O. Gold
1pm – 2pm Mississippi
2pm-3pm Lake Area
3pm-4pm Jesuit White
5pm-6pm Br Martin
6pm -7pm N.O.Old Boys
7pm-8pm Shaw


NEW New PROPOSED SCHEDULE: based upon imput from Audubon and Mississippi and sent out by Gary Giepert on 3/21/13
> all games to played at Pan Am Stadium
> 10am             Jesuit Blue v Audubon           ( 25 minute halves)
11am             Loyola 7’s and Youth Rugby
> noon             Jesuit Blue v Mississippi         ( 25 minute halves)
> 1:30pm         New Orleans v Memphis         (40 minute halves)
> 3:30pm         Audubon v Mississippi              ( 25 minute halves)
> 4:30pm         Cup Consolation                      (30 minute halves)
> 6:00pm         Cup Championship                   (30 minute halves)
> 7:30pm         New Orleans v Atlanta              (40 minute halves


The following is Gary Giepert’s vision for 2013 Louisiana/Deep South High School Rugby Championship as expressed by email March 10, 2013:

If Niceville is in the top four this year, and it looks like they will be , this is what I envision for April 6th since in all likelihood we will not be able to play the Cup semis early:

9am  Cup Div 1 v 4
10am Cup Div 2 v 3
11am Bowl Div 1v 4
12 noon Bowl Div 2 v 3
1:30pm New Orleans playoff game (NORFC A v Atlanta Renegades)

3:30pm Cup Consolation
4:30pm Bowl Consolation
5:30 pm Bowl Championship
6:30pm Cup Championship

All of high school games will be 25 minutes except the Cup Championship which will be 30 minutes.  Please give me your feed back.

If you finish in the top four you certainly can be in the Cup division.  Lori told me a few weeks ago that you were combining with Miss to put a team in.  Is that no longer the case.

Gary J. Giepert

Doc Frisbee ( coach of Niceville) wrote on March 9, 2013
> We are making a commitment to come to NOLA for the st. tourney April 6.  We are changing our match with shaw for april 20th.  Is it possible for us to be put in the upper four tour grouping for the st. champ.  Plus  can you change the name to the deep south hs championship??

Niceville  beat Mississippi 39 to 10 on March 9th.

The high school league standings as of March 9th.
Team                W                 L                   T
Shaw                 5                  0
Br Martin            6                  1
Niceville              3                  2
Lake Area           2                  2                  1
Jesuit White        2                 2                 1
Mississippi           2                 3
Audubon              1                 3
Jesuit Blue            0                3
ESA                       0               4

Email from Gary Giepert April 12, 2013

After adding in Conrad Breit’s check here is the accounting for the April 6th Championship day:

REVENUES Gate and T-shirt sales                                               6585


Royal Honda                500

Paul Miniclear              500

Giepert Law                 250

Deep South Rugby      250

Breit Marine Services  250

Planet Beach              100
TOTAL                                                                  1850

Team Payments:                                                         675

(This includes $100 FROM Lake Area which I am still waiting on.)

TOTAL REVENUE                                                                                                     9110

EXPENSES City Park – Pan Am Rental                                   1500

Outback Specialties – T-shirts                                 765 Referees                                                                 610

Original Bank                                                          300

TOTAL EXPENSES                                                                                                  3175
NET PROCEEDS                                  $5935

2012-13 Season Posts

March 8 –  Shawn Depenport, a 22 year-old member of NORFC,  was tagically killed in a motorcycle accident on I-10.
Dec. 31st, 2012  Cameron Falcon (Shaw, LSU) is picked by RugbyMag as one of the 12 in 2012 likely to become an Eagle. Below is the part of the article on Cameron:
” There are some hookers who seem like extra flankers, and some that are more like mobile props who concentrate on set piece. LSU product Cameron Falcon is that second kind. He has played both hooker and prop for the Junior All Americans, for whom his lineout throwing was virtually perfect. Smart, tough, and powerful, Falcon is now working his way through the ranks at Trinity in Ireland. If he learns what he needs to learn there, he could develop into the next Eagle #2 very quickly. ”   By Alex Goff & Pat Clifton
Jan., 2013,  Two NORFC Players Selected to Play Mexico
 On the USA South squad that defeated Mexico 56-23 in round 1 of NACRA in Atlanta, GA, on 1/19/2013 were two players from New Orleans RFC – Jeff Reuther & Saade Bou-Mikael Saade played scrum-half and scored a try.

July, 2012, Jeff Reuther Leads USA South to Cape Fear Championship

A story from which the below is extracted was published in

The South Men’s All-Stars defeated the Pacific Barbarians 26-12 to win the Cape Fear 7s Premier Bracket Sunday in Wilmington, NC.
The South was led by longtime all-star Jeff Reuther, while East Carolina University product Matt Hughston was superb on defense.
After defeating the Georgia All-Stars in the quarterfinals Sunday morning, the South downed the Navy Exiles, who had squeaked by 1823 in the quarters.
That set up the game against the defending champs the Pacific Barbarians. The Barbarians beat Charlotte in the quarters and then Kenya Exiles in the semis to make the final
South Head Coach was  Julie McCoy.
“We’ve been working on our combination of speed, work rate, and maturity, because we knew it would pay of for us later, especially in a final with ten-minute halves, and it did,” McCoy said.
After going 2-1 in pool play the South kept getting better and better. Reuther was a big stabilizing influence on a young team, while assistant coach Alex Houser worked well with McCoy to keep the team on track. The young talent was also solid. Hughston made several big plays. Bobby Allen, who led the 2011 National All-Star Championships in tries, continues to improve at scrumhalf, Georgia Southern talent Mu Cabbell was green but supremely difficult to contain in the open field, and Brevard club player DeWayen Parks was a revelation.
“They were just a good group of guys,” McCoy said. “They worked very hard on their maturity, not freaking out when things went bad and staying in the moment, and they just played well. Onward and upward to the NASC.”


March 9, 2013 – Day of Rugby @ Pan Am Stadium

By Gary Giepert

The New Orleans Womens side, the Halfmoons, have not been able to schedule a game for the DAY OF RUGBY. Therefore the schedule has changed somewhat. Please see below. Ref’s name is at the end of the teams playing. 
10:30am Jesuit v Central Illinois Doyle
11:45am Br Martin v White Station Parrill
1:00pm Youth rugby TBA
1:15pm Brother Martin B v White Station B Wallace (20minute halves)
2:15pm Youth rugby TBA
2:30pm Loyola v La tech Doyle
4:30pm White Station v Audubon Wallace
6:00pm Central Illinois v Lake Area Parrill

Please note the gate schedule has changed as well:
Br Martin 9:30am – 11:00am
Jesuit 11:00am -12:30 pm
Youth rugby 12:30pm- 2:00pm
Loyola 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Lake Area 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Audubon 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Below is the original schedule before the Halfmoons had to cancel because they couldn’t find an opponent.

10:30am Jesuit v Central Illinois
11:45am  Br Martin v White Station
1:00pm    Youth rugby
1:15pm    Halfmoons match
3:15pm    Youth rugby
3:30pm     Loyola v La tech
5:30pm     White Station v Audubon
7:15 pm     Central Illinois v Lake Area

Entry fee will be $7 for adults and $3 for children under 18.

The gate schedule is as follows:

Br Martin     9:30am – 11:30am
Jesuit          11:30am -1:00 pm
Youth rugby 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Loyola          2:30pm – 3:30pm
Halfmoons   3:30pm  – 5:00 pm
Lake Area     5:00pm – 6:30pm
Audubon       6:30pm – 8:00pm

Randy Traylor will be in charge of the gate
Sam Farnet will be in charge of the fields
Ian McNulty will be in charge of publicity

Jan. 26, 2013 – Kreb’s Field Dedicated in Birmingham

On January 26th, the Birmingham Rugby club, known as the Vulcans,l commemorated the official renaming of its home field at Erskine Ramsay Park in honor of Alfred E. “Eddie” Krebs. Eddie, who succumbed to cancer in 2012, was the youngest of the six Krebs brothers, who founded the club in 1967. The renaming of Krebs Field, officially approved by the Birmingham City Council, was observed with a ceremony at 11:30 on Saturday prior to the club’s season opening match. The ceremony was attended by Eddie’s brothers Chris, Mark, Van, Tom and Paul and other surviving family members and friends as well as City Councilwoman Valerie Abbott, Park and Recreation Board members, and current and former officers, coaches and players for the Vulcans.
Following the ceremony, Eddie’s legacy was celebrated with the Vulcans opening their spring season against the Chattanooga Rugby Club.

The following information was copied from the above article on the RugbyRugby website.

Info about Alfred Edward Krebs (Ed):

  • Ed was born in Birmingham, Alabama August 16, 1951.
  • After a brief battle with cancer, Ed passed away in Birmingham on July 28,      2012.
  • Ed and his brothers founded the Birmingham Rugby Club in 1967.
  • Ed’s playing days with Birmingham were much more and longer than any of the other Krebs brothers, playing virtually every position for 18 years.
  • Ed participated in the club in one form or another for all 47 years of its history. Those years he did not play he was involved with the team as an officer, supporter or active participant in the after match parties.
  • Ed used his engineering and construction background to support the field design and maintenance for regular matches and tournaments. He worked tirelessly to improve and upgrade the Rugby field. Many was the night he was found watering the grass or replacing lights.
  • Ed Krebs was the one who carried the Rugby club’s responsibilities to support the Birmingham community.
  • As Birmingham Rugby’s Recruitment Director and PR Director, Ed was blind to peoples’ ethnicities, color, and any other differences during a period when that could have created issues in Birmingham and the Deep South. Ed opened the door for Birmingham Rugby to be a racially barrier free community and ensured that it never closed.
  • Community Service: Ed contributed his time to several charitable organizations including the Salvation Army, YMCA events, and several theater groups. He especially enjoyed utilizing his culinary skills in preparing a low country boil for the Jimmie Hale Mission residents. He was often in attendance of various Arts association funraising events.
  • Ed received his BA from UAB where he was an active member of the theater arts and foreign affairs programs with the latter leading to various special assignments associated with the U.S. Government in the Middle East as a specialist in Arabic affairs.

Info about the club:
Early History:

  • Birmingham Rugby is one of the oldest continuous rugby clubs in the South. It was founded in 1967 by the Krebs Brothers. The six brothers are Chris, Ed, Mark, Tom, Paul, and Van.
  • The original name of the team was the Birmingham Parkers. The team was named after the Birmingham Park and Recreation Board because of the tremendous amount of support the board provided, along with      Mayor George Seibels.
  • One particular event that quickly raised popularity was the halftime entertainment of the August 8, 1970 exhibition match between the New York Jets (with Joe Namath) and Buffalo Bills (with OJ Simpson) at      Legion Field. The Birmingham Parkers and the Memphis Rugby Club      entertained the crowd of 55,000 with a hard hitting bloody battle. About that game Van Krebs wrote, “It is my remembrance that when we took the  field for an abbreviated match (10-13 minutes), the fans had no idea of      who we were and what the sport was. Approximately 20 minutes later, the fans were roaring and then booing the Pro players who were trying to take  the field. The pros had been out of the locker room long enough to watch us and that was when Emerson Boozer said to me “You guys really play that s#!+ for free?” The fans continue to cheer the rugby players and boo the pros. We had quite a few people join the club in the week to      follow.” Birmingham won that abbreviated match 5-0.
  • Early Accolades: Won the Duke University seven-a-side tournament three years in a row (1967 – 1969). Won every seven-a-side match for a three year period.
  • Former Football Stars: Some notable University of  Alabama and Auburn University football players to later play for Birmingham Rugby are Tom Somerville, Lou Green, and Wayne Owen. Countless others played college football before playing for Birmingham Rugby. In fact, Tom Krebs and Van Krebs both played football at the University of Virginia.

Recent History and Present:

  • Part of USA Rugby, which is explained below.
  • USA Rugby is an official member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Rugby Board (IRB).
  • There are over 450,000 players from 2588 teams registered with USA Rugby; including over 67,000 high school students.
  • The current structure of USA Rugby comprises seven      Territorial Unions (TU) and 34 Local Area Unions (LAU) that compete for      regional and National Championships.
  • Members: The Birmingham Rugby Club Foundation is a      501c3 organization with about 66 active members, including players, coaches, and administrators. Although retired players are not all  considered active members, many of them are still active in supporting the club. There are countless retired players and some are still involved in some capacity. No experience is necessary to join. The age range of players currently is 18 to 38, but we have had players participate in their 50s.
  • Women: The club had a women’s team from around 2000 until 2003 and we are hoping to recruit enough to form a women’s team again.
  • UAB: The club helped start a UAB team in 2011. That club currently has about 35 members. They play teams such as MTSU,  Alabama, JSU, Auburn, Lee University, Murray State, etc.
  • Competition: Birmingham competes against teams across the Southeastern United States and beyond. Frequent opponents include      Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Atlanta, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, Pensacola, Panama City, Columbus, Ga, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, …
  • Accolades: As far as recent history, Birmingham is the reigning state champion after winning back to back championships in 2011 and 2012. Birmingham also made it to the USA Rugby South playoffs in 1999,      2000, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2000 Birmingham advanced all the way to the USA South Finals and in 2012 the USA South Final 4.
  • Community Service: Birmingham Rugby is proud to give back to the community by regularly teaming up with organizations such a the Exchange Club Family Skills Center and by raising money for charities      including United Cerebral Palsy and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for fighting childhood cancer.
  • Youth: 2013 will be the fourth year of Youth Flag Rugby and the second year of High School Rugby in Birmingham. Currently there are not enough High School players to compete as one school vs. another. One of our biggest goals for the near future is to grow the popularity of  High School Rugby to a level that allows for an interschool league in the      Birmingham area and beyond.

2013 Deep South High School Schedule- 1/9/12




For updates and scores go to


12           Jesuit White v Niceville

                Jesuit Blue v Mississippi

15           Shaw v Br Martin                            

20           Jesuit White v Br Martin

                Jesuit Blue v Br Martin (B)

26           Jesuit White v Niceville  @ S Alabama

                Jesuit Blue v Mississippi @ S Alabama

                Lake Area v Audubon


2              Br Martin @ Niceville   

                Lake Area @ Mississippi

                ESA @ Audubon

5              Jesuit White v Shaw                                      

                Jesuit Blue v Br Martin

16           Niceville v  Audubon  in  Mobile

                Jesuit White v Lake Area

                ESA v Shaw in B R

20           Br Martin v Lake Area

23           Mississippi v Niceville @ESA

                ESA v Niceville   @ESA

                ESA v Mississippi @ESA

                 Christian Bros v Br Martin

                  Christian  Bros v Shaw

27           ESA @ Br Martin


2              Shaw v Audubon

                Br Martin @ Mississippi

9              DAY OF RUGBY PAN AM STADIUM         

                 White Station v Br Martin

                White Station v Audubon

                Central Illinois v Jesuit

                Central Illinois v Lake Area

16           ESA @ Lake Area

                Niceville @ Shaw

                St Pius @ Br Martin

                St Pius @ Jesuit

                Audubon @ Mississippi

21           Lake Area v Shaw

23           Audubon v Jesuit White

                Shaw @ Mississippi

26           Br Martin v Audubon




Mollie McCarthy – Spring Hill College Has Men & Women Rugby Scholarhships

I hope this finds you well!  My name is Mollie McCarthy and I was just recently hired on at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.  I worked at USA Rugby for the past 4 years in the Coach Development department before coming to Mobile.  Spring Hill just brought the rugby team under the Athletics department and is dedicating resources to growing the program.  Currently there is a men’s team and we are starting up a women’s to begin in the fall.  Our goal is to treat both programs like the varsity programs and eventually take the women’s program varsity in the next few years.  We will be offering scholarships for both men and women.  I was just brought on as a full time head coach so I am here on campus year round dedicated to both teams.  I am working on creating some marketing materials but for now I have some facts attached, feel free to distribute and pass along my information to your team and any other teams.  If there are any players in particular you think might be interested please send me their e-mail addresses and I will contact them.  Also I would love to come to practices or meeting talk with the teams so if there is anything coming up this spring in your area, game, tournament or anything let me know. > > Any information, suggestions are much appreciated. > > Let me know and Happy Holidays! > > Best, > Mollie > > > Mollie McCarthy > Head Rugby Coach > Athletic Department > Spring Hill College >

Head Rugby Coach Mollie McCarthy comes to Spring Hill following a fouryear stint with USA Rugby where she was the coach development manager with responsibilities over all aspects of coach education and coachdevelopment in  the United States.

A certified Level 300 USA Rugby coach,McCarthy is also a licensed International Rugby Board (IRB) Educator. She has served as the women’s rugby coach at the University of Colorado-Boulder since 2010 as well as coaching rugby at various levels from youth to adult club. McCarthy holds a B.S. from the State University of New York College at Brockport in Communications where she was the captain/president of the women’s rugby club. In 2008, McCarthy earned her Master of Sport Administration from Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y.

Coach Contact info:  (w) 251.380.4030



Spring Hill College is the oldest college in Alabama, the first Catholic college in the Southeast, the third oldest Jesuit college and the fifth oldest Catholic college in the United States. U.S. News and World Report ranks Spring Hill 17h among the Southern colleges and universities granting master’s degrees. The college is also listed in the

South’s “Great Schools, Great Prices” category, colleges that offer quality academic programs, affordable tuition and significant financial aid.The campus is home to approximately 1,400 students and rests on 400 acres in one

of Mobile’s most noted neighborhoods. It is naturally landscaped and features huge oaks, azalea-lined walkways and an 18-hole golf course. Several campus buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Nick Conte – Fall Youth Review, Dec. 8th Rugby Day, & Tulane Dec. 1st Rugby Academy

Gary Giepert’s email to Nick –     Great job!!! Way to hit the ground running.      In relation to high school fall rugby.  Most high school begin practice in November with some playing touch and doing fitness earlier.  by December at least some high schools are scheduling scrimmages with each other.  I think your ” Day of Rugby” idea is great.  However, with the High Schools I would suggest 10 minute or 15 minute  15’s scrimmages and not 7’s or touch games.    In addition, I would skip the clinic portion for the high schools.  I think you might be trying to fit too many things into the day if you try to have a clinic and play scrimmages between the high schools.  I know by that time the majority of my team should have the knowledge and technique to play a 10 or 15 minute scrimmage.  If you want we can have a general skills clinic for high school players on another day.
— Gary J. Giepert

—- Nick Conte <> wrote: > Good morning all, > > I want to give a short recap of what we’ve done so far this month, and put > forward ideas that we have received from other people.  I apologize for the > length, but it is a month’s worth of work. > > *Recap:* > > *Youth Rugby* – > We are still getting consistently 8 – 10 kids every week in City Park for > the Loup Garoux practice.  The kids are learning at a very good pace.  They > have done so well that last week we began to teach proper tackling > technique.  This week I’m starting my first in-school rugby sessions. >  Yesterday I taught forty-three (43) 1st through 4th graders at the > International School of Louisiana, and Friday I’m headed back to teach > their 5th through 8th graders.  All of these sessions, and those to come, > are opportunities for other people to get oriented in Rookie Rugby by > attending.  Now that we’re advertising the Loup Garoux in schools we will > be starting the Gretna branch this coming Tuesday, October 23rd. > > *High School* – > I met with Jay Leitz at Lake Area to start planning our program.  We will > be starting practice in November.  I’ve heard there is a meeting of the > high school coaches in December, but I would like to get some discussion > going about what we could organize this semester.  Some of the schools are > already practicing, so why not have a tourney?  Sam Farnet at Audubon > suggested we have a 7s tournament.  However, Bob Scully would prefer to > stick with 15s to teach new players, and he probably isn’t going to start > tackling until the spring.  So how about a touch tourney?  More below in *New > Business*. > > *College* – > I met with Louis Baugier from Tulane to discussed their program as well as > the possibility of them running a clinic for the high schools at Tulane. >  The possible dates we decided would be during the week after Thanksgiving. >  The thought is that we can replace one high school practice with a trip to > Tulane.  They had a good list of issues which we would need to address, the > top two being liability and transportation.  They have already started > collecting money to pay for the transportation, and they will be asking > their alumni and the school for more funs.  It would be great if we could > get school buses to take the teams to and from Tulane, and they could foot > the bill.  Otherwise, I’m not sure how we could pull it off. > > *Halfmoons* – > The Halfmoons are very interested in getting involved with the youth.  I’ve > had many of them come to me individually to express interest.  Two of them > were at the ISL training last week.  They were also open to the idea of > beginning a junior B-side for high school girls who would be interested in > playing. > > *NORFC* – > I’ve gotten a sound response from a few of the guys who are interested in > helping out.  Obviously, finding time to get involved is tough, but I’m > very excited about the response and support I’ve heard from the guys.  One > rugger has been trained in Rookie Rugby, but there are a few more looking > to learn. > > > *New Business:* > > *Kurt Weaver* – > Kurt is the USA Rugby Director of Youth & High School Rugby.  He is > dedicated to get things going down here.  So what we want to do is have him > come down for a mass Rookie Rugby instructor training.  They have just done > a massive overhaul of the Rookie Rugby program.  It was literally released > last week so even I have only seen the revisions on paper and over the > phone.  They have a new approach to teaching new instructors so they can in > turn more easily train more instructors.  The goal of the mass training is > to get a large number of “Instructors” introduced to the program, but more > importantly we will be looking for the more dedicated “Coaches”.  These > Coaches are the people who are looking to be involved with youth rugby at a > higher level.  They are our go-to volunteers. > > The schedule we’re looking at for this training event is tentatively > November 1st.  If not, then in early December.  It will be at the Gretna > pitch and all New Orleans ruggers are invited, so the men’s, women’s, > masters, college, and high school teams.  We want to start with the rugger > population simply because they know the sport.  But then we turn around > immediately and put them into action.  The following Sunday, November 4th, > we will host another training session for everyone else.  This means the > teachers, P.E. coaches, and parents.  This gets our ruggers instant first > hand experience doing the training, and also enlarges the size of the rugby > community.  The format of the training is of course subject to change with > more planning. > > This event could easily catapult our program miles ahead of where we are > now.  And it’s not just the youth who will immediately benefit from this. >  The way to get more exposure for the adult teams is through the youth > program.  I would say that few people in the local media are worried about > covering adult rugby.  But when rugby is all of a sudden changing the lives > of kids all over the city, where will people look for the source of that > change?  For the time being, no matter how popular the youth league gets, > the nucleus of rugby in New Orleans is still the adult teams.  Because in > the end, those teams are what kids will aspire to.  In the long term, this > program can put Louisianians in the World Cup or the Olympic 7s.  It all > starts with the coaches. > > > *December Tourney* – > As I mentioned early, it has been proposed that there be some sort of high > school inter-school play this semester.  That just happens to coincide with > a plan that Youth Rugby had made to have a mini league in December. >  Instead, I propose that we have a “Day of Rugby”.  It would be one day > where we get rugby of all levels from across the city together for one day > on one pitch.  The college and adult ruggers run small games and clinic > sessions for kids and then organize small scale matches. > > This would include basic skills and rugby-style skill tests (i.e. fastest > sprint, longest kick, most accurate pass, etc.)  Then we progress on to > matches.  For the youngest kids, we can run a match that includes ~5 kids, > 2 high schoolers, and 2 adults.  The high schoolers and adults make sure > the game doesn’t dissolve into chaos, and the high school kids get an early > taste of being a coach.  With the older kids we could simply do 7s matches > and maybe have a high school/adult coaching duo.for those.  Then we move on > to the high school teams.  They will spend some time getting instruction > from college and adult players on general play as well as backs/forwards > tactics.  That culminates in high school scrimmages.  Probably non-contact > so that we can focus on other fundamental skills. > > Lastly, we end the day with a mixed college/adult game.  The men’s team has > strong ties with LSU, but I have seen little connection to Loyola and > Tulane.  We should foster those relationships while also giving college > players a chance to play at the highest level of rugby.  It would a great > learning experience for them which is different from simply doing drills. > > The key to this event is making sure that EVERYONE has at least some > experience coaching.  That means that Kurt Weaver’s training session is > VITAL for this to work.  And if this event works, then the foundation for > NOLA’s long-term rugby future will be laid. > > ————– > > I hope this wasn’t too much reading.  Big things are coming for NOLA rugby, > but it will require a big push to start this sprint. > > Thank you everyone for your time. > > Best, > Nick > > — > R. Nick Conte > Youth Rugby Development Coordinator > Coach Across America/New Orleans Rugby Foundation

Dear Ruggers of New Orleans and Louisiana,

 I’d like to personally invite you all to The Day of Rugby at the Gretna > Rugby Pitch, presented by Louisiana Rugby and the New Orleans Rugby > Foundation!  This is a day designed to bring together all of the local > rugby entities in a single place to help grow the sport, watch some youth > rugby, and eat some good food. I implore each of you to come out and take > part that day.  We have preparation programs that spread throughout the > week.  A full itinerary is attached, as well as a promotional flyer, but > here are the highlights: > >    – Youth Training, Matches, and Skills Competition >    – High School Scrimmages >    – Tulane University’s High School Rugby Clinic >    – Level 1 Referee Course with IRB Educator Steve Parrill >    – Rookie Rugby Instructor Training with Youth & High School Director >    Kurt Weaver >    – And of course, Mike Kerrigan’s famous jambalaya! > > Please, take this one day to make a huge difference in the development of > youth and high school rugby.  For this movement to work, we badly need > coaches and referees for all levels, and the sessions with Steve Parrill > and Kurt Weaver will help to get us there.  Neither of them receive > compensation for this event.  They do this only to help grow the game, and > Kurt is coming down from Colorado just to help facilitate the Day of Rugby. > > So invite all of your friends and family.  Bring your brothers, sisters, > nieces, and nephews to learn how to play rugby.  By the end of the day > everyone will know how to pick up the ball and run with it.  What better > day could there be? > > > RSVP by email or our event on Facebook: > > > > Sincerely, > Nick Conte

December Rugby Week


  • Grow & Develop Rugby in Louisiana
  • Have Fun
  • Introduce Rugby
  • Build Community


 After Thanksgiving, Coach Nick will begin a promotional campaign in schools for the Day of Rugby events.  The week immediately preceding the Day of Rugby (Dec. 3rd – 7th), Coach Nick and all other currently trained Rookie Rugby coaches will ramp up the campaign, hitting as many schools as possible to build up student and parent momentum for the event.


Dec. 1st, Saturday       Tulane University’s High School Rugby Clinic 10am – 1pm

  • Introductory skills development for beginner to intermediate level players
  • All high school players are encouraged to attend
  • Location:  Tulane University

Dec. 5th & Dec. 8th     Introductory Referee Course with Steve Parrill, IRB Course Educator and Chairman of the Southern Referee Association

  • $50 course cost, $75 for walk-ins, covers the course as well as necessary referee items
  • New referees will gain immediate experience by officiating the afternoon high school games, Dec. 8th
  • Register online at:
  • Times:  Wednesday  5th  6:30pm–10:30pm & Saturday 8th  8:00am–12:00pm
  • Location:  The Rugby Pub (Upstairs)

Dec. 8th, Saturday       The Day of Rugby

Location:  The Rugby Pitch (Gretna) 10am – 4pm

Rookie Rugby Instructor Training with Kurt Weaver, USA Rugby Director of Youth & High School Rugby, 10am to 12pm

  • Training session to become a certified Rookie Rugby Instructor
  • Anyone interested in becoming a coach or simply seeing what we do at Youth Rugby NOLA is encouraged to attend.  All current rugby players are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • High School students not taking the ACT are encouraged to attend

Youth Practices & Matches 12pm – 3pm

12pm Registration and team breakup

12:30-1pm:  Practices with new coaches

Parents can run through the same youth-style practices

1:15pm:  Youth Matches (5v5, 8 min games, Rookie 7s rules)

2pm:  Lunch

2:30pm:  Skills Combine

High Schools 1:30pm – 4pm

  • 1:30pm Warm-Up
  • 2pm Matches begin
  • Match format TBD
  • Newly trained referees will officiate the scrimmages with oversight
  • Approx. 4pm Matches conclude

Volunteer Needs:

  • Registration desk
  • Cooking and concessions
  • Youth Coaches (Must attend the Rookie Rugby Instructor Training)
  • Field lining and setup
  • High School match touch referees

Contact Info:

Host Contact:  Nick Conte (540) 960-1438

Referee Course Educator:  Steve Parrill,, (985) 974-1134



Rugby Pitch

Gretna City Park, 1130 Gretna Blvd., Gretna, LA


The Rugby Pub

2802 Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna, LA

************** Tulane Rugby Academy

Below is the proposed itinerary for our inaugural Tulane University Rugby Football Academy (or TURFA) on December 1st, 2012. We’re pleased to put this on and share some of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years. We look forward to being an asset to teams in the future as we help develop the youth into great rugby players. > >  > > As for the location, we are awaiting confirmation from our supervisors for the Tulane quad.  Best Regards, > > Louie Baugier at Tulane for Dec. 1st

Tulane University Rugby Football Academy 2012


10-11:30 AM


We anticipate having a large number of participants so the best way to reach everybody effectively is to break up into stations.

We will have a tackling station featuring two drills:

  • One focusing on correct technique (hooking the leg, dropping a shoulder, wrapping up)
  • One focusing on proper ball placement

An offense/supporting lines station:

  • 2 on 1’s, building up to 3 on 2’s and 2 on 2’s with staggered starts for the defensive players

A rucking station:

  • Groups of five with a ball carrier going into contact, properly placing the ball, two players perfecting the rucking technique, recycling the ball and repeating

A defense station:

  • This station will focus on defensive spacing, calling out what we know as the “post, monster, gap” which are the three men closest to ruck to cover the a, b,  and c gaps

A passing station:

  • Generic four corners and other vital passing exercises that will represent game situations


We will then apply some of the newly acquired skills and play touch


Split up between packs and backs to cover some rudimentary positional skills such as running north-south for forwards or some basic scrum techniques for forwards

12:15-1 PM

Combine both groups of players to play full-team “unopposed” with a defense playing touch and working on its spacing (not getting too clustered around the ruck)

Finish with a quick round robin tournament touch




Louisiana Organizes to Become SBRO

Below is part of an email from Paul Miniclier asking for input on an application to USA Rugby to become a recognized State Based Rugby Organization

Coaches & Others,     Please find below this email my cut at a draft of the Louisiana SBRO application . I would appreciate you reviewing it and providing any comments for incorporation into the application.    I have assumed that we have no opposition to the formation of an SBRO under USA rugby. If you do, please state so and your reasons.     I am forming a La. non-profit with Tim Falcon as our President. Objections??? I will apply for federal and state tax exempt status. We will need to elect other officers and committee heads at first meeting which will be arranged in near future, including tele access for those out of town. We will also start working on set of by-laws. I intend to borrow heavily from other SBROs who have been around awhile.     Basic structure: 1) exec. committee- officers and heads of committees; 2) group committees- high school and rookie rugby (each head coach will be on each committee)     3) fund raising 4) finance and Others??????     Initially, we were not going to charge any fees for SBRO for this year but we will need to discuss next years fees for running group- staff??,tourneys etc.     Also, what is our name??? “Louisiana Rugby” of “Louisiana Youth Rugby”? Most states use one of these two versions.     I look forward to putting this together in final form asap ansd sending to USA Rugby next week. Sorry for the delay, surgery was a _itch.         Later, Paul Miniclier

Louisiana SBRO Application

1) No. of High school teams(single school) – 6 ( Shaw, Jesuit, Rummel, Bro. Martin, Lake Area,

West Jeff..

2) No. Of High school teams (multi school)- 2- (Audubon and Lafayette)

3) no girls teams

4) one youth team

5) college ??????? (LSU, Tulane, Loyola, LaTech) Others?????

6) Mens- NOLA—Who else is active???????

7) Main emphasis of current organizational structure in the region?

“In the past, Deep South has help provide referees and tournament support for all levels

of rugby. We have had no interaction with newly formed True South Rugby Union.”

8) Description of how and when youth rugby was created in Louisiana.

“In 2000, a group of current and former players for NOLA Men’s club started organizing

high school rugby at four New Orleans area parochial schools, Shaw, Jesuit, Rummel and

Brother Martin. These teams were and are club based organizations at these schools with

differing levels of support from the schools.”

9) What are the surrounding rugby governing bodies?

“Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas”

10) Do you hold a state championship and when?

“Yes, mid- April”

11) “Of the organizational stakeholders, which have bought into the SBRO? Please elaborate on

their level of buy in and provide examples”

THIS IS A DRAFT—“ All current high school and youth teams in Louisiana support the

formation of an SBRO. Each team has committed to assisting in the formation of the

organization to strengthen and grow youth rugby at all levels. Examples of this commitment

include providing coaching clinics, conducting PE classes at interested schools, raising of funds

for supporting the growth.”

12) Do we have anyone who does not support the idea of an SBRO? If so, I need to report.

13) “Please describe in detail the operational model your teams currently function under”

“The rookie rugby program is just starting and has no real structure. The High School

program is a loose organization based on the cooperation of the coaches for the teams. There is

no formal organization.” ???????Comments???????

14) “How would implementing the SBRO provide new opportunities for players and volunteers?

Please provide specific examples and outline all levels”

DRAFT—–“ The formation of a SBRO would allow for the expansion of rugby at all

levels beyond the current structure by allowing a common contact point, standard protocol for

formation of new teams, coaching training, player training, and standards of conduct. A SBRO

would allow new teams and/or players to have one source for all information about youth rugby

in the state. The implementation would allow for the hiring of a full time coordinator or staff to

promote rugby and assist in the expansion of the organization.”??????Comment??????

15) “Please list some challenges/weaknesses your programs face and your plans for overcoming


DRAFT—-“One of the challenges is breaking through the tradition of football in

Louisiana and the resistance of most high school coaching staffs to allowing their players to

participate in rugby. Another challenge is the perception that, since rugby does not use pads and

helmets, it is more dangerous than football. With the current trend toward charter schools in

Louisiana and the fact that many of these schools do not yet have any sports programs, we intend

to first focus on these schools and promote the formation of rugby 7s squads which, in turn, will

feed into the full 15 sides. Also, we will start a rookie rugby program to expose children and their

parents to the benefits of rugby and educate them about rugby safety.”????Comments????

16) “List your growth expectations. Please provide concrete, measurable numbers such as

number of new teams developed, number of coaches certified, number of schools visited, number

of clinics” One year goal, Five year goals and Ten year goals.


One Year Goals:

Set up organization with formation of committees for High School and Rookie Rugby, as

well as funding raising and other necessary committees. Have all current and new coaches

certified. Form two or more Rookie Rugby teams in greater New Orleans area. Visit six or more

middle or elementary schools to conduct PE classes or meetings to expand Rookie Rugby. Visit

four or more high schools to conduct PE classes or meetings to form new 7s or full side teams.

Hold one or more coaches clinics and two or more player clinics. Become level two SBRO.

Five Year Goals:

Expand Rookie and High School rugby to all major metropolitan areas of the state by

contacting each high school, middle school and elementary in each metropolitan area and

coordinating PE classes and/or meetings for formation of 7s and full side teams. Depending on

size of area, the goal is to have at least two high school level teams and four Rookie rugby teams.

Have a coaches and players clinic in each area. Have all coached certified. Expand rugby season

to both fall and spring with 7s in fall season and full side in spring. Have fall and spring

tournaments, beyond state championships. Become level four SBRO.

Ten Year Goals:


17) Volunteer support:

For those of you volunteering to be part of SBRO, I need names, and professional & rugby backgrounds. Since each head coach at all levels will be part of a committee for that group, please provide me with brief resume. I need same info for all other  volunteers.

Deep South Merges to Become True South & Related Issues

See Jerry Gallion’s e-mail below explaining why each kid will be charged $25 unless we form the SBRO.  Thank you for your work on this. — Gary J. Giepert 

 From: Jerry Gallion

Subject: RE: La SBRO > > Yes.  In 2011, USAR began a voluntary effort to transition from the sometimes (geographically) unwieldy Territorial Union (TU) structure to one of more manageably sized Geographic Unions (GU), with the intent to, over time, push the paid management of the sport down to smaller segments of the USA.  At some point in the next several years, the whole USAR is expected to be restructure in this model. See: > >[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Brand Resource Center\\Content\\Home\\23181D59-1360-D93E-2A68-DBA51A2E0FBA{{Tab:View}} > >[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Brand Resource Center\\Content\\Home\\23181D59-1360-D93E-2A68-DBA51A2E0FBA\\23181D59-1363-B450-34AD-938FDA4DC296{{Tab:View}} > >

 Effective 9/1/12, the request by the Deep South RFU and the Mid-South RFU to combine to form the True South GU was approved by the USAR Congress.  NORFC supported this transition, and Mike Kerrigan asked me to represent NORFC as an officer in the new GU.  Pete Steyn is the GU president, and a formal organization meeting of the new GU is to set for sometime this Fall.  Part of the mechanism for creation of GUs is to consistently use the CIPP process to fund the operation of GUs. Historically, the different TUs, and the LAUs within them, had different ways of funding their budgets – some through CIPP and some through club dues to the LAU and, in some cases (like USARS) additional club dues to the TU.  That is why Paul encountered this additional CIPP cost. There should then be no club dues to be paid to the GU. > > I also note the subject line refers to “La SRBO”.  I am assuming that you understand the USAR SRBO program and how the USAR Congress approval of a State Based Rugby Program in a State removes that State’s youth and high school clubs from the LAU/GU structure. To my knowledge, Louisiana has not formed a SBRO, but I may be wrong.  Assuming that it has not, then the youth and high school clubs in Louisiana would still be subject to the requirements of the new True South GU.  See the following for some SBRO FAQs. > >[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Brand Resource Center\\Content\\Home\\208D7A0C-1296-FB35-F7D4-FBA0CA60264B\\23181D59-1305-0E93-999A-335DADF91871{{Tab:View}} > > I also see some discussion about the referees in the chain below.  Alex’s statement is correct. Referee Societies have long been separate entities providing services to the clubs within the area that they serve, and the formation of the GU hasn’t changed that.  Local referees societies are coordinated through the USAR Referee and Laws Committee, and Steve Parrill ‘s guidance for referees in the South. > > I hope this is helpful. > > Blessings, > Jerry >  > Gerald A. Gallion > Corporate Counsel > Kirby Corporation >

 Subject: La SBRO > > Jerry, >     One of the coaches for our high school teams tried to register his team for this year and was told he had to pay an additional $25 per kid because we are in the True South.  Do you know anything about this?  Please review the e-mail string below? > — > Gary J. Giepert > Ricci & Giepert > 4603 Carrollton Avenue > New Orleans, La 70119 > Ph:  504.523.0700 > Fax: 504.523.2362 > E-mail: > > > > Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 21:14:23 -0500 > > Subject: Re: La SBRO > > From: alex sharland <> > > To: Stephen Parrill <> > > Cc: Gary Giepert <>, CoxMail <> > > > > Gents > > As far as I know (and as far as the DSRRS is concerned) the referees > > are not (yet) affected by the consolidation of the Mid South and Deep > > South LAU’s. > > So we intend to to continue to service the same teams in the same way > > as we have in the past. > > > > Alex Sharland > > > > > > On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 9:02 PM, Stephen Parrill <>wrote: > > > > > Yes it’s my understanding that the new make up for our area is the > > > True South. The referee society serves the teams in the area and not > > > any one union anymore, so we have not paid much attention to the > > > change and our group is still the Deep South Rugby Referee Society, > > > since we provide ref’s for many teams that are not in the True South. > > > I have cc:ed Alex Sharland on this as he is in charge of the local > > > referee society, and will shed some more light on the subject. He > > > can even send you a picture of the True South. (BTW, what a stupid name for a league). > > > > > > > > > > > > On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:08 PM, <> wrote: > > > > > >> I thought we were in the Deep South as well.  I have e-mailed Steve > > >> Parrill to see if he knows. > > >> > > >> — > > >> Gary J. Giepert > > >> Ricci & Giepert > > >> 4603 Carrollton Avenue > > >> New Orleans, La 70119 > > >> Ph:  504.523.0700 > > >> Fax: 504.523.2362 > > >> E-mail: > > >> > > >> > > >> —- CoxMail <> wrote: > > >> > Gary, > > >> >  The application asks for our Local Area Union (LAU) and I > > >> > thought we > > >> were under Deep South but when I tried to renew “True South” popped > > >> up and wanted to charge an additional $25 per kid. National can’t > > >> seem to answer except that our LAU should be same as men’s team. Is > > >> men’s team in Deep South? Ever heard of True South? > > >> >   Thanks, Paul > > >> > > > >> > > > >> > > >> > > > > > > > > > — > > > *Inspiring America to fall in love with Rugby **Steve Parrill | R&L > > > Training Committee Chairman | USA Rugby Southern Rugby Referee > > > Association (SRRA) Chairman* > > > *225-686-4264 W 985-974-1134 C 225-686-4334 F * *IRB Trainer > > > (License #089) International Rugby Board* *Dublin, Ireland*

USA Rugby South Championships 7/21/12

USA Rugby South 7s Championship 2012 Ormond Beach, Florida

On Saturday, July 21st,  at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex five teams met in the men’s open division to decide what 2 teams would travel to San Francisco on Aug. 4th & 5th  to represent USA Rugby South Territorial Union at the 7s National Championship. Charlotte won the 5 team round robin part of the tournament beating the host team (Daytona Beach) 19-12 , Atlanta Old White 24-10, Jacksonville 59-0, and Miami Cabana Boys 25-14  – or thereabouts. Daytona beat Charlotte in a play-off 26-19 to win 1st place in the tournament.

I think  the biggest story of the tournament is the lack of participation. Why were there only 5 teams in the championship division, and not one team from Deep South , Palmetto, or Mid-South Unions participated? The tournament was advertsied as open to 16 teams in the championship division. Not one team from the Mid-South  clubs in Little Rock, Memphis, Knoxville, Huntsville, Nashville,  Chattanooga came. Not one team from the Palmetto Union clubs  located in Columbia, Greenville, Augusta, Charleston, Asheville came. From the teams in the Deep South  (New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Mobile, Pensacola, Montgomery, Okaloosa, Panama City, Tallahassee and Birmingham) nobody bothered to come.  Sevens in the South started with the Kreb’s Brothers in Birmingham. There is some history and tradition here, for Pete’s sake!

This is a tournament that allows the top 2 teams to compete in a national championship. There is tremendous opportunity for everything from national recognition and glory and honor to at least a great party in San Francisco. Some of the better Florida teams (Naples, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale) didn’t bother organizing a team for the 4-5 hour drive and a day’s run about in Ormond Beach.

Why was it so unattended?

 Is the cost in both time and money of going to the tournament too much? Does the time already committed to rugby during the 15’s season have people burned out? Are people from the South just not interested in going to  San Francisco? publisher (Fran “El Hombre” Thompson) proposed that most teams were afraid of a 59-0 spanking like Jacksonville received from Charlotte.

For future USA South championship tournaments every local area union should send at least one team. It could rotate through the clubs. For example in the Deep South Union once every ten years or so Panama City would have to send a team to the South Championships . You could go more often if you want, but when your time came your team had to go. If it is your turn to get a 59-0 thrashing,  then pull up your socks and make it look good for the 14 minutes of the match.

If you have an answer or an opinion on why this tournament was so unattended send it to to be posted with this article.


From Charles Dube (7/25/12) President of Deep South Union  

Seeing how on September 1, 2012 there will only be two LAUs left from the South TU you might need to rethink your every LAU send a team approach.    Dube (President Deep South Union)

Email from Peter Steyn (7/25/12)  – Competitions Director USA Rugby South

I can address some of the issues regarding 7’s participation. Ultimately, the 7’s season for the vast majority of our clubs is a social season. That explains why KNOX, MEM, NASH, were at Pitch-a-Tent 7’s with us (CHAT) last weekend. New Orleans ran the table again as they did last year, the turn around into a 7’s season is tough, both in terms of $$ and time. I have never seen a D3 team in these finals unless they were the host, so there’s a whole bunch of clubs gone. Old White, Daytona, and Charlotte are clubs that have a tradition of supporting 7’s (and Life at times) so they will always be there. The South went to a super qualifying system a few years ago because the previous format of regional qualifiers was losing attendance. Why make the usual attendees travel all over the South, clubs whose appearance in the finals is almost guaranteed. So hold a SQ, give the limited number of clubs interested a one off event and move on. As we move into the GU format, I anticipate that GU’s will hold their own competitions which may in fact revive interest. Until then, what you saw has been the norm for several years.   Peter L. Steyn

In phone conversation (July 25, 2012) with Kevin Kitto (President of USA Rugby South)

Kevin expressed his disappointment at the turnout both from teams and spectators.  The hope had been that with 7s becoming an Olympic Sport in 2016 that interest in 7s would be on a rapid increase, but this does not seem to be the case – at least in the South. Kevin feels that for the top players in the South the tournament and the South region in general is a dead end . The tournament in Ormond Beach and the national finals in San Francisco will provide little to no opportunity for recognition and selection to a national side. The probable players to represent the USA in national 7s competitions are already selected and being paid to train  in California. To crack into this elite group players need to move outside the South. Top youth rugby players have 2 options in the South for university, Arkansas State or Life; otherwise, they need to move to attend another Division 1A university (see link for Division 1A universities ) if they want a chance at national selection. Kevin theorized that many people do not come to watch 7s because of the reputation rugby has developed in years past for beer drinking, nudity, & pot smoking. Frustration was evident in Kevin’s voice as he spoke of the almost hopeless situation talented rugby players find themselves in the South if they want a chance at selection to a national team but also wish to stay in this part of the country.

Dube’s reply via email July 27,2012

 I think there are a lot of things going on in the US right now that are really causing the Senior game to struggle.  New Orleans is the exception, but most of the Senior sides in the Deep South seem to be struggling with numbers and travel.  Guys taking multiple jobs, or being laid off and just quitting the game.  In the South in general we have always been somewhere that USA Rugby basically ignored from a National player pool standpoint.

    Kevin’s frustration is easy to understand.  However, when typical Southern powerhouses like Life and Renegades aren’t sending teams it certainly causes one to raise and eyebrow.  The rugby landscape in the US is changing so fast at the moment I am not sure if anyone really knows what will happen next year and what the Olympics Sevens inclusion will mean for growth where 15’s is concerned?  CHeers and have a great weekend, Dube
Email from Brian Richardson (Daytona Beach RFC & the tournament director)
 First I would like to say that Daytona won the South Championship beating Charlotte 26-19 in the play-offs. Charlotte did beat us in pool play 19-12 the first game of the day to make my life difficult.
History of South 7s Championship.  Attendance was poor because yes sevens is a social event.  There were 2 other social tournaments the weekend of the Championship and Beerfoot 7s the biggest social tournaement of the year is next week in Naples.  This year I had tried to attach the Social bracket to the tournament to gather a larger spectator base and expose the social teams to what is expected to move on to a national championship.  But without the other tournaments being blacked out teams chose different venues.  That is why I tried to set up a large interesting social after the tourney.
 Talent and Coaching is one thing.  Teams not used to the procedure and expectations if you do win a South Championship are another.  First it will cost roughly $12000 to get a team of 12 and a coach to San Francisco on less than 2 weeks notice.  The state of rugby in the USA is cemented in 15’s, even though 7’s is the wave of the future.  There are just to many social tournaments, their value is nil, and they give nothing back to their Territories, or LAU’s, they are only fundraisers for their clubs.
 Miami played Daytona down to the last second twice and once into overtime this summer and Jacksonville almost upset Miami earlier this summer.  But Neither team had been to an event where every game is the fight of your life.  Miami and Jacksonvilles performed well in their first two games and I hope they build from those points, and Miami almost beat OW in their 4th game, only to lose in the consolation for seeding 40-0.
 Daytona Beach was always Division 3 for years until we almost knocked off Life and OW in 2004 and 2005 in the South Championship.  We lost in the final seconds to both teams just missing going to nationals in 2006.  We fortunately had the determination to stick with it, recruit, make ourselves better, and fundraise.  Getting to Nationals was another eye opening experience when your club starts playing teams that have USA national players on their roster.  Daytona also had multiple players from Tampa Krewe, Miami, Naples, and Orlando transfer over to us to play 7s in the summer, that is why you did not see some of those clubs in name.  So if you are not a real Division 1 powerhouse or Superleague these events are eye opening especially when teams sub in players that are better and faster than the starters.   There are no seperate Divisions in USA Club 7s like Division 1,2,3, and superleague.
But getting to club Nationals has gotten 7 of the players I have coached invited to Eagle Camps, and more have been considered.  Now the territories also have an allstar venue for players to get noticed.  But their selection process runs in direct competition with clubs trying to qualify for nationals,  Did you see the South Selector there, no.  As well trying to learn two different systems from two different coaches leads to players being good in neither system.  Only one Daytona Beach Player will be on the South Allstar team.  Then USA rugby changes their rules from time to time.  I missed a deadline to enter my 2nd side into the competition, and my waiver was denied.  So there are so many pitfalls, hurdles, etc.  That teams must navigate, and sometimes learn the expensive and hard way. 
 Now after all that try to tell the 6 wives and girlfriends attending with their significant others that are paying $1000 togo to San Fran, no Ladies they have to go to bed please do not disturb them.

2012 Law Changes

Follow the Laws!!

From Steve Parrill | R&L Training Committee Chairman | USA Rugby
Southern Rugby Referee Association (SRRA) Chairman

Please see the attached Laws changes that will go into effect this fall. They have some pretty big changes going into play this year –  from the scrum moving to a three count to line out options being given in some new situations.Some do not apply until after 7’s is over.
I plan to follow it up with some local clarifications in another article. Set is going to be the new command to engage on the scrum call, and well won ruck ball will have a time limit on it.
Please see attached letter from USA rugby.


Sub-Committee on Laws

Peter Watson

2012 IRB Law Changes

May 2012

This week the IRB issued a number of small changes in Law.  Implementation dates vary – some go into effect now and others at the start of the next Fifteens season (September 1 or thereabouts).  The exact wording of the new Laws is in the attached document.

These changes are on a Trial Basis.  After some practical experience has been accumulated, the IRB will be soliciting Union opinions.

Effective immediately (actually went in last January 1)

Law 1 – The Ground

The two lines that delineate the beginning and end of lineouts – the five meter line and the fifteen meter line – are now to be dashed lines.  Formerly they were dotted.

Sevens Variations

Law 3.4 – Number of Players

A team may now nominate up to five replacements/substitutes and may use all of them.

Effective at or around September 1, 2012

These changes are not to be implemented in Sevens this summer.  They may be used in pre-season matches preparing for the fall 2012 league seasons.

Law 4.2 – Special additional items of clothing for women

Female players may wear cotton blend long tights with single inside leg seam under their shorts and socks.

This is pretty clear…if you are not female, don’t wear tights.  Please do not ask me the rationale for this as I am not a mind-reader.

Law 4.3 – Studs

In Law 4.4, single-toe replaceable studs are prohibited.  The IRB has approved, on a trial basis, one particular configuration of single-toe studs.  It is shown in the attached document.  All other forms are still illegal.

Law 9.B.1 – Taking a Conversion Kick

When a try is scored, the scoring team now has one and a half minutes (90 seconds) FROM THE TIME THE TRY IS SCORED to take the conversion.  This is playing time, so if there is an injured player who has to be treated or removed before the kick, time is off.

Law 12.1 – Outcome of a Knock-on or Throw Forward

If the ball is knocked-on or thrown forward into touch, the non-offending team may choose the lineout (where it crossed the touch line) or the scrum (where the knock occurred).  If they take a quick throw-in, they have made their choice.

And someone has already asked about knocks that go into touch-in-goal (or across the dead ball line).  That situation is covered by Law 12.1 (c) and this change is not applicable in that case.

Law 16.7 – Unsuccessful End to a Ruck

This puts a “use it or lose it” requirement on rucks.  Once the ball is clearly won and available to be played, the referee will call “use it” after which the ball must be played within five seconds.  If not, it is a turnover – scrum to the other team.

Law 19.2 – Quick Throw-In

This change alters where a quick throw can be taken.  Currently a quick throw can be taken anywhere from the place the ball crossed the touch line back to the thrower’s goal line.  The change allows a quick throw to be taken anywhere from the place of the lineout back to the thrower’s goal line.  The gap that used to exist if the ball was kicked out on the fly from in front of the 22 is now gone.  [I suspect this will have a bigger impact in Sevens than it will in Fifteens, but not this summer.]

Law 20.1 – Scrum Engagement

This is the biggie….a change to the process:

* Referee says “crouch” and the teams crouch (or remain crouched if already down).

* Referee says “touch” and the four props reach out and touch and then withdraw their arms.

* When the referee is satisfied that the front rows appear ready to engage AND ARE STABLE, the referee says “set”.  The front rows may then come together when ready.  This is not a command.  It is permission.

Law 21.4 – Penalty and Free Kick Options and Requirements

This change is only for free kicks and penalty kicks awarded at lineouts.  A team that is awarded a kick may choose to have a lineout instead of the kick.  And of course they may also choose a scrum in lieu of the kick.

Changes for selected International Competitions.  These are not for implementation at the local level.

Law 3.4 – Players Nominated as Substitutes

A Union may nominate up to eight replacements/substitutes.

[The USA is already doing this per the provision in Law 3.14.]

Law 6.A.6 (b) – Referee Consulting with Others

This expands the use of the TMO.

And here are some videos that may help:

Further to my letter of last week on the IRB Council decision regarding law amendment trails and law clarifications.  We are pleased to provide the following links which may help in the dissemination of the message: Law Amendment Trials:  Enforcement of current Law:  Five Key areas of Refereeing:

2011-2012 Season Deep South Rugby Report

Below you will find various entries related to events that affected Deep South Rugby and members of the Deep South  RugbyCommunity during the 2011-12 season.

Sadly the season started with the passing of Tom Alderton on Sept. 24th in
Ft Walton. Tom had been the president of the Deep South Union in the 1990s and an integral part of Okaloosa Rugby holding many positions over the past couple of decades. He will be missed.

7 Selected Events from 2011-12 and then some
more stuff:

1. NORFC Green (B) side wins Div. 2 Men’s Natioanl Championship

2. Three New High School Teams in 2011-12

3. Cameron Falcon plays for USA U-20 that wins JWRT.

4.NORFC Gold (A) side advances to Round of 32  in first season in Div. 1.

5. Shake-Up in College Divisions/ LSU in Div. 1AA

6. French Quarter Fest & Tulane Reunion/Maud

7. DeepSouthRugby.Net Gets Press Credentials to
World Cup

I’ll start with Event #7, as that was the one I was most directly involved with,.  At the finals in Auckland as the French faced the All Black haka,  I scanned down the press table and there sandwiched between the signs for ESPN and Sky Sport was
the placard displaying the location for “Mulletwrapper/”.
Bucket list item checked off for this sports reporter.

(See 2011 Rugby World Cup link for articles from New Zealand.)

Event #6: Billy Goddell called together an incredible number of regional over-50 rugby players that formed 3 complete sides and competed in the  French Quarter Fest Masters Tournie. Tulane Old Boys (circa 72-79) reunioned on the occasion and Pete Maud  – one of the founders of Tulane (1967) and NORFC (1973) was on hand to accept a  ball signed by many players who had had the fun of playing  for Tulane or NORFC with Peter way back when . (See article in 2011-12 archive)

Event  #5 was therearrangement of college divisions that took place this seasonr. Perrenial DeepSouth powerhouse LSU moved down from the College Premiere Div  to an SEC-type Conference within the DIV. 1AA umbrella. That is an oversimplification of what happened in college rugbyrealignments in this season, but to move ahead …  In Montgomery on April 14th LSU lost to Florida (35-17) in the SCRC (Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference)semi-final. Florida beats TN in the final 22-14. Alabama lost 31-22 in their semi-final vs TN  (34-12). In Sweet 16 Florida lost to FSU, but TN came back as at-large team to the tournie beat  Maryland (47-13) and FSU (45-27) to advance to the Final 4. San Diego State beats TN in semi (25-12) and then lost to Davenport (39-0) in the final.

In the former premiere division now Div. 1A  Arkansas State lost 49-42 to BYU in Salt Lake City in front of a homecrowd of 8,733. In March 2011 LSU lost 58-0 to Arkansas State.

In Div. 2 Sewanee and East Carolina came out of Dixie and South divisions in the Deep South Union region. Neither progressed to Final 4 – East Carolina losing to Salisbury 41-9 in Round of 8. Salisbury lost 51 -12 to Lindenwood in the National Championship. Lindenwood is in St Charles, Missouri, and has an enrollment including graduate students of about 17,000.

Story #4 NORFC Gold A team after  winning the Div. 2 National Championship the year before moved up to Div. 1. They had a fantastic season and advanced to the national round of 32  losing to Chicago Lions 34-12 in New Orleans on April 29th . Chicago had moved down this year from the Super League. In their next match they defeated the Boston Irish Wolfhounds (43-5) . On day 2 of Play-Offs Chicago lost to Palmer (19-15). Palmer lost to Glendale in the semi-finals  and Glendale lost to Belmont Shore (another team moved out of Super League) 34-11 in the Final.

Story #3 : Three new high school teams formed and played
competitively 15 aside in the LA high school league. The teams were  Mississippi ( an u-17 club side based on MS Gulf Coast), Lake Area High School (New Orleans-based public charter school) and Audubon  (an u-17 New Orleans based club side) . (See articles on LA High School Rugby in 2011-12 Archive.)

Story #2: USA Rugby Men’s Junior All Americans (U-20s)
Cameron Falcon (LSU & Shaw) made the USA Rugby Men’s Junior All Americans that played matches in Canada May 23rd & 26th in preparation for the Junior World Rugby Trophy held in Salt Lake City June 18th-30th. Teams competining in Salt Lake City were USA, Canada, Chile, Russia, Georgia, Japan, Tonga, & Zimbabwe.

Cameron was the starting hooker in the USA’s defeat of Japan (37-33) to claim the championship. In pool play Cameron scored a try in the USA’s victory over Tonga.
Italy was the losing team in the next level of the IRB U-20 national tournaments (Junior World Championships) which was won by SouthAfrica in a 22-16 victory over New Zealand. Italy will now move down to the Junior World Trophy tournament and I have not yet seen a report on if the USA will be  moving up to the  Junior World Championship tournament.

Story #1 : One year after NORFC Gold claimed the Div. 2 National Championship the Green (B) side rolled into Glendale and thumped Tucson 36-8 in the semi-final and then Philly Whitemarsh 36-20 in the Final to claim the Div. 3 USA Rugby Men’s National Championship.

Other Stories from the 2011-2012 Season:

Men’s Div. 2

Birmingham defeated Nashville on April `14th (30-18)  in a US Rugby South Quarter Final. They lost to Naples (35-5) in the South semi-final.  Naples went on to lose to Montauk (NY) in national play-offs in double overtime 26-21.  Montauk did not make it to Final Four. Rocky Gorge (Mid-Atlantic Union)  took the Div 2 title defeating Wisconsin 37-26.

Rocky Mountain Youth Rugby Challenge

In June, 2012, a  Louisiana Youth A ll-Star team participated in the 12th Rocky Mountain Rugby Challenge. The team defeated Nebraska 24-20 and lost to Heart of America 26-20 and Wisconsin 31-5 before losing to Southern California in the 5th-6th place play-off.

June 12-16th, 2012 – USA Rugby South College
Women’s Select Side

Ariel Hector (LSU & Baton Rouge WRC) and Emily Loudermilk (Clemson) were selected to play in Glendale, Colorado for the USA South All Star team in the National All Star Championship.

May 5th, 2012 – South Select Side vs Bermuda

Brad Yandle (Ole Miss) and Brendan Smith (Birmingham) were selected from 52 players at South trial camp at Kennesaw State University for May 5th match against Bermuda national side. Bermuda was ranked 46th in IRB world rankings at the time of the match, Bermuda was using the match as a warm-up for 2015 world cup qualifier. That didn’t stop the USA South from handing the Bermuda National Team a 38-33 defeat. (See article in 2011-2012 for more accurate report on team selection and match.)

Jan. 2nd – USA Rugby South U-21 vs Cayman Islands

The following Deep South region players were selected to the USA Rugby South U-21 team that played the Cayman Islands on Jan. 2nd, 2012. Cayman Islands won 16-15.

Nathan Joseph – Tulane

Zack Bolsted – Auburn

Vaughan Blacksher – Univ. of South Alabama

Brendan Smith – Birmingham Vulcans

Benjamin Winiarcyzk – Auburn

Dec. 2-3rd – Dubai 7s

Corey Fredericks (NOWRFC Half Moons) was selected to the USA Women Eagles squad that played in the Dubai 7s. The Eagles finished 4th overall defeating South Africa 22-10, China 14-7, and losing to England 31-0 in pool play. They lost to Canada 36-0, and Australia 22-0 on the second day of competition.

Nov. 12-13th North American Caribbean
Rugby Association (NACRA) DHL 7s Tournament

Liz Carrier (NOWRFC Half Moons) played for USA Rugby South select women’s side that finised 4th in the tournament with 5 wins and 2 losses.

Jeff Reuther, Eric West, & Chance Doyle from NORFC played for the USA Rugby
South select team that finished 9th out of the 15 sides participating.

If you would like to make a correction or addition, mail to     This report was compiled by Tom “Croz” Crosby with input from many people.