LA/ Deep South High School Rugby Championships 2015

La/ Deep South High School Rugby Championships

Below is email of congratulations from Gary Giepert 
followed by the schedule:
A heartfelt thanks from me to all of the coaches 
who give so much of their time and effort to teach 
the young men of our community the game we love 
and to teach them much more such as discipline, 
respect and hard work.
I would also like to thank Adam and Saade for 
taking off with the All State idea.  
That was a welcome and needed program.  
Thanks for making it happen.  Now you are in charge of
 that for the foreseeable future.
Gary J. Giepert

Friday: ( April 17th)
5:30pm Br Martin v Bayou Hurricanes

Saturday: (April18th)

9:00am Bowl Championship
NOMMA v Warren Easton

10:30am Plate Semi-final
West Jeff v Br Martin v Bayou Hurricane loser

12:30pm Plate Final
Lake Area v Br Martin v Bayou Hurricane winner

2:30pm Cup Semi-final
Jesuit v Mississippi

4:00pm Announcement of All State Team

4:30pm Cup Final
Shaw v St Paul


8:00am – 9:00am NOMMA/Warren Easton
9:00am – 10:00am West Jeff
10:00am- 11:00am Lake Area
11:00am-noon Br Martin v Bayou Hurricane winner
noon – 1:00pm Br Martin v Bayou Hurricane loser
1:00pm -2:00pm Jesuit
2:00pm – 3:00pm Shaw
3:00pm-4:00pm St Paul
4:00pm-5:00pm Mississippi

Link to report on Deep South High School Championship in

Goff Rugby Report ūüôā


2014-15 Deep South Rugby News

May 4, 2015 Goff Rugby Report National High School
      Ranking Week 14

     Single School: 24th St. Paul
                    25th Shaw

     Multi-School: 47th Mississippi
May, 2015 - Eleven High School Teams in Louisiana League
Louisiana high school rugby season ended with
 11 teams in the league during 2014-15 season, namely:
1) St Paul
2) Shaw
3) Jesuit
4) Mississippi
5) Lake Area
6) Niceville
7) Bayou Hurricanes
8) West Jeff
9) Br Martin
10) Warren Easton
11) NOMMA ( New Orleans Maritime and Military Acad

 4/19/15 SCRC 7s Championship

Alabama defeated Mississippi State 24-14 in the final of the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference 7s Championship in Knoxville, Tn Saturday. With the win, the Crimson Tide earned the SCRC automatic qualifier berth the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship May 30-31 at PPL Park in Philadelphia.

Semifinal matches saw Alabama defeat South Carolina 22-21 and MS State over Tennessee 14-10.

4/17/15 Paul Miniclier announces  Louisiana Rugby to start a Jobs/Internships for Rugby Players

Excerpt from email announcement,¬†”¬†In just a few years, we have expanded high school rugby from 4 teams to 12 teams. This growth will be rapid as we experience the World Cup 2015 and the Olympics in 2016. Some players will go on to college and some not. We all want them to continue to play for the college or senior sides (we will continue to work with all clubs on creating rugby playing opportunities). But, a big issue for many graduating seniors and those still in school is work and a possible career. I want us as a Rugby Community to try and help start an initiative to locate jobs/internships for players.

In addition to our local high school players, Nick and I get regular inquiries from around the world about coming here to play, coach and a job.

Nick and I are open to all ideas. One we thought of is a “Want Ad” section on Louisiana Rugby’s website, where jobs can be posted or requested. Another is to ask you for ideas for either jobs or internships for players that you may know of, as well as players you would recommend.”

Inaugural Louisiana Youth Rugby Championship, May 9th

May 9th, the Youth Rugby NOLA metro club will host the inaugural Louisiana Youth Rugby Championship. This flag rugby tournament is open to boys and girls from 7 to 11 years old. Registration is open to all, meaning any individual, school, parent, club, teacher, etc. may register and field a team!

No rugby experience is necessary! Louisiana Rugby‚Äôs staff and volunteers will assist any team in need of training, coaching resources or equipment to get their¬†team going. On average, fewer than 5 hours of team practice is needed to prepare your young players. Coaching guides and tournament rules of play will be posted at underneath the ‚ÄėYouth‚Äô tab.

The game will be 7 vs. 7 co-ed flag rugby. Each team may consist of up to 12 players total and must include at least two boys and two girls on the field at all times. A limit of 16 team slots will be available for this inaugural tournament.

Registration for the tournament includes lunch for participants on the day of, as well as a youth rugby starter kit (courtesy of World Rugby Shop) including balls, pump, cones, and practice jerseys.

To register, visit and click the ‚ÄėYouth‚Äô tab. For more information about the tournament or to request assistance, please contact Director of Development Nick Conte or (540) 960-1438.


USA Rugby South Panthers NACRA Title Team

The following players from Birmingham were selected to be part of the USA  Rugby South 15s select side that will compete for the North American and Caribbean Rugby Association 2015 title: Zach Blalock, Andrew Perkins, Brendan Smith. No other Louisiana. Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida Panhandle players were selected. The Panthers will compete in the north division against Mexico on March 7th and Cayman Islands of March 21st.


Bayou Hurricanes youth rugby team played their first home match in Raceland defeating the experiences Brother Martin Crusaders 24-22 on Feb. 7, 2015.

Cipped High School Players in Louisiana on Jan 27, 2015

USA Rugby, at the following link – – reported the high school teams had he following numbers of Cipped players/ coaches.
Jesuit   39/1

Shaw 12/1

Bro Martin 23/1

Lake Area  20/216

West Jeff 15/1

St. Pauls   19/1

Audubon  2/1

Bulldogs 16/1

Hurricanes  20/1

Mississippi  25/1

Niceville     34/2

Barbarians (Club is not listed)

The above information was circulated by Adam Massey. Sam Farnet replied with the following email on January 29th –

“Adam, thanks for the info, Audubon BarbariansRFC is changing name to New Orleans Barbarians RFC. As you can see we are struggling with numbers, if any coaches or players know of any highschoolers that are interested in playing please send them my way. Sam”

Loup Garoux Youth Rugby, Fall Season 2014

 From September 26th РNovember 14th in Comiskey Park children ages 7-12 (grades 2nd-7th) played in a touch rugby league.
Adrianne Stebbins was head coach.
New Orleans 10th in National Club Side 7s

New Orleans Royales (the 7s team attached to the NORFC) finished 10th in the USA Rugby National Club Side 7s tournament held in Seattle the weekend of August 9th-10th. Below are scores from final round of tournament:

Cup: Seattle 29-26 Old Blue

3rd/4th: Kansas City 12-10 Belmont Shore
Plate: Denver 14-7 NYAC
7th/8th: Chicago Lions 24-19 EPA Razorbacks
Bowl: 1823 26-19 New Orleans
11th/12th: Santa Monica 26-17 Maryland Exiles
Shield: Schuylkill River 38-7 Hawaii
13th/14th: Austin Blacks 19-7 Atlanta Old White

2015 LA/Deep South High School Rugby Schedule




Saturday 17

Jesuit v Br. Martin @ City Park

Miss @ St Paul scrimmage

Lake Area v NOMMA scrimmage @ City Park

Friday 23

Miss v. Jesuit @ Gretna 7:00pm

Saturday 24

West Jeff v NOMMA @ Gretna

Lake Area v Br. Martin @ City Park

Barbarians v Warren Easton @ City Park

Barbarians v Houma @ City Park

Saturday 31

West Jeff @ St. Paul

NOMMA v Houma @ City Park

Miss. @ Nicelville Jesuit v Lake Area @ City Park February:


Wed 4

Lake Area v Barbarians @ City Park

Friday 6

Miss. v West Jeff @ Gretna

Saturday 7

Shaw v Barbarians

Jesuit v. St Paul

Jesuit v Niceville @ City Park

Br Martin @ Houma

St Paul v Jesuit @ City Park

Tuesday 10

West Jeff v Shaw @ Gretna

Friday 13

Houma @ Miss 7:00pm

Saturday 21

Warren Easton v Jesuit @ City Park

NOMMA v Barbarians @ City Park

West Jeff v Houma @ Gretna

Lake Area v Niceville @ Springhill

Lake Area v. Miss. @ Springhill

Tuesday 24

Shaw v Br. Martin

Friday February 27

Warren Easton @ Mississippi

Saturday February 28

Jesuit v West Jeff @ Gretna

St Paul v NOMMA

Br. Marin v Christian Bros @ City Park

Lake Area v Houma

Lake Area B v Christian Bros B @ City Park

Barbarians @ Miss


Thursday 5

Jesuit v Shaw @ Gretna

Friday 6

Warren Easton v Lake Area @ City Park

Saturday March 7

Br. Martin v Niceville @ Mobile

Barbarians v West Jeff @ Gretna

Houma @ St Paul

Jesuit @ Miss

Saturday 14

West Jeff v Lake Area @ Gretna

Shaw v Warren Easton @ Gretna

Shaw v St Paul @ Gretna

Br Martin v White Station @ City Park

Jesuit v NOMMA @ City Park

Barbarians @ Niceville

Tuesday March 17

Lake Area @ St. Paul

Wednesday 18

Br. Martin v Warren Easton @ City Park

Saturday 21 DAY OF RUGBY

NOMMA v Lake Area

West Jeff v Niceville

Houma v Warren Easton

Barbarians v Br Martin

Jesuit v Shaw

Niceville @ St Paul

Tuesday 24

Shaw v Houma

Saturday 28 St Paul @ Miss.

Warren Easton v West Jeff@ City Park

Barbarians v Jesuit @ City Park

Br Martin v NOMMA @ Gretna

Shaw v Lake Area @ Gretna

Houma @ Niceville


Thursday 2 Shaw @ Miss.

Barbarians @ St Paul

Thursday 9

Shaw v NOMMA @ Gretna

Friday 10

Br Martin @ Miss.

Saturday 11

Jesuit v Houma @ City Park

Tuesday 12

Plate Semi -Finals

5 v 8

6 v 7

Wednesday 13

Cup Semi-Finals

1 v 4

2 v 3

Thursday 14

Bowl Semi-Finals

9 v 12

10 v 11

Saturday 18


Provided  by Gary Giepert


LSU & the SCRC 2014 Fall 15s Season

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† In early September, 2014, ‚ÄúThis is American Rugby‚ÄĚ made the followng pre-season prediction for the SCRC West Division: West: 1) LSU 2) Alabama 3) Auburn 4) Ole Miss 5) Mississippi State

                LSU was expected to have an easy time in the west division. The incoming class had considerable talent and after a frustrating end to last year when the undefeated team lost 41-24 to South Carolina in the conference championship, the returning players were inspired to take the conference.
The Tigers had stand-out senior players Alexander Nadler who ran a strong backline
and Cameron Falcon (hooker & USA U-20 selection) lead the pack. The squad was off to a great start with a 27-5 victory over Mississippi State and a 79-15 trouncing of Georgia. On Sept. 13th after the Georgia match the season went wonky. At the social following the match an LSU player who was over 21 and his parents bought beer for other players who were over 21. The university found out. This violated university recreation sports policies and the team was suspended for the rest of the fall season. The result was LSU forfeited the rest of their matches against Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and Ole Miss.

‚ÄúThe team violated University policies regarding alcohol during club travel and was suspended from all club activities for a month, including forfeiture of their fall competition schedule,‚ÄĚ said Assistant Director for Sport and Camp Programs Matthew Boyer. ‚ÄúStudent Advocacy and Accountability has worked with LSU UREC to address the situation and educate the club members of appropriate behavior while representing LSU,‚ÄĚ Boyer said. ‚ÄúThe club has been cleared to begin preparing for its spring season.‚ÄĚ

The Tigers began practice in late November to prepare for their game against St. Louis University on Jan. 17., 2015.

                The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference’s fall 15s season ended Nov. 16th with the University of South Carolina winning the championships with a 50-22 win over Alabama in the final. In semi-final play South Carolina defeated Mississippi State, 55-7, and Alabama upset
Tennessee with a 32-27 overtime victory.
SCRC Coach of the Year

SCRC 15s Rugby Coach of the Year – Evan Kaplan of Mississippi State
In 2013 Mississippi State was 0-6 in conference play. A year later they won the west division.

SCRC All Conference

First Team
1. Nathan Diggers (Georgia)
2. Patrick Hafenbriddle (Kentucky)
3. Daniel Depperschmidt (Alabama)
4. Wyatt Visca (Tennessee)
5. Zac Gorman (South Carolina)
6. Dana Corcoran (South Carolina)
7. Ryan Roper (Tennessee)
8. Shawn Branham (Alabama)
9. Brian Keown (South Carolina)
10. Kyle Burnett (Florida)
11. Luke Dyson (Tennessee)
12. Ross Depperschmidt( Alabama)
13. Simon Bedoya (Alabama)
14. Lee Bogitsh (Tennessee)
15. Tim Hamill (South Carolina)

Second Team
1. Jake Murphy (Tennessee)
2. Logan McNeil (Tennessee)
3. Roger Williams (Florida)
4. Alex Diaz (Florida)
5. Zach Mullineaux (South Carolina)
6. Mike Mahon (South Carolina)
7. Kyle Peterson (Kentucky)
8. Stephen Sheehan (Florida)
9. Jordan Speights (Mississippi State)
10. CJ Leadingham (Kentucky)
11. Stephen Beckerle (Florida)
12. Christian Hardy (Kentucky)
13. Christian Harrell (South Carolina)
14. Demarrion Haynes (Mississippi State)
15. Omar McClendon (Mississippi State)

New Orleans Plans Fall High School 7s

By Nick Conte
Here is a recap of the meeting from last night of the High School 7s Organizers. These are the details decided upon by those in attendance. We will shortly cover this topic at the full high school coaches meeting next Thursday.
Please pay attention to item 5 below. Our newest rugby entrepreneur, MJ Wathen, would like to have a group photo to promote the league. He hopes to have two players from each team represented in the photo. So he will bring a camera to touch rugby on Tuesday at City Park to photograph whichever players would like to be highlighted. Coaches, if you could, please pass that info on to any players you would like to see represented in that photo.
Thanks everyone,
New Business
1. Day, Time, Location, Length of Season
Day: Saturday
Time: 10am to 1pm
Location: City Park
Season: 8 Weeks
Start Date: September 20th
End Date: November 8th
We ‚Äčleft the end of the season subject to change. We may have a potential change in venue for the final championship Saturday, and we may also eliminate one week to keep the wear and tear down.‚Äč ‚Äč‚Äč
2. Royale Camp
‚ÄčWe will begin with 2 warm-up weekends to instruct new players and ease our way into full competition. ‚ÄčThese weekends will be lead by the NORFC’s Royale 7s team. Buck is in charge of coordinating the Royale’s involvement.

3. Format‚Äč
The format was selected as rec style, mix and play. However the exact breakup of players and teams will be decided when the coaches meet again after the first practice.

4. Girls Participation
We will include girls touch rugby on the condition that there are sufficient girls to participate.‚Äč Woneata and Nick are in charge of that element. Matt will assist with Lake Area and Mount Carmel recruitment. Paul will assist with the Maritime Academy.

5. Promotion & Recruitment
MJ has volunteered to lead promotion. His first effort is a photo shoot. He would like 4 Royale players and two players from each high school represented in a promotional photo. That photo is scheduled for this coming Tuesday at City Park, 5:45pm prior to the evening touch rugby. Nick will assist with recruiting players via their coaches.

6. Registration & Safety‚Äč
Players must be registered by paying their dues to USA Rugby and Louisiana Rugby before participating. Paul is going to investigate the best possible option for us to register all players.

7. Coaches
We need to have 1 coach for every team present, so approximately a 1:9 coach to player ratio.‚Äč We anticipate 25 players the first week. At the moment we have enough coaches, but we should always continue to recruit other interested coaches regardless.
I submitted a request today for a Level 200 Coaching course to be held Sept. 27th. This course will be for all new coaches we recruit so that they are covered before competitive play begins. This will be the only Level 200 Course offered in New Orleans for the 2014 – 2015 year. I will confirm the date when I hear from USA Rugby.
8. Referees & Other Costs
To keep costs to a minimum, we will ask for volunteer referees to officiate‚Äč our matches. The referee society intends on having a training prior to the beginning of our play so that they may give their new recruits some experience before the 15s season.
At present there are no other costs associate with the league. Depending on developments for the championship weekend, we may ask players to bring a small amount to cover items such as food and drink.
On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Nick Conte  wrote: Afternoon Coaches,
I don’t mean to inundate you with meetings, but we’re trying to give Don lots of business.

In preparation for our full coaches’ meeting on the 28th, the small group organizing the Fall 7s season is meeting on Tuesday to discuss final details. If you are interested in being involved with the 7s season or simply want to know more, then please look to join us at the Pub at 6:30 on Tuesday.
Nick Conte

Deep South Rugby Memorable Events 2013-14

This is the annual look back at the past rugby year and an attempt to list main events from the 2013-14 season. Items are in no particular order; although, NORFC going to the division 1 final would be hard to top. Please, send suggestions for other events and people that should be included to:

#1 NORFC faced Life in the USA Rugby Division 1 Men’s Club National Championship Final. To get there, they defeated the Sacramento Lions 62-32 in the quarterfinals and the Dallas Reds 34-29 in the semi-final. NORFC lost 39-7 in the final. (*The national championship had something like¬†an east and a west division this year as some top level clubs like Glendale,¬†Seattle, Denver, ¬†and San Francisco split off to play in a newly formed¬† Pacific Rugby Premiership.)

#2 Montgomery Yellowhammers made Division 3 national quarterfinals. To get there they won the inaugural True South Div. 3 title by defeating Tallahassee 60-27 and defeated Asheville 32-8 in the round of 32 and Gainesville 17-14 in the round of 16. The Yellowhammers fell 25-12 to Old Blue of NY in their quarterfinal match.

#3 Loyola (Deep South 2014 champ) defeated Sewanee 14-10 to advance to NSCRO South Championship. The captured the south championship by defeating Valdosta State 19-15 and Montclair State 43-13. In the national round of 8 Mount St. Mary’s University from Emmitsburg, MD, came from behind to defeat Loyola 24-23.

#4 Cam Falcon   (Shaw, LSU. NORFC) was selected to theUSA Men’s National 15s squad for the 2013 Americas Rugby Championship. This team competed as the USA Selects, and full international caps were not awarded. The Americans defeated Canada Select and Uruguay and lost to the Argentina Jaguars.

#5 LSU loses 50-19 to Central Florida in the round of 16 of the Division 1-AA College National Championship. Central Florida went on to defeat Arizona 64-13 in the final.

#6 NORFC players selected to play with Houston in the Elite City 7s tournament that coincided with the USA vs Scotland match in Houston in June, 2014. (* = NORFC)

Houston Sevens Roster
Will Burns, *Chance Doyle, *Adam Ducoing, Ruben Gonzalez, Kenneth Hepburn, *Bobby Johns, Pete Kanick,i Levi Kereti, Alex Miles, Connor Mills, Matt Radzavitch, Chris Saxon, Chris Slater, Brad Vaughn

#7 The New Orleans Royales  competed in the Elite division of the 2014 Las Vegas Invitational. The Royales won 2 and tied one in their pool. They beat the national side of Peru (35-0), the select side Atlantis (22-7) and tied Bahamian select side cOUScOUS (19-19). In the knock-out round they lost to Lionhearts (31-14) in cup quarterfinal and Mapleleafs (26-12) in consolation semi-final.

#8 Loyola University is ranked 8th and University of West Florida 13th by the NSCRO 2014 ranking of top 15 small college men’s 7s rugby sides.

#9 Deep South area players (*Bishop, Smith, & Moyes) are selected to play for US South Panthers vs Cayman Islands in North American Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) championship: Lucas Baistrocchi (Florida) *Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee) Waymon Cassel (Greenville) Wayne Chermely (Knoxville) Cathal Doyle (Life) Ty Elkins (Charlotte) Amro Gouda (Charlotte) Jesse Hackworth (MTSU) Chad Haynes (Knoxville) Stephen Hickey (Augusta) Jason Hinchman (Charlotte) Matt Hughston (Charlotte) Charlie Hutchings (Tampa Krewe) Chris Milledge (Charlotte) *Drew Moyes (Univ Mississippi) Ben Paul (Columbus/Fort Benning) Jesse Posnansky (Athens) Chris Sigmund (Charleston) *Brendan Smith (Birmingham) Tom Snow (Chattanooga) *Chris Scott Terrell (Montgomery) Jonathon Toombs (Nashville) David Winiarczyk (Old White).  Bishop, Moyes, and Smith were also selected to play in US South’s 33-6 win over Bermuda. Chance Doyle from NORFC was also selected for Bermuda match.

#10 Tallahassee won the south pool of Division 3 in the new True South region. Battleship placed 2nd over Okaloosa and Gulf Coast. Pensacola and Panama City did not compete. Tallahassess lost to Montgomery in True South Div 3 Finals. Tallahassee moved to Florida Union at end of 2013-14 season.

#11 Shaw defeated Brother Martin 47-22 for Louisiana/Deep South High School Championship. Because of conflicts with exams and proms, no Louisiana team participated in regional play.

#12 With effect from September 1, 2013, USA Rugby South ceased to exist as an operating body for overseeing rugby in the former south territory. USA Rugby South would continue to support select sides.

#13 New Orleans Royales (NORFC 7s side) qualified for the 2013 national club side 7s as 2nd seed from the south. Atlanta Old White defeated the Royales in the final. At the national championships in Pittsburgh on August 10th the Royales lost their 3 pool matches to Old Blue, San Fransico Golden Gate, and 1823 (Columbus) with 40 points for and 57 against. On the 2nd day the Royales went undefested to gain the Bowl trophy (9th place) . In the Bowl final they defeated 1823. At the time of writing the New Orleans Royales had qualified for the 2014 National club side 7s tournament in Seattle to be held weekend of Aug. 9-10¬†as South’s #1 seed by defeating Atlanta Old White 26-5 in championship of regional tournament held in New Orleans.

#14 Louisiana Rugby formed as an SBRO ( State Based Rugby Organization).

#15 St Pauls in Covington and West Jefferson Buccaneers played their first high school season.

#16 June 20, the Louisiana Exiles traveled to Life University to participate in the southeast R.A.S.T. (regional all-star tournament). The Exiles were composed of twenty five high school rugby players representing a host of local high schools including: Shaw, Brother Martin, Lake Area, Rummel, Jesuit, Destrehan High, West Jefferson, Catholic High (BR), and Mississippi.In pool play the Exiles defeated Florida 36-10 and lost to Tennessee 14-17. Despite losing a match in pool play, the Exiles won their pool based on point-differential. In semi-finals Exiles defeated Georgia All-Stars by a wide margin and lost the championship 21-14 to North Carolina.

#17 covered the following international rugby matches: USA vs Canada in Charleston, USA vs Uruguay in Montevideo, USA vs New Zealand Maori in Philadelphia, Las Vegas International 7s, Women’s International 7s in Atlanta, and USA vs Sacramento.