Nov. 1982-Jan 1983 Gulf Coast East Division Select Side Play

In August of 1982 Harry Laws, as manager of the team, began searching for matches for a select side representing the eastern division of the Gulf Coast Rugby Union. The photograph with this article is of letters from Kevin Kitto and Greg Cross setting a match with a Florida u-23 side for Nov. 21st, 1982, in Orlando.

On a piece of paper ripped out of a spiral bound notebook, Laws recorded the following result, “We won. Many to one try + conversion – was their first match.”

Below is the Gulf Coast Eastern Division Select Side

1. Bolton 2. Logan 3. Brink 4. McCormick 5. Jaeger 6. Graham 7.Sikon 8. Joffrion

9. Casey 10. Laws 11. Proctor 12. Stark 13. Owens 14. Montgomery 15. Owens

Reserve: McKay

As mentioned in an earlier post, these efforts to organize select side play were being made as email and cell phone technology are yet to emerge. The FCC officially approves commercial cell phone use in 1982 and by the end of the 1980’s most of the United States is covered by cell phone service. Commercial email providers appeared in the 1990’s with AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve starting in 1995.

On the piece of ripped out spiral notebook paper is information about 4 matches. The first is the above mentioned match vs Florida U-23 on Nov. 21, 1982.

The second is Dec. 12, 1982 vs Gerogia U-23 . Laws adds a note, “I wasn’t there. This is the team chosen.”

1. Bolton 2. Jones 3. Brink 4. Jaeger 5. Leyeay (sp?) 6. Graham 7.Roberts 8. Joffrion

9. Seville 10. Andrews 11. Proctor 12. Owens 13. McKay 14. Montgomery 15. McKern (sp?)

Lost 9 to 7

The following dates are recorded prior to the third match:

Jan. 16 Spring Trials

Jan. 23 Training

Jan. 29, 1983 Battle of New Orleans 1st game lost to Florida B 7-3

1. Bolton 2. Logan 3. Brendan 4. McCormick 5. Jaeger 6. Norton 7.Graham 8.Spann

9. Faust 10 Laws 11.Hifty (sp?) 12. Andrews 13. Gowing (sp?) 14. Montgomery 15. McKern

Reserve list: Parton, Bennan, Spark

There is a note, “Roberts Replaced Carryin fr INJ” at bottom of team list.

The following information is what is recorded about the 4th match on the paper and appears to be information about the Gulf Coast East Division’s second match during the Battle of New Orleans select side tournament.  “2nd game Beat Ozark”

The only players listed were: 9. Andrews 10.Laws


August 19, 1982 Paul Topper’s Select Side List

Article 3: Pulling the Select Side Players Together

The following handwritten letter from Paul Topper to Harry Laws was written on August 19th, 1982. Harry Laws was attempting to pull together a team for select side play against Florida or Georgia in the fall of 1982.

” Dear Harry,
The following players have been involved in a select-side trial. Those with an asterisk have actually played a select-side game.
Unfortunately several of the better players have left the area (Springhill College) and these have been omitted.”
Paul Topper”

List (# Editor note: Some of the handwriting makes it hard to correctly determine the spelling of names.)

Yvava prop
*Stay F/B (#name is crossed out)
Stark c
J. Van Winkle prop
Tippins w/f
*Laws ?
Noe 8

*Smith prop
*Genthon F/B
Thomas w/f

Joffrion 8
*Casey S/H
Cameron prop
Waldrop w 3/4

*Andrews F/B
*Norton prop/2nd row
** Montgomery W 3/4
Logan utility forward
Trice W 3/4
Tucker prop
P.J. 2nd row – Not know proper name
Roberts 8
White c
*Bolton prop/2nd row
*Lounen (sp?) w/f
Faust s/off
Belcher 2nd row
Holland S/H

*Roberts 2nd row
*Wright Hooker
Brendan Gowing (sp?) Back
Wally Grundlach (sp?) 8

*Patroni s/off
** White w/f
*Cleveland c
*Owens w 3/4
Brink prop
*Gendron S/H
*Sporen (sp?) w/f – captain to date

= played in a select side match
** = Eastern Rugby Union trialist

Harry Laws – Rugby Resume a/o June, 2015

Harry Laws and Rugby Documents 1982-85
June 28, 2015 by admin (Edit)
In June of 2015 I received an envelope of rugby related documents from the years 1982-85 from Harry Laws. During this time period Harry served several positions of responsibility with the Gulf Coast Rugby Football Union and with several clubs and organizations within the Union.
Below is Harry Laws rugby resume.
Rugby Resume: Harry F. Laws II, MD a/o June, 2015
Age: 67 Family: 7 grown [and living away] children
Education: BS in Chemistry, US Air Force Academy; MD, U Texas Medical School, San Antonio
Professional: Medical IT consultant and Locums Pediatricia, Col (ret), US Air Force
Rugby Activity (current and active involvement/ responsibilities are in bold) Player (flanker, scrumhalf, flyhalf)
US Air Force Academy 68-69
Hawaii Harlequins 69-71
San Antonio RFC 71-76 (elected to Hall of Fame, 2001)
Rapid City RFC 76-78
Frankfurt Americans (Germany) 78-81
All Europe Select side (SH) 80 and 81
Ft. Walton Beach RFC 81-84
AF Select Side (FH) 81
Deep South Select side (FH) 83
Clark AB RFC (Philippines) 85-87
Yokota RFC (Japan) 87-89
Started the San Antonio RFC (70), AFA Alumni RFC (72), Rapid City RFC (76), White River RFC (1999), Orchard Park HS RFC (2002), East Aurora HS women (2003), Northside women (2007), Hamilton County U-19 (2008); Carmel 7th grade women, assisted in starting Westfield HS RFC and East Aurora HS women
AFA Rugby Alumni Newsletter/E-Letter Editor 1972-1989, 2000- present
AFA Alumni Association Board Chairman 2000 – 2012; currently secretary
Founder and First Chairman, Combined Services (CS) Committee, USA Rugby, 1980-1985
CS Newsletter Editor 1980-1994
CS Treasurer 1980-2002
Air Force Director, CS Committee, 1985-1994
AF Treasurer, 1985-1992
Southern Counties Director, Texas RFU, 1972
European US Forces Union President 1981
Team Captain (AFA Alumni, San Antonio, Rapid City, Frankfurt, Ft Walton Beach)
Match Secretary (AFA Alumni, San Antonio, Rapid City, Frankfurt, Ft Walton Beach)
Club president (AFA Alumni, Rapid City, Frankfurt)
Carmel Dad’s Club Rugby Commissioner. 1997 – 2004, 2006- 2011Chairman, Indiana High School Rugby Committee, 2000 – 2004
Secretary, Indiana Rugby Football Union, 2003
Commissioner, Orchard Park Youth Rugby 2004-2006
Board member, Indiana Youth Rugby Foundation and Rugby Indiana 2008-present
Secretary, Hamilton County Rugby Association, 2008-2011
Member, USARugby Rugby Committee, 2010- present
Colorado Society 84-85
Philippines 85-87
Japan (Kanto Plains Society) 87-90
Las Vegas (S Cal and Arizona Societies) 90-92
Washington DC (Potomac Society) 92-94
Indiana referee Society member and Chairman, 94 – 2004

Western New York Rugby Referee Society 2004-2006
Indiana Referee Society member 2006- present
Chairman of the Midwest Referees Society, 94-99
USA Rugby Referee Training sub committee, responsible for certification training in the USA
Chairman 1998 -2002
Member 2002 – present
USARRA appointee to the USA Rugby Youth Committee and Youth Laws Committee 2006-2008
Midwest Referee Performance Reviewer 2005 – present
International Rugby Board Trainer, License #84, valid until 2016
International Rugby Board Medical Educator, valid until 2016
Coach Assistant Coach, AF Academy 84-85
Head Coach, Carmel High School men’s, women’s, Carmel U-15 and U-11, 1997 – 2004
U-15 (2012 and 2014) and U-13 (2013), 2014 and 2015 U-15 Girls
Coach, Orchard Park High School Rugby Club, 2004- 2006
Coaching certifications
Certified Level 200 Coach, USA Rugby 2014
Certified Level 1 Rugby Coach, USA Rugby, July 1998, Level II July 2001, 200 Level February 2014
Certified National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Education Program, November, 1998