Louisiana High School Rugby Schedule 2010

Below is the first draft of the 2010 La High School Rugby Schedule. If you have conflicts please contact the coach of the other team and work out a suitable change and then call or e-mail Gary Giepert (giepert@cox.net)  with the change and he will update the master schedule. Please work out all changes by Dec 31. The schedule becomes final as of January 1 , 2010.
For New Orleans teams all games will be at the Gretna field and the first team is the home team who is responsible the home team who is responsible for the getting the field ready and the ref.
3 NORFC High School Rugby Clinic 11am-2pm
16 Bro Martin v Jesuit 1pm
23 Jesuit v Rummel 1pm
Bro Martin @ ESA 12 noon
Bro Martin @ Lafayette 1:30pm
26 Shaw v Bro Martin 4:30 pm
30 ESA @ Rummel 10am
Shaw v LSU (B) 12 noon
2 Jesuit v Shaw 4:30pm
6 Bro Martin v White Station in Jackson 11:30 am
Shaw, Jesuit, ESA, Niceville, Alliance Round Robin in N O
9 Rummel v Bro Martin 4:30pm
23 Shaw v Rummel 4:30pm
25 Jesuit v Bro Martin 4:30pm
27 Shaw v ESA @ BR 11am
Jesuit v Niceville in Mobile 1pm
Lafayette@ Rummel 12 noon
4 Bro Martin v Shaw 4:30pm
6 Bro Martin v Niceville in Mobile 12 noon
Rummel v Jesuit 12noon
13 Jesuit @ ESA 12 noon
Jesuit @ Lafayette 1:30 pm
Rummel v Niceville @ Mobile 12 noon
Bro Martin @ Nash Bash
16 Shaw v Jesuit 4:30 pm
18 Bro Martin v Rummel 4:30pm
20 ESA v Niceville in Mobile 12 noon
Lafayette@ Shaw 12 noon
23 Rummel v Shaw 4:30pm
25 Shaw v Harvey School 4:30pm
26 Bro Martin v Harvey School 4:30pm
27 La State B-side Tournament @ ESA
8,10,13 Make up days and possible playoff dates
17 La State Championship Tournament in N O
( Top 4 teams in League)
24-25 South Regional Tournament
21-22 USA National Championships Salt Lake City Utah

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