Rugby Union World Cup

USA Fan’s 2015 World Cup Review

Thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic Ocean and six hours from the USA the 2015 Rugby World Cup receded to the East as Norwegian Air out of Gatwick chased the setting sun. When I started writing the stories about this world cup, I struggled to find a theme to unite all the separate stories in […]

10-31-15 The Greatest Team’s Final Haka

It was the day of the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final and rugby’s biggest rivalry would be played out on its biggest stage. The All Blacks seemed to have the early lead in crowd support and costuming effort. It was Halloween in London and some early Trick-or-Treaters could have been mistaken for All Blacks’ fans. […]

10-30-15 Springboks Get to 3rd Base with their Sister

The train ride through the daily dash of millions of London commuters to a drizzly Twickenham station was oddly calming. The silent swishing of newspapers was speckled with foreign chatter and strange accents that ebbed and flowed over the train’s clatter. I was on my way to Twickenham to pick up my ticket for 2015 […]

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Deep South Rugby 2015-16 Season

Nov. 25th Week #11 (Final) Goff Rugby Report Div 1 Fall College Ranking #16 LSU #24 Alabama Saturday, November 21st, an Olympic identification camp was held in Mobile, Al. Paul Holmes, USA Olympic rugby coach, and Justin Goonan, USA Jr. All American S&C coach, and Spring Hill College assistant coach, Callum Corley, held the camp […]

Ireland to play All Blacks in Chicago next year

Ireland to play All Blacks in Chicago next year The Irish Times has reported that Ireland will play the All Blacks in the US for the first time. Ireland last took on New Zealand in November 2013. By Gerry Thornley The Irish rugby team is to break new ground by playing New Zealand in Chicago […]

Higgins Ashes to be Spread on Favorite Pitches

Expanded Old Boy Division Expected at Nov. 7-8 Battleship Tourney Organizers are expecting a larger contingent of Old Boy teams at the Nov. 7-8 Battleship Invitational Tourney at Battleship Park in Mobile. Many are attending as a final farewell to Montgomery, ORB and Gypsy rugby player Gene Higgins. Gene died earlier this year and requested […]

New Orleans Masters Rugby Tournament switches from spring to fall in 2016

In an effort to provide the best experience possible, the New Orleans Rugby Football Club has made the decision to change the dates of its annual old boys tournament from the spring to the fall. The tourney, officially the New Orleans Masters Rugby Tournament, will be held in City Park in New Orleans, a little […]

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