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Aug. 9, 2017 USA 24-Italy 12 When is Just Winning Not Enough?

Sometimes it is not about winning or losing but about how much you won by. In their first pool match of the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup the USA Eagles defeated Italy 24-12. In the women’s world cups there are 3 pools of four teams. Four teams go through to the knock-out (semi-final) round. The […]

May 28, 2016 Pete Steinberg on 7s, 15s, & Pathways to Future

Following the USA Women 7s’ team first two pool matches at the Clermont 7s Tournament (26-7 loss to England & 12-10 loss to Spain), spoke with Pete Steinberg who is USA Women’ 7s’ assistant coach & head coach for USA Women 15s. What are you saying to the team now? Steinberg: In terms […]

USA Fan’s 2015 World Cup Review

Thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic Ocean and six hours from the USA the 2015 Rugby World Cup receded to the East as Norwegian Air out of Gatwick chased the setting sun. When I started writing the stories about this world cup, I struggled to find a theme to unite all the separate stories in […]

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Robert Markel Cup Kicks-Off 2nd Season

The first Robert Markel Cup was won by NOLA Green on Dec. 31st, 2016, in their 65-12 victory over Crescent City Blues. The second season opened on Sept. 2nd, 2017, with 6 teams competing for the … [Read More...]

2016-17 Deep South News

2016-17 Deep South Rugby Articles 8/31/17  Pete Maud Died (1938-2017) Pete was a major influence on the development of rugby in Louisiana and the Deep South. Link to his history of Deep … [Read More...]

History of Deep South Rugby

A Brief History of Deep South Rugby

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