April 14, 2012 French Quarter Fest Over 50 & Tulane Reunion

This is a link to Craig Boudreaux’s photos from the tournament:
Billy Goodell’s Thanks to Everyone
Hey, it's just around the corner!!!!!!

Seriously, thanks to all who attended;  to all who couldn't we missed ya.
Over 50 rugby lives because of you guys. 

Everyone in this email list contributed to the success of last weekend,
 by participating as players, coaches, spectators in the rain,
even the wankers and poofters by giving us somebody to call that.

Next 50+ competition event that i know of is Saranac Lake NY in August. 

Aspen Ruggerfest in mid September. Roy Brewer, address above,
is the organizer of the Florida Old Boys. Drop Roy an email if you have any interest. 

After Aspen is Battleship Tournament in Mobile in November.
I will followup with more on Battleship as it gets closer. 

Stay safe and in touch as appropriate.
Pete Maud's splendid article chronicling the early years of La. rugby can be viewed
on this website www.deepsouthrugby.net .
Pete, amazing that you had the foresight to do it.
BUT, in the peer review process I must make one correction,
 CC played NORFC in fall of 1973. I know because I was there for NORFC.
I know it was fall 1973 cause fall 1973 was the only time I ever played for NORFC
(until AFTER the 2011 CCRFC/NORFC reunion bury the hatchet match.... which in case
you didn't know or knew and forgot, CCRFC won). I distinctly remember playing wing
against Don Evans (and tackling him) at that Metairie pitch on river road by Clearview.
I specifically recall that he had to readjust the height of his socks after.
Thanks for starting this.
 Billy Goodell
Jim Richeson’s Tribute to Tulane Reunion
Great to see that some things just do not change – particularly the personalities on the rugby team and the fine food in New Orleans.
Jack, as always you did a great rendition of the Pied Piper calling all of the Old Boys to town, and thank you for all the fine organization and the obvious effort involved. Also thank you for bringing Donna, as it makes looking in your direction much more pleasurable.
Crosby, if only I had known what a good dancer you were the redhead may have had no chance from the start. My dance card is yours. It was a treat to see the wait staff doubled over in laughter watching our antics.
Cave, you need to step outside of yourself more and tell us exactly what you are thinking without holding all the good stuff in. Many laughs thank you. Speaking of many laughs & good to see you: Henry, Bielski, Sumo, Vincent(would have given you last two bigger hugs at Manalis had I realized would not see you at Commanders).
A major tip of the hat to the real Old Boys: Mr Father Rugby of New Orleans, Peter Maud, who at Baton Rouge vs LSU playing fullback for NORFC executed one of the most devastating tackles I ever witnessed, Bob Edmonson who deftly slipped a bill to the musicians at Commanders for going along with our shenanigans, and Fred King who has been keeping TU students & ruggers out of central lock-up for years.
And the only downer of the weekend, was that Ty tore his biscep, again. Our Rock of Gibraltar in the scrum. Heal quickly dear friend.
Many others should name but here in Quarter drinking milk punch at Brennans and still need to pack for later afternoon flight and maybe let the wife take advantage of me…again…and again.
Parting words:
Couple married 40 years watching a beautiful sunset while sharing a bottle of wine. Wife says, ?I love you so much, I don?t know what I would do without you.? Husband says, ?Kinda sounds like the wine talking.? Wife replies, ?I was talking TO the wine.?
Looking forward to next rendez-vous.
Jim Richeson

Joe Schwartzel’s Thanks to Jack Adams & Billy Goodell
Great Weekend and special thanks to Jack Adams and Billy Goodell for all of the organizational work, a labor of love.  I won’t wait another 39 years for the next one, although my knee and shoulder are reminding me why I stopped active playing in 1976.  Meet a guy at the airport Sunday on the way out that had played for a Memphis team, he agreed with Crosby’s Rule, never play with people who want to win.  He agreed it was a great tournament.
Joe Schwartzel
Subject: MARCH 13 UPDATE French Quarter Fest Over 50
and Tulane Rugby Reunion April 14 2012
Date : Tue, 13 Mar 2012 10:38:25 -0500
Les Vieux Garcons cinquante plus sont:
Lester Duhe, Tim Falcon, Billy Goodell, Jerry Gallion, Ron Gibbs, Jack Biven, Mike Kerrigan, J.R. Venedetto, Tom Crosby, Fred King, Chris Gillen, Sam Farnet, Sam Brock, Bob Markel, Gary Giepert, Paul  Lachin, Phil Lachin, Ed Land, Bob Scully, Randy Traylor, Robert Socha, Bob Jones, Wally Ferrara, Don Boyd, Earl Bollinger, Skip Rizzo, Joe Guinta, Geo Morris, Nemo, Steve Sallman,Ty Yokum, Dave”The Eagle” Moore (32).
Les  Hommes Bigarre a/k/a Les Bons Baissers cinquante plus sont:
Mike Sweetnam, Bob Causey, Paul Monier, Robert Preston, Lars Grenade, John Howe, Mitchell Wood, Steve Loffy, Art Shelley, Tim Joffrion, Rob Ackerman, Ridge Jones, Joey Husband, Scott McClean, Doug Bryant, Henry Roop, Jerry Razer, Steve McGinity, Bill Dillard, Phil Aucoin, Keg Roberts, Steven “Mini Mumbles” Moore, Dean Wood, Henry Hemstead,  Sam Hyde, David “Crawfish” Cottrell, Dale Wood, Nigel Dingwall, Ted Hughes(29)
Wankers and Poofters (formerly OUTS):
Tommy Martin(delayed honeymoon in Costa RIca), Jeff Larkin, Dan McCleod (making money), Ted “Karloff” McGehee(niece’s wedding in Charlotte NC), Mike Riley, John Long, Dave Flotte (can’t not drink), Gene Higgins (coaching playoffs) Cesar Lamonaca (50th college reunion), Doug Watkins(a/k/a the Scmulchkin from Nantucket….baby sitting).
Spectators in the Rain:
Bob Uhrann, Brian Foster, Fran Thompson(knee surgery recovery), Bill Merritt, Bill Schwartz, Monte Lunn (Shoulder surgery), Jack Mauer, Mike Moore, Jack Breen, Jimmy Summerour, Steve Hazel, Jim Richeson, Freddie Schwartz, Jack Adams, Jerry Cave, Henry Hahn, Timmy Martin, Mark Neeb, Dave Buck, Bob Edmundson, Pete Maud, Ronnie Virgets,Joe Schwartzel.
On Apr 4, 2012, at 1:05 PM, “william goodell” wrote:
we got a full schedule with 35ers, total of 12 matches and I figured as home team we should have to play first, instead of making travelers go first. Also if we want to play right before D1 match , and get spectators and glory, we have to go at 1, starting later makes that not work.
If you , the podnuh, get there right at 9:00kickoff I’m cool.
On Apr 4, 2012, at 12:56 PM, Jr Vendetto wrote:
Screw that 800 time way to early  redue that Billy
On Apr 4, 2012, at 12:29 PM, “william goodell”  wrote:
Vieux Garcons 50+ we are first up at 9:00 saturday, be there for 8:00
Bons Baissers, everyone playing on their team, even switch hitting Vieux Garcons, should bring a jersey . The motleys will be motley jerseys as well. NORFC Vieux Garcons will have a team jersey ; Cardinals will have their staple blue n red jersey.
The tournament over 50 play schedule:
Vieux Garcons v Virginia Cardinals 9:00
Bons Baissers v Virginia Cardinals 11:00
Vieux Garcons v Bons Baissers 1:00(on main pitch prelude to NORFC D1 side playoff match!!!!!)
We are at Gretna Pitch on the BestBank due to availability issues with City Park. go to NORFC website for directions
If you enter the following on your GPS you will get there: 841 Gretna Blvd, Gretna, LA
If you are a Vieux Garcon, or a switch hitter please get there for 8:00, bring $20 to pay your entry fee. No coins.You must pay or you will not be allowed to play, no exceptions.
Over 35 schedule to be posted on saturday . Memphis needs a prop or two, so help em out if you can . Other teams will likely want a few reserves so just ask around.
If you want check in with me and I will help hook you up with a team 35 or 50.
We could maybe rename this tournament HoFest???? I’ll do my best to make it that.
Uhrann, Brian Foster, Fran Thompson(knee surgery recovery), Bill Merritt, Bill Schwartz, Monte Lunn (Shoulder surgery), Jack Mauer, Mike Moore, Jack Breen, Jimmy Summerour, Steve Hazel, Jim Richeson, Freddie Schwartz, Jack Adams, Jerry Cave, Henry Hahn, Timmy Martin, Mark Neeb, Dave Buck, Bob Edmundson, Pete Maud, Ronnie Virgets, Rick Garey, Big Joe McFarland(too young), Jerry Malina, Omer Davis.
On Apr 8, 2012, at 12:27 PM, “william goodell  wrote:
The schedule has been revised slightly. The 50+ matches will start a little later, at 10:00 to accommodate the 35+ youngsters.We will finish at same time to allow those wanting FQF debauchery to enjoy an almost full Saturday of it. Saturday at Abita Stage is arguably the best line up for the fest.
See ya’ll Saturday,
9:00 35+ Memphis v Baton Rouge Field 1
9:00 35+ NORFC v Texas XXX Field  2
10:00 50+Vieux Garcons v Va Cardinals Field 1
11:00 35+ NORFC v Memphis Field 1
11:00 35+ Baton Rouge v Texas XXX Field 2
12:00 50+ Vieux Garcons v Bons Baissers Field 1
1:00  35+ Championship Field 1
1:00 50+ Bons Baissers v Va Cardinals Field 2
2:00 35+ Consolation  Field 2
1:55 Award ceremony on Field 1 immediately BEFORE NORFC GREEN match
2:00 NORFC Green v Brevard D3 Playoff Match Field 1
3:30 NORFC Purple v Navy Ship, Field 1
20 min halves, 35+ championship 30 min halves.
Schedule is in a state of Flux. Will finalize and send out when done.
I incorrectly referred to the Texas 35+ squad as the Texas XXX, a former participant in FQF Rugby. It is instead the Texas ROT (Republic of Texas)
WEATHER FORECAST 10% chance of rain thursday through Sunday, low 71 high 83, conditions favorable for Halter Tops.
All take note. I have loosely “assigned ” players to the NORFC Vieux Garcons squad vs the Motley Bons Baissers to allocate sufficient numbers for two full teams with adequate reserves. I did this based on a “did you ever play for NORFC or Crescent City” criterion…not just whore out for a match or two at a tournament but were you ever actually a part of the NORFC/CCRFC squad. THIS IS NOT CAST IN STONE. Anyone who wants to play for both will not be prevented from doing so if they wish to. i will try to play for both squads . So will others , like JR, Dean Wood. However, we will try to preserve the separate identity of the two squads to some degree. Battleship is bringing 10 or so players, so the motley squad will have a strong Mobama contingent. I think the way the two squads “divided” is pretty good from a competitive standpoint. Each side has some very strong players. I don’t see it as one team is so much stronger than the other.
Tulane Rugby is having its reunion, and to the extent possible we want to allow them to put all of their guys together on the pitch at the same time for a least a part of one match. We will figure that out Saturday, but I am thinking that will more easily be accomplished in the Vieux Garcons v Bons Baissers match.
Finally, in the spirit of honesty, integrity, and USA rugby rule compliance mandates (you say: “what, is this the Goodell i used to know???”), if you play over 50, you must have your 49th birthday ON or BEFORE April 14th, 2012. i know there is a tendency to want to put in ringers who are not quite of age. We shouldn’t be doing that. i will be checking IDs at the pitch to make sure of your age when you sign up. I will do the same for Virginia. If a player is close in age, a “waiver” from the other squad’s captain can usually be obtained.
Remember, bring $20 to play, no pay no play. If you are already playing on an over 35 squad you only have to pay $ 10 to play 50+ as well.
We wil have 3 kegs of Abita Amber at the pitch. Hopefully that should last till time to migrate to the fest. The beer is free, but donations to support New Olreans 50+ rugby will be accepted at the beer dispensary.
WE will also be selling T shirts . There is a limited number so buy them as soon as you get there if you want one.
OK, I got my court work finished so i’ll catch ya’ll early friday at Abita Beer Stage . Rally point to be designated by GPS coordinates and if I can get my shit together , a balloon cluster. No not making it out of magnum condoms.
Attached is final schedule of match play saturday. First Over 50 match is at 9:00. Vieux Garcons v Virginia. Then it’s Bon Baissers v Vieux Garcons at 11:00, followed by Les Bons Baissers v Virginia at Field 1 right before the NORFC playoff match against Brevard.
Is Everbody Ready?
I Have NOT HEARD anything from: Johnny Braun,Laird Canby(can’t begin to imagine what his excuse is),Bob Edmundson(I am just assuming he will be there),Chuck Brent,Randy Wyckoff, Rick Roselli, John Jostrand, John Howe(but I’ve heard he is playing), Rankin Tippins, Stanley Smith( I am hoping he shows his face), Pat Dial, Chip Valente, and Jim Beskin.
LOCALS IN ATTENDANCE: Fred King(playing), Bob Ancira(playing), Mark Bielski, Tom Crosby(playing), Bill Schwartz, Bob Edmundson, Bob Urann, Stanley Smith, Nobu Hiyashi, and Billy Goodell
Those  that are NOT COMING: David Taylor, Doug Watkins, Tad Daniels, Ray Hunting, Doug and Chris Ross, Mike Rinella, Tom Sprott, Peter Burns, and Joe Hoffman
ARRIVALS:  Bill Merritt, Vincent Dobbs, Bob Preston(playing), Greg Eaton, Jerry Cave, Jim Richeson, Jim Summerour, Steve Salliman(playing), Dan Anderson, Tyrone Yokum(playing), Mitch Wood(playing), Henry Hahn, John Howe(playing), Karl Ellins, Mark Wagner, Peter Maud, Rick Garey, John Bretz, Joe Schwartzel(playing), and Jack Adams
If I forgot anyone or your plans have changed please let me know
Thursday and Friday Evening—-The Irish House (Highly recommended by King and Crosby)
Restaurant and Bar
1432 St. Charles at Melpomene (it’s on the streetcar line)
6pm till ?
On Friday, after the Irish House, I made a reservation for 16 at 9:00 at Tujague’s in the Quarter (823 Decatur), if you are interested let me know.
Saturday—Rugby Day!!  We need to get out there and support the guys playing!
The Tournament is on the fields in Gretna (Google: 841 Gretna Blvd, Gretna LA.). It’s 5 minutes after you cross the bridge.
All halves are 20 minutes
See Billy Goodell’s schedule above for match times on Saturday
Saturday night I made reservations for up to 20 people at 7:00 at Pascal’s Manale ( 1838 Napoleon). I figured it’s early enough to still get to the Quarter for a night of music. If you are interested let me know.
Sunday Brunch at Commanders Palace(1403 Washington Ave) 10:30 AM. I have reservations for King(2), Adams(2), Cave(1), Dobbs(2), Hahn(2), Crosby(2), Summerour(1), Richeson(2), Sallman(2), Maud(2), Wagner(2), Preston(1) and maybe’s from Schwartz(2) and Merritt(2). If anyone else wants to come let me know ASAP.
For those of you interested in the French Quarter Fest Music the following are recommended by Billy Goodell:
Papa Grows Funk, 5:45-7:00 Abita Beer Stage
Rebirth Brass Band, 5:45 -7:00 Capital One Bank Stage
Charmaine Neville, 2:00-3:15 WWL TV stage
Preservation Hall-Stars, 11:00-12:15 WWL TV Stage
Joe Krown, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, and Russell Batiste jr., 4:00-5:30, Abita Beer Stage
Soul Rebels, 7:45-9:00, Captal One Stage
Bonerama, 7:30-9:00 Abita Beer Stage
SATURDAY: Abita Beer Stage(afternoon and night)….best music line-up of the festival.
3 free kegs of beer at tournament, Abita Amber no less!!!

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