DeepSouthRugby.Net … Year 5: Dream Achieved

DeepSouthRugby.Net … Year 5: Dream Achieved
The original scheme behind this website was to use it to get press credentials to the 2007 World Cup. I can just imagine now some French media person sitting by a computer scoffing at our application while sipping wine and puffing on a Disque Bleu. Since inception though we have tried to embrace a mission to develop and maintain a history of rugby in our region. With the help of many contributors this mission is being achieved. Continue to send us news of your teams, teammates, and tournaments. This year we suffered a brief set-back when our site crashed and all files were lost. We have since rebuilt the site (Thanks to Michelle, Fran’s wife) and are hopefully making it better. We’re adding a feature to archive team photos. If you have photos of a Deep South team you would like included, send to the email address below.
Last summer DeepSouthRugby.Net traveled to New Jersey to be some of the handful of spectators to watch the USA Eagles outplayed by France A (see report in 2010-11 Articles) in the Churchill Cup Finals. Although we had no press credentials, the stadium was so empty we moseyed into press seats on the midfield line with plenty of room to stretch out. We had enough beer down us that we were well impressed with our faux-official press status. Early this year I filed the forms to get press credentials to the World Cup. At first we were denied, but after an appeal and some help from former Tulane rugby player and rugby media personality John Howe, we received word that the New Zealand World Cup Media Center has approved our request for press credentials. Go figure!? Anyway … DeepSouthRugby.Net will be there from the first match on September 9th thru the finals on Oct. 23rd with a regular blog, interviews, and opinions on the greatest rugby tournament of them all.
If you are planning to be in New Zealand for the tournament, send us an email ( . It would be great to meet up and share world cup experiences over some New Zealand libations.
Cheers, Croz

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