New Orleans Rugby Foundation Bi-Annual Meeting Notes – December 28th, 2011

The third New Orleans Rugby Foundation Bi-Annual meeting took place on Wednesday, December 28th, at noon at Matt Murphy’s Irish House. This lunch meeting was open to anyone interested in the growth and improvement of rugby in the New Orleans area. The meeting was attended by approximately 20 members.

 The following topics were discussed:

I . Youth Rugby
A. Coaches
Requests was made to find volunteers to help Laura with coaching with this youth program. There were no volunteers at the meeting but we will keep looking. ( This was an overriding theme of this meeting Coaches needed and no volunteers available.)

II. High School Rugby
A. New Teams
There are four new teams in the Deep South High School League: Lake Area, Audubon, Baton rouge and South Mississippi. In addition, the principal at West Jefferson and the principal at the New Orleans Military and Maritime School have asked us to start a team. Tim falcon pointed out that Charter Schools in the New Orleans area are eager to start rugby clubs, see Lake Area and NOMMA above.
B. Field Usage Fees
As with last year there will be a $250 fee per team for field usage to help defray the costs of maintaining the two rugby fields in New Orleans.
C. Exposure to Men’s team
Ways were discussed to introduce high school players to the NORFC to promote good will. We will try to schedule two days of rugby to do so and have NORFC players make guests appearances at high school practices.
D. Days of Rugby
We will attempt to have two Days of Rugby at Pan Am Stadium on March 24 and April 21. Pan Am is available on March 24 and April 21 and is reserved for those dates.
E. Coaches
Coaches for Rummel, to help Buck were sought. It was suggested that some of the Rummel grads could help. Jarrett Falcon will speak to current members of the club who played for Rummel to see if they can help.
F. New Club Packet
Conrad Breit suggested the New Orleans Rugby Foundation prepare a ready made packet to give to high schools interested in forming a club. He was immediately put in charge of the task.
III. College Rugby
A . Coaches
Coaches for UNO and Southeastern were sought to re-energize these programs. Tim Falcon volunteered with the help of Geoff Ormsby and Seyi to talk to these universities to see if they would hire rugby knowledgeable teachers to form and coach a rugby club.
B. Exposure to Men’s team
Loyola may try to participate in the days of rugby and socials where the Men’s club and members of UNO, Tulane and Loyola were suggested. Geoff Ormsby suggested a few joint practices.

IV. Women’s Rugby
The Women’s rugby club is looking for coaches as well.

V. Men’s Rugby
A . Forwards Coach
The Men’s Rugby Club is looking for a full time forward’s coach. Steve Hazel was mentioned as a possibility but not a realistic one.
B. Communication, Schedules, Liaisons with other Rugby entities in the city
C. Referees
The need for referees was stressed in light of the expansion of rugby in the New Orleans area. Sam Brock suggested college students who have time and need cash. He will contact Steve Parrill to discuss this possibility.
D. Days of Rugby
See above.
E. Old Hickory
Old Hickory made a requests through Jim Hotard for the Rugby Foundation to pay for a set of jerseys for Old Hickory. The Rugby Foundation funds have been used exclusively for fields and associated facility (locker room) improvements. Each clubs equipment and uniforms are its responsibility.

VI. Fields
The Gretna field and the City Park field have been planted with Winter Rye seed and fertilized. Lobb’s Agricultural is presently doing the work and the Foundation spends approximately $7500 on these two fields to keep them seeded, fertilized and sprayed with herbicide. Mike Kerrigan will check with Glenn Bagert, a former player to see if he can do this work cheaper.

VII. Finances
Presently the New Orleans Rugby Foundation has a balance of $2300. Its only income is field usage fees and its expenses are the maintenance of the fields which runs about $7500 a year. Sam Farnet is trying to get the Azby Fund to donate funds to Gretna and City Park to pay for field maintenance.

VIII. Rugby Commissary Inc.
The NORFC is a 19% owner of the Rugby Commissary Inc. which owns the building at 2802 Belle Chasse Hwy. The building is rented to Ricky Templet who operates the Rugby Pub and Le BonTemps Catering from there. The building is fully paid for and the taxes have been paid this year. A new lease has been signed for 2012.
Gary Giepert

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