2012-13 Deep South Rugby Conference Collegiate All Stars & Season Rankings

The following college athletes playing in the Deep South Rugby Conference were selected as conference All Stars for the 2012-13 season:

University of West Florida

Nate Swartz, Charles Phillips, Alex Bartlett

Springhill College

Chris Montgomery, Tommy Campbell,

University of South Alabama

Gabe Torres, Hanno Bartsch, David Fillingim, Stephen Alexander

Troy University

James Mathews, Cruise Young, Josh Harrison, Eric Milner

Louisiana Tech

Aaron Gootzeit, Tyler Wright

A  few players were added late and we have not received those names yet(5/24/13) .

The Deep South Rugby Conference formed in 2011 as the Division 3 Bayou League morphed into the East and West Divisions of the Div. 2 NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization).

The following are the 2012-13 season ranking for Deep South Rugby Conference:

1. University of West Florida

2. University of South Alabama

3.Tulane University

4.University of Louisiana – Lafayette

5. Loyola University

6.Troy University

7. Spring Hill College

8.Louisiana Tech

9. University of Southern Mississippi



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