April 6, 2013 Louisiana/Deep South High School Championships

March 29,2013 Hopefully, this is the final schedule:

Thursday April 4th Br Martin v Lake Area 4:30pm at Gretna Field
Thursday April 4th Shaw v Jesuit 6:00pm at Gretna Field

Saturday April 6th:
10am Jesuit Blue v Audubon ( 25 minute halves)
11am Loyola 7’s and Youth Rugby
noon Jesuit Blue v Mississippi ( 25 minute halves)
1:30pm New Orleans v Memphis (40 minute halves)
3:30pm Audubon v Mississippi ( 25 minute halves)
4:30pm Cup Consolation (30 minute halves)
6:00pm Cup Championship (30 minute halves)
7:30pm New Orleans v Atlanta (40 minute halves)

9am -10am Jesuit Blue
10am-11am Loyola
11am-noon Audubon
noon – 1pm N.O. Gold
1pm – 2pm Mississippi
2pm-3pm Lake Area
3pm-4pm Jesuit White
5pm-6pm Br Martin
6pm -7pm N.O.Old Boys
7pm-8pm Shaw


NEW New PROPOSED SCHEDULE: based upon imput from Audubon and Mississippi and sent out by Gary Giepert on 3/21/13
> all games to played at Pan Am Stadium
> 10am             Jesuit Blue v Audubon           ( 25 minute halves)
11am             Loyola 7’s and Youth Rugby
> noon             Jesuit Blue v Mississippi         ( 25 minute halves)
> 1:30pm         New Orleans v Memphis         (40 minute halves)
> 3:30pm         Audubon v Mississippi              ( 25 minute halves)
> 4:30pm         Cup Consolation                      (30 minute halves)
> 6:00pm         Cup Championship                   (30 minute halves)
> 7:30pm         New Orleans v Atlanta              (40 minute halves


The following is Gary Giepert’s vision for 2013 Louisiana/Deep South High School Rugby Championship as expressed by email March 10, 2013:

If Niceville is in the top four this year, and it looks like they will be , this is what I envision for April 6th since in all likelihood we will not be able to play the Cup semis early:

9am  Cup Div 1 v 4
10am Cup Div 2 v 3
11am Bowl Div 1v 4
12 noon Bowl Div 2 v 3
1:30pm New Orleans playoff game (NORFC A v Atlanta Renegades)

3:30pm Cup Consolation
4:30pm Bowl Consolation
5:30 pm Bowl Championship
6:30pm Cup Championship

All of high school games will be 25 minutes except the Cup Championship which will be 30 minutes.  Please give me your feed back.

If you finish in the top four you certainly can be in the Cup division.  Lori told me a few weeks ago that you were combining with Miss to put a team in.  Is that no longer the case.

Gary J. Giepert

Doc Frisbee ( coach of Niceville) wrote on March 9, 2013
> We are making a commitment to come to NOLA for the st. tourney April 6.  We are changing our match with shaw for april 20th.  Is it possible for us to be put in the upper four tour grouping for the st. champ.  Plus  can you change the name to the deep south hs championship??

Niceville  beat Mississippi 39 to 10 on March 9th.

The high school league standings as of March 9th.
Team                W                 L                   T
Shaw                 5                  0
Br Martin            6                  1
Niceville              3                  2
Lake Area           2                  2                  1
Jesuit White        2                 2                 1
Mississippi           2                 3
Audubon              1                 3
Jesuit Blue            0                3
ESA                       0               4

Email from Gary Giepert April 12, 2013

After adding in Conrad Breit’s check here is the accounting for the April 6th Championship day:

REVENUES Gate and T-shirt sales                                               6585


Royal Honda                500

Paul Miniclear              500

Giepert Law                 250

Deep South Rugby      250

Breit Marine Services  250

Planet Beach              100
TOTAL                                                                  1850

Team Payments:                                                         675

(This includes $100 FROM Lake Area which I am still waiting on.)

TOTAL REVENUE                                                                                                     9110

EXPENSES City Park – Pan Am Rental                                   1500

Outback Specialties – T-shirts                                 765 Referees                                                                 610

Original Bank                                                          300

TOTAL EXPENSES                                                                                                  3175
NET PROCEEDS                                  $5935

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