Louisiana Organizes to Become SBRO

Below is part of an email from Paul Miniclier asking for input on an application to USA Rugby to become a recognized State Based Rugby Organization

Coaches & Others,     Please find below this email my cut at a draft of the Louisiana SBRO application . I would appreciate you reviewing it and providing any comments for incorporation into the application.    I have assumed that we have no opposition to the formation of an SBRO under USA rugby. If you do, please state so and your reasons.     I am forming a La. non-profit with Tim Falcon as our President. Objections??? I will apply for federal and state tax exempt status. We will need to elect other officers and committee heads at first meeting which will be arranged in near future, including tele access for those out of town. We will also start working on set of by-laws. I intend to borrow heavily from other SBROs who have been around awhile.     Basic structure: 1) exec. committee- officers and heads of committees; 2) group committees- high school and rookie rugby (each head coach will be on each committee)     3) fund raising 4) finance and Others??????     Initially, we were not going to charge any fees for SBRO for this year but we will need to discuss next years fees for running group- staff??,tourneys etc.     Also, what is our name??? “Louisiana Rugby” of “Louisiana Youth Rugby”? Most states use one of these two versions.     I look forward to putting this together in final form asap ansd sending to USA Rugby next week. Sorry for the delay, surgery was a _itch.         Later, Paul Miniclier

Louisiana SBRO Application

1) No. of High school teams(single school) – 6 ( Shaw, Jesuit, Rummel, Bro. Martin, Lake Area,

West Jeff..

2) No. Of High school teams (multi school)- 2- (Audubon and Lafayette)

3) no girls teams

4) one youth team

5) college ??????? (LSU, Tulane, Loyola, LaTech) Others?????

6) Mens- NOLA—Who else is active???????

7) Main emphasis of current organizational structure in the region?

“In the past, Deep South has help provide referees and tournament support for all levels

of rugby. We have had no interaction with newly formed True South Rugby Union.”

8) Description of how and when youth rugby was created in Louisiana.

“In 2000, a group of current and former players for NOLA Men’s club started organizing

high school rugby at four New Orleans area parochial schools, Shaw, Jesuit, Rummel and

Brother Martin. These teams were and are club based organizations at these schools with

differing levels of support from the schools.”

9) What are the surrounding rugby governing bodies?

“Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas”

10) Do you hold a state championship and when?

“Yes, mid- April”

11) “Of the organizational stakeholders, which have bought into the SBRO? Please elaborate on

their level of buy in and provide examples”

THIS IS A DRAFT—“ All current high school and youth teams in Louisiana support the

formation of an SBRO. Each team has committed to assisting in the formation of the

organization to strengthen and grow youth rugby at all levels. Examples of this commitment

include providing coaching clinics, conducting PE classes at interested schools, raising of funds

for supporting the growth.”

12) Do we have anyone who does not support the idea of an SBRO? If so, I need to report.

13) “Please describe in detail the operational model your teams currently function under”

“The rookie rugby program is just starting and has no real structure. The High School

program is a loose organization based on the cooperation of the coaches for the teams. There is

no formal organization.” ???????Comments???????

14) “How would implementing the SBRO provide new opportunities for players and volunteers?

Please provide specific examples and outline all levels”

DRAFT—–“ The formation of a SBRO would allow for the expansion of rugby at all

levels beyond the current structure by allowing a common contact point, standard protocol for

formation of new teams, coaching training, player training, and standards of conduct. A SBRO

would allow new teams and/or players to have one source for all information about youth rugby

in the state. The implementation would allow for the hiring of a full time coordinator or staff to

promote rugby and assist in the expansion of the organization.”??????Comment??????

15) “Please list some challenges/weaknesses your programs face and your plans for overcoming


DRAFT—-“One of the challenges is breaking through the tradition of football in

Louisiana and the resistance of most high school coaching staffs to allowing their players to

participate in rugby. Another challenge is the perception that, since rugby does not use pads and

helmets, it is more dangerous than football. With the current trend toward charter schools in

Louisiana and the fact that many of these schools do not yet have any sports programs, we intend

to first focus on these schools and promote the formation of rugby 7s squads which, in turn, will

feed into the full 15 sides. Also, we will start a rookie rugby program to expose children and their

parents to the benefits of rugby and educate them about rugby safety.”????Comments????

16) “List your growth expectations. Please provide concrete, measurable numbers such as

number of new teams developed, number of coaches certified, number of schools visited, number

of clinics” One year goal, Five year goals and Ten year goals.


One Year Goals:

Set up organization with formation of committees for High School and Rookie Rugby, as

well as funding raising and other necessary committees. Have all current and new coaches

certified. Form two or more Rookie Rugby teams in greater New Orleans area. Visit six or more

middle or elementary schools to conduct PE classes or meetings to expand Rookie Rugby. Visit

four or more high schools to conduct PE classes or meetings to form new 7s or full side teams.

Hold one or more coaches clinics and two or more player clinics. Become level two SBRO.

Five Year Goals:

Expand Rookie and High School rugby to all major metropolitan areas of the state by

contacting each high school, middle school and elementary in each metropolitan area and

coordinating PE classes and/or meetings for formation of 7s and full side teams. Depending on

size of area, the goal is to have at least two high school level teams and four Rookie rugby teams.

Have a coaches and players clinic in each area. Have all coached certified. Expand rugby season

to both fall and spring with 7s in fall season and full side in spring. Have fall and spring

tournaments, beyond state championships. Become level four SBRO.

Ten Year Goals:


17) Volunteer support:

For those of you volunteering to be part of SBRO, I need names, and professional & rugby backgrounds. Since each head coach at all levels will be part of a committee for that group, please provide me with brief resume. I need same info for all other  volunteers.

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