Higgins Ashes to be Spread on Favorite Pitches

Expanded Old Boy Division Expected at Nov. 7-8 Battleship Tourney

Organizers are expecting a larger contingent of Old Boy teams at the Nov. 7-8 Battleship Invitational Tourney at Battleship Park in Mobile. Many are attending as a final farewell to Montgomery, ORB and Gypsy rugby player Gene Higgins. Gene died earlier this year and requested that his ashes be spread across many of the rugby pitches that he played upon. Many Old Boys who played with and against Gene will be in Mobile for the tourney.
Paul Ivey has posted on Facebook details surrounding “Gene’s Machine” at the tournament. The goal is to make this a memorial and worthwhile event “which includes benefits to Jennifer as well as memories for ourselves.” Ivey is producing jerseys for the tourney (cost is $45 per shirt). Paul is also producing t-shirts and hats to help Jennifer with her expenses. Contact Paul at 334-799-1061 for more info.

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