Plans for LA/Deep South Youth Rugby 2017-18

On Jul 6, 2017, Gary Gieper wrote, “With our General Meeting coming up in August, I am trying to gauge how many high school teams we will have in the La/Deep South High School League next year.

Will Niceville and Mississippi be able to field a team next year? What about Shaw, West Jeff, NOMMA, Lake Area, Warren Easton, Shreveport or Capt Shreve?

Can we get a high school team started at Holy Cross? Can we resurrect a team at Rummel or De La Salle? Can we get a high school team started in Baton Rouge, Lafayette or Alexandria?

I would also like all high school teams to try to form a middle school team for their 8th and 9th graders. I tried at Br Martin last year but failed. I will try again this year.

Scully, Dan Falcon and D J has told me he plans on resurrecting West Jeff and /or Shaw. Francis Mayer has told me he plans to start a team at Catholic in Baton Rouge.
Matt Austin replied:

“I met with Holy Cross admin. They will be under Barbarians again and we hope to add middle school. I’m setting up a meeting with Frank and their admin.

I’m working on St Aug and I’ll reach out to my contacts at Lake Area about resurrection.”

Sam Brock replied,”Shreverport would be interested in the middle school division if it is 6th through 8th but not if it includes 9th grade. Middle schools here are 6th through 8th grade and would have to draw  9th grade from high schools and those players would not be interested. SHARC from Shreveport will have a high school team but is currently not planning to compete in the high school league but is open to scheduling matches with anyone interested.

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