French Quarter Fest Rugby Tournie 2014

OK here is the official schedule for Saturday. Everyone be there ready to go at 10 so we can get organized!!! Bring a NOLA jersey, if you don’t have one, something a purple, gold or green.  Billy Goodildo



  1. Virginia Cardinals
  2. New Orleans Vieux Garcons
  3. Wild Geese (D.C. Area)
  4. Connecticut Greys
  5. Knoxville Possums
  6. Semiahmoo Old Boys (Vancouver, BC)



Friday Night Social:  6:00pm – 9:00pm and located at the Irish Cultural Museum, 933 Conti Street in the French Quarter.  This is a meet-and-greet to collect tournament fees, see any schedule changes, air grievances at the Tournament Director, etc.  Website is:


Match Play:


10am:  Field A: 1 vs. 4                        11am:  Field A: 2 vs. 5                        12am:  Field A: 55+ Exhibition Match

Field B: 3 vs. 6                                    Field B: open                           Field B: open


1pm:    Field A: 3 vs. 4                        2pm:    Field A: 2 vs. 6                        3pm:    Break

Field B:            1 vs. 5                         Field B:            open


Championship Round[1]:


4pm:    Field A: Consolation Match (3th and 4th placed teams during match play)

Field B:            Consolation Match (5th and 6th placed teams during match play)


5pm:    Field A: Championship Match (1st and 2nd placed teams during match play)                                                  




6pm:                Award Ceremony — at the pitch beer tent


6:30pm:           Rugby Pub

[1] Following match play, final club rankings are determined by the Tournament Director based upon match play record then points in the event of a tie-breaker.  The Tournament Director will base all decisions solely upon each match result submitted by the monitoring Deep South Union referee.


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