Maud’s History – Part 2 – NORFC 1973-74

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 1:  Tulane University


Peter J. Maud

Part 2: The New Orleans Rugby Club:  1973 – 1974


The New Orleans club was founded in the Fall of 1973 primarily due to the fact that there were quite a large number of ruggers residing in the city who were no longer either eligible to play for the Tulane team, or having graduated from other institutions moved to the city for employment purposes. Bob Urann, Stan Smith and Peter Maud, all previous Tulane players, were the three players primarily responsible for founding the club. Others listed on the official club roster for that Fall of the first year included Fred King, Mike Martin, Barry Kennedy, Joe Hamby, Max Bishop, Charlie Monnot, Lawrence Williams, Tom Crosby, Joe Fox, John Nicol, Richard Odum, Barry Haney, Rick Fuchs, Dennis Fitzgerald, Robert Tuminello, Ken Roy, Mark Bergschneider, Richard Evans, Billy Goodell, Glen Wondergem, and Bill Cloud.

Although not listed on the roster for the Fall season, Mike Porter soon appeared on the scene and became the club coach for the next four years. A more complete description of his contributions to the club and to the state is to be found in the January 1978 edition of “Rugby” (2)

Over the next few seasons other players who became major contributors to the club included Segundo Fernandez, Bob Squires, Brian Travis, Crosby, Joe Hamby, Whit Oliver, Steve Davies, Dave Farrar, Doug Guth, Barry Johnson, Jim Rozek, Dave Jones, Harvey Hatfield, Grady Williams, Andre Pelser, Robert Markel, T. R. Rainey, and too many others to list.

New Orleans Rugby Club, 1973 – 1974 Season


A  photo  taken on September 15, 1973 immediately following the first game for the new club against L.S,U “B” team had the following team members:


Rear row left to right: Peter J. Maud, Bill Cloud, Bob Urann, Ken Roy, Tom Crosby, Max Bishop, Richard Evans, Bob Tuminello, Dennis Fitzgerald, and Glen Wondergem.


Front row: Lawrence Williams, Charlie Monnot, Barry Haney, Joe Hamby, Stan Smith, and Richard Odom.

The following are listings of games played by the New Orleans Club from Fall 1973 through Spring 1978. Data is unavailable for some seasons and any reader who is able to fill in either games played or game results is encouraged to contact the author.


Club Officers, 1973 – 1974 Season


President                                 Peter J. Maud                         Social Chairman                     Barry Kennedy

Coach                                      Michael Porter                        Treasurer                                                Charlie Monnot

Match secretary                      Lawrence Williams                 Captain                                   Bob Urann



(No match result data available.)


Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

09/15/1973              Louisiana State University “B”                Away                      

09/22/1973              Montgomery                            Home

09/26/1973              Pensacola                                 Away

10/06/1973              U. Southern Mississippi “B”    Home

10/13/1973              Tulane University                    Home

10/27/1973              Memphis                                 Away

11/10/1973              Springhill College                     Away

11/17/1973              Louisiana State University       Home

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