Maud’s History – Part 4 – NORFC 74-78

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 4:  Early NORFC Review


Peter J. Maud

In brief review of the first five seasons of club existence, it is interesting to note the increase in playing numbers as indicated by the development of a solid second team by the commencement of the 1975 – 1976 season. Probably the highlights of club occurred between 1975 and 1977 where the first team played a total of 52 games, winning 39, losing only 8, and tying 5, amassing a total of 1080 points for and only 377 against. The “B” team was equally successful during this time playing 34, winning 24, losing 7, and tying 3. The point’s differential was not quite as dramatic as they scored 501 for versus 326 against. 

This report would be incomplete without touching on some of the social aspects of the club. Perhaps one of the most notable contributions came from Bob Urann, Tom Crosby, and Dave Farrar when they founded Spilfters and Schmulchkins Rugger’s Pub on Frerret Street. This became the club HQ. It was where club members drank, sang, socialized, and even became an operating room where Dr. Stan Smith would provide free medical assistance (stitching, wound dressing etc.) to both the New Orleans club members and even to members of the opposition when requested. Stan was also famous for his 50 (well at least it seemed that long) verse rendition of “Eskimo Nell”! The choir was pretty good also! Club spirit during the early years resulted in many friendships that last until the present day.



This team photo was taken during the 1975/1976 season


Rear row, left to right: Don Gartside, Doug Guth, Richard Evans, Dave Farrar, John Nicol, Vern Peck, Jim Rozek, Steve Sallman, Peter Maud, Dave Kangha, Brian Travis, Barry Johnson, Grady Williams, Gary Boesh, Jim Trenton, Bob Squires, Dan Rodman.


Front row, left to right: Mac McCollough, Steve Davies, Tom Crosby, Lawrence Williams, Bob Urann, Harvey Hatfield,

Stan Smith, Charlie Monnot, Mike Porter, Segundo Fernandez.

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