USA Rugby South Ceases to Exist

USA Rugby South Statement of Operation
With effect from September 1, 2013, USA Rugby South will cease to exist as an operating body for overseeing rugby in the former South territory. The departure of Georgia Rugby Union to become an independent LAU and Florida Rugby Union to become a GU means no effective structure for the governance of the game, no income from constituent bodies and therefore no budget .
The Board, Kevin Kitto – President, Danita Knox- Vice President, Martin Gardner- Past President , Carly Simon- Treasurer and John Devonport – Secretary, will continue as an active Board to achieve three objectives:
Oversee select side rugby for men women and youth as required (self funded) under the USA Rugby South banner Secure and protect the reserves of the former LAUs until its dispersal in September 2014 as agreed Keep alive the Delaware Corporation under which the assets of the former South territorial union are held.

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