Capt Shreve’s First 2 Matches in New Orleans

High School Rugby action opened up this weekend with the newly formed Capt Shreve Rugby Club traveling to New Orleans to take on both Jesuit and the Barbarians. Capt Shreve started the season with a tough task of having to go against one of the oldest high school rugby teams in the state. Capt Shreve played the Blue Jays tough but Jesuit prevailed 27 – 5.

It was tired group of Capt Shreve players who had to face the Barbarians within a few hours after its first game against Jesuit and
Capt Shreve’s fatigue showed as the Barbarians rolled to a 48-0 win.

Capt Shreve has to be congratulated on starting a team and traveling to New Orleans for its first two matches. We look for good things to come from them in the future.

We now have two teams in Shreveport and one in Covington and would love to have one in Baton Rouge and one in Lafayette next year.

To keep up with the league go to Louisiana Rugby’s website.

By Gary J. Giepert

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