August 19, 1982 Paul Topper’s Select Side List

Article 3: Pulling the Select Side Players Together

The following handwritten letter from Paul Topper to Harry Laws was written on August 19th, 1982. Harry Laws was attempting to pull together a team for select side play against Florida or Georgia in the fall of 1982.

” Dear Harry,
The following players have been involved in a select-side trial. Those with an asterisk have actually played a select-side game.
Unfortunately several of the better players have left the area (Springhill College) and these have been omitted.”
Paul Topper”

List (# Editor note: Some of the handwriting makes it hard to correctly determine the spelling of names.)

Yvava prop
*Stay F/B (#name is crossed out)
Stark c
J. Van Winkle prop
Tippins w/f
*Laws ?
Noe 8

*Smith prop
*Genthon F/B
Thomas w/f

Joffrion 8
*Casey S/H
Cameron prop
Waldrop w 3/4

*Andrews F/B
*Norton prop/2nd row
** Montgomery W 3/4
Logan utility forward
Trice W 3/4
Tucker prop
P.J. 2nd row – Not know proper name
Roberts 8
White c
*Bolton prop/2nd row
*Lounen (sp?) w/f
Faust s/off
Belcher 2nd row
Holland S/H

*Roberts 2nd row
*Wright Hooker
Brendan Gowing (sp?) Back
Wally Grundlach (sp?) 8

*Patroni s/off
** White w/f
*Cleveland c
*Owens w 3/4
Brink prop
*Gendron S/H
*Sporen (sp?) w/f – captain to date

= played in a select side match
** = Eastern Rugby Union trialist

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