LSU & the SCRC 2014 Fall 15s Season

                In early September, 2014, “This is American Rugby” made the followng pre-season prediction for the SCRC West Division: West: 1) LSU 2) Alabama 3) Auburn 4) Ole Miss 5) Mississippi State

                LSU was expected to have an easy time in the west division. The incoming class had considerable talent and after a frustrating end to last year when the undefeated team lost 41-24 to South Carolina in the conference championship, the returning players were inspired to take the conference.
The Tigers had stand-out senior players Alexander Nadler who ran a strong backline
and Cameron Falcon (hooker & USA U-20 selection) lead the pack. The squad was off to a great start with a 27-5 victory over Mississippi State and a 79-15 trouncing of Georgia. On Sept. 13th after the Georgia match the season went wonky. At the social following the match an LSU player who was over 21 and his parents bought beer for other players who were over 21. The university found out. This violated university recreation sports policies and the team was suspended for the rest of the fall season. The result was LSU forfeited the rest of their matches against Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and Ole Miss.

“The team violated University policies regarding alcohol during club travel and was suspended from all club activities for a month, including forfeiture of their fall competition schedule,” said Assistant Director for Sport and Camp Programs Matthew Boyer. “Student Advocacy and Accountability has worked with LSU UREC to address the situation and educate the club members of appropriate behavior while representing LSU,” Boyer said. “The club has been cleared to begin preparing for its spring season.”

The Tigers began practice in late November to prepare for their game against St. Louis University on Jan. 17., 2015.

                The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference’s fall 15s season ended Nov. 16th with the University of South Carolina winning the championships with a 50-22 win over Alabama in the final. In semi-final play South Carolina defeated Mississippi State, 55-7, and Alabama upset
Tennessee with a 32-27 overtime victory.
SCRC Coach of the Year

SCRC 15s Rugby Coach of the Year – Evan Kaplan of Mississippi State
In 2013 Mississippi State was 0-6 in conference play. A year later they won the west division.

SCRC All Conference

First Team
1. Nathan Diggers (Georgia)
2. Patrick Hafenbriddle (Kentucky)
3. Daniel Depperschmidt (Alabama)
4. Wyatt Visca (Tennessee)
5. Zac Gorman (South Carolina)
6. Dana Corcoran (South Carolina)
7. Ryan Roper (Tennessee)
8. Shawn Branham (Alabama)
9. Brian Keown (South Carolina)
10. Kyle Burnett (Florida)
11. Luke Dyson (Tennessee)
12. Ross Depperschmidt( Alabama)
13. Simon Bedoya (Alabama)
14. Lee Bogitsh (Tennessee)
15. Tim Hamill (South Carolina)

Second Team
1. Jake Murphy (Tennessee)
2. Logan McNeil (Tennessee)
3. Roger Williams (Florida)
4. Alex Diaz (Florida)
5. Zach Mullineaux (South Carolina)
6. Mike Mahon (South Carolina)
7. Kyle Peterson (Kentucky)
8. Stephen Sheehan (Florida)
9. Jordan Speights (Mississippi State)
10. CJ Leadingham (Kentucky)
11. Stephen Beckerle (Florida)
12. Christian Hardy (Kentucky)
13. Christian Harrell (South Carolina)
14. Demarrion Haynes (Mississippi State)
15. Omar McClendon (Mississippi State)

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