New Orleans Plans Fall High School 7s

By Nick Conte
Here is a recap of the meeting from last night of the High School 7s Organizers. These are the details decided upon by those in attendance. We will shortly cover this topic at the full high school coaches meeting next Thursday.
Please pay attention to item 5 below. Our newest rugby entrepreneur, MJ Wathen, would like to have a group photo to promote the league. He hopes to have two players from each team represented in the photo. So he will bring a camera to touch rugby on Tuesday at City Park to photograph whichever players would like to be highlighted. Coaches, if you could, please pass that info on to any players you would like to see represented in that photo.
Thanks everyone,
New Business
1. Day, Time, Location, Length of Season
Day: Saturday
Time: 10am to 1pm
Location: City Park
Season: 8 Weeks
Start Date: September 20th
End Date: November 8th
We ​left the end of the season subject to change. We may have a potential change in venue for the final championship Saturday, and we may also eliminate one week to keep the wear and tear down.​ ​​
2. Royale Camp
​We will begin with 2 warm-up weekends to instruct new players and ease our way into full competition. ​These weekends will be lead by the NORFC’s Royale 7s team. Buck is in charge of coordinating the Royale’s involvement.

3. Format​
The format was selected as rec style, mix and play. However the exact breakup of players and teams will be decided when the coaches meet again after the first practice.

4. Girls Participation
We will include girls touch rugby on the condition that there are sufficient girls to participate.​ Woneata and Nick are in charge of that element. Matt will assist with Lake Area and Mount Carmel recruitment. Paul will assist with the Maritime Academy.

5. Promotion & Recruitment
MJ has volunteered to lead promotion. His first effort is a photo shoot. He would like 4 Royale players and two players from each high school represented in a promotional photo. That photo is scheduled for this coming Tuesday at City Park, 5:45pm prior to the evening touch rugby. Nick will assist with recruiting players via their coaches.

6. Registration & Safety​
Players must be registered by paying their dues to USA Rugby and Louisiana Rugby before participating. Paul is going to investigate the best possible option for us to register all players.

7. Coaches
We need to have 1 coach for every team present, so approximately a 1:9 coach to player ratio.​ We anticipate 25 players the first week. At the moment we have enough coaches, but we should always continue to recruit other interested coaches regardless.
I submitted a request today for a Level 200 Coaching course to be held Sept. 27th. This course will be for all new coaches we recruit so that they are covered before competitive play begins. This will be the only Level 200 Course offered in New Orleans for the 2014 – 2015 year. I will confirm the date when I hear from USA Rugby.
8. Referees & Other Costs
To keep costs to a minimum, we will ask for volunteer referees to officiate​ our matches. The referee society intends on having a training prior to the beginning of our play so that they may give their new recruits some experience before the 15s season.
At present there are no other costs associate with the league. Depending on developments for the championship weekend, we may ask players to bring a small amount to cover items such as food and drink.
On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Nick Conte  wrote: Afternoon Coaches,
I don’t mean to inundate you with meetings, but we’re trying to give Don lots of business.

In preparation for our full coaches’ meeting on the 28th, the small group organizing the Fall 7s season is meeting on Tuesday to discuss final details. If you are interested in being involved with the 7s season or simply want to know more, then please look to join us at the Pub at 6:30 on Tuesday.
Nick Conte

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