6-14-14 Predictions: USA v Japan to the World Cup Final

I booked a ticket to San Francisco yesterday.  I’m going out to watch the U.S.  Eagles play Canada in Sacramento on June 21, 2014. What are my expectations?

I watched Canada destroy the Eagles in the World Cup qualifying match in Charleston last summer and followed the next loss in Canada on Twitter and have since read about the matches.  Moonlight and company generally prove too much for us in  7s  and they bring that superiority when they join the 15 man squad. I’m not expecting an Eagle win.

Canada’s recent loss to  Japan doesn’t bode well for us . Japan is in our World Cup pool and was  our best shot at a win in next year’s tournament.  I’m writing this the day before Japan & USA clash in California.  Planet Rugby is predicting Japan by 8. Fellow Tulane rugby alum John, of “The Jack & Dougie Show” – rugby & Scotch whiskey specialists who is usually far more pessimistic about Eagle success than I, predicts Japan by 4, and sadly I’m predicting Japan by 12. Go Eagles! Prove us all wrong.

In an earlier article I wrote hopefully we were in a pool where we could potentially win 2 games. That was based on having once witnessed  the Eagles almost beat Samoa in a 2007 World Cup match in France  and the belief that we could beat Japan. Yikes!! Could the Eagles be winless in the World Cup?

I’m trying to put together what World Cup tickets to buy.  The knock-out round  will cost  2 quarterfinals @ 95 lbs (Can’t find the pound sign on the keyboard), 2 semifinals @ 125 lbs, bronze final @ 50 lbs (A Bargain!), and final @150 = 640 lbs ($1090). I don’t think the USA matches will sell out. Australia v Wales on Oct. 10th will be the match of the pool stages.  Right before the knock-out round begins, this match will decide who goes through for 2 teams that are currently on form to make the final. (I’m ignoring the possibility that they both beat England) . This could be the 3rd World Cup  in a row where the teams in the final come from the same pool.

The French have a way of spoiling the Kiwis’  fun when they come north.

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