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I’m guessing 1983, since Patroni is included and be didn’t play after he broke his ankle in 1984. But that would mean that’s not Smoke’s daughter in front of him, as she was then just a glint in Smoke’s eye.

P-Cola boys are Big John Harding, Mikey Owens, Fran Thompson, Smoke Carrigan, T-Bone, Dom Dimello, Carlos Diaz and Patroni. I suppose all our NAS flyboys were off winning a military tourney that weekend.

The aptly named Psycho from New Orleans.

Bear and David Van Winkle and I think the three other guys from Ft. Walton.

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Fran Thompson

Deep South Rugby Memorable Events 2013-14

This is the annual look back at the past rugby year and an attempt to list main events from the 2013-14 season. Items are in no particular order; although, NORFC going to the division 1 final would be hard to top. Please, send suggestions for other events and people that should be included to: deepsouthrugby@hotmail.com

#1 NORFC faced Life in the USA Rugby Division 1 Men’s Club National Championship Final. To get there, they defeated the Sacramento Lions 62-32 in the quarterfinals and the Dallas Reds 34-29 in the semi-final. NORFC lost 39-7 in the final. (*The national championship had something like an east and a west division this year as some top level clubs like Glendale, Seattle, Denver,  and San Francisco split off to play in a newly formed  Pacific Rugby Premiership.)

#2 Montgomery Yellowhammers made Division 3 national quarterfinals. To get there they won the inaugural True South Div. 3 title by defeating Tallahassee 60-27 and defeated Asheville 32-8 in the round of 32 and Gainesville 17-14 in the round of 16. The Yellowhammers fell 25-12 to Old Blue of NY in their quarterfinal match.

#3 Loyola (Deep South 2014 champ) defeated Sewanee 14-10 to advance to NSCRO South Championship. The captured the south championship by defeating Valdosta State 19-15 and Montclair State 43-13. In the national round of 8 Mount St. Mary’s University from Emmitsburg, MD, came from behind to defeat Loyola 24-23.

#4 Cam Falcon   (Shaw, LSU. NORFC) was selected to theUSA Men’s National 15s squad for the 2013 Americas Rugby Championship. This team competed as the USA Selects, and full international caps were not awarded. The Americans defeated Canada Select and Uruguay and lost to the Argentina Jaguars.

#5 LSU loses 50-19 to Central Florida in the round of 16 of the Division 1-AA College National Championship. Central Florida went on to defeat Arizona 64-13 in the final.

#6 NORFC players selected to play with Houston in the Elite City 7s tournament that coincided with the USA vs Scotland match in Houston in June, 2014. (* = NORFC)

Houston Sevens Roster
Will Burns, *Chance Doyle, *Adam Ducoing, Ruben Gonzalez, Kenneth Hepburn, *Bobby Johns, Pete Kanick,i Levi Kereti, Alex Miles, Connor Mills, Matt Radzavitch, Chris Saxon, Chris Slater, Brad Vaughn

#7 The New Orleans Royales  competed in the Elite division of the 2014 Las Vegas Invitational. The Royales won 2 and tied one in their pool. They beat the national side of Peru (35-0), the select side Atlantis (22-7) and tied Bahamian select side cOUScOUS (19-19). In the knock-out round they lost to Lionhearts (31-14) in cup quarterfinal and Mapleleafs (26-12) in consolation semi-final.

#8 Loyola University is ranked 8th and University of West Florida 13th by the NSCRO 2014 ranking of top 15 small college men’s 7s rugby sides.

#9 Deep South area players (*Bishop, Smith, & Moyes) are selected to play for US South Panthers vs Cayman Islands in North American Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) championship: Lucas Baistrocchi (Florida) *Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee) Waymon Cassel (Greenville) Wayne Chermely (Knoxville) Cathal Doyle (Life) Ty Elkins (Charlotte) Amro Gouda (Charlotte) Jesse Hackworth (MTSU) Chad Haynes (Knoxville) Stephen Hickey (Augusta) Jason Hinchman (Charlotte) Matt Hughston (Charlotte) Charlie Hutchings (Tampa Krewe) Chris Milledge (Charlotte) *Drew Moyes (Univ Mississippi) Ben Paul (Columbus/Fort Benning) Jesse Posnansky (Athens) Chris Sigmund (Charleston) *Brendan Smith (Birmingham) Tom Snow (Chattanooga) *Chris Scott Terrell (Montgomery) Jonathon Toombs (Nashville) David Winiarczyk (Old White).  Bishop, Moyes, and Smith were also selected to play in US South’s 33-6 win over Bermuda. Chance Doyle from NORFC was also selected for Bermuda match.

#10 Tallahassee won the south pool of Division 3 in the new True South region. Battleship placed 2nd over Okaloosa and Gulf Coast. Pensacola and Panama City did not compete. Tallahassess lost to Montgomery in True South Div 3 Finals. Tallahassee moved to Florida Union at end of 2013-14 season.

#11 Shaw defeated Brother Martin 47-22 for Louisiana/Deep South High School Championship. Because of conflicts with exams and proms, no Louisiana team participated in regional play.

#12 With effect from September 1, 2013, USA Rugby South ceased to exist as an operating body for overseeing rugby in the former south territory. USA Rugby South would continue to support select sides.

#13 New Orleans Royales (NORFC 7s side) qualified for the 2013 national club side 7s as 2nd seed from the south. Atlanta Old White defeated the Royales in the final. At the national championships in Pittsburgh on August 10th the Royales lost their 3 pool matches to Old Blue, San Fransico Golden Gate, and 1823 (Columbus) with 40 points for and 57 against. On the 2nd day the Royales went undefested to gain the Bowl trophy (9th place) . In the Bowl final they defeated 1823. At the time of writing the New Orleans Royales had qualified for the 2014 National club side 7s tournament in Seattle to be held weekend of Aug. 9-10 as South’s #1 seed by defeating Atlanta Old White 26-5 in championship of regional tournament held in New Orleans.

#14 Louisiana Rugby formed as an SBRO ( State Based Rugby Organization).

#15 St Pauls in Covington and West Jefferson Buccaneers played their first high school season.

#16 June 20, the Louisiana Exiles traveled to Life University to participate in the southeast R.A.S.T. (regional all-star tournament). The Exiles were composed of twenty five high school rugby players representing a host of local high schools including: Shaw, Brother Martin, Lake Area, Rummel, Jesuit, Destrehan High, West Jefferson, Catholic High (BR), and Mississippi.In pool play the Exiles defeated Florida 36-10 and lost to Tennessee 14-17. Despite losing a match in pool play, the Exiles won their pool based on point-differential. In semi-finals Exiles defeated Georgia All-Stars by a wide margin and lost the championship 21-14 to North Carolina.

#17  DeepSouthRugby.net covered the following international rugby matches: USA vs Canada in Charleston, USA vs Uruguay in Montevideo, USA vs New Zealand Maori in Philadelphia, Las Vegas International 7s, Women’s International 7s in Atlanta, and USA vs Sacramento.

French Quarter Fest Rugby Tournie 2014

OK here is the official schedule for Saturday. Everyone be there ready to go at 10 so we can get organized!!! Bring a NOLA jersey, if you don’t have one, something a purple, gold or green.  Billy Goodildo



  1. Virginia Cardinals
  2. New Orleans Vieux Garcons
  3. Wild Geese (D.C. Area)
  4. Connecticut Greys
  5. Knoxville Possums
  6. Semiahmoo Old Boys (Vancouver, BC)



Friday Night Social:  6:00pm – 9:00pm and located at the Irish Cultural Museum, 933 Conti Street in the French Quarter.  This is a meet-and-greet to collect tournament fees, see any schedule changes, air grievances at the Tournament Director, etc.  Website is:  http://icmnola.com/index.html


Match Play:


10am:  Field A: 1 vs. 4                        11am:  Field A: 2 vs. 5                        12am:  Field A: 55+ Exhibition Match

Field B: 3 vs. 6                                    Field B: open                           Field B: open


1pm:    Field A: 3 vs. 4                        2pm:    Field A: 2 vs. 6                        3pm:    Break

Field B:            1 vs. 5                         Field B:            open


Championship Round[1]:


4pm:    Field A: Consolation Match (3th and 4th placed teams during match play)

Field B:            Consolation Match (5th and 6th placed teams during match play)


5pm:    Field A: Championship Match (1st and 2nd placed teams during match play)                                                  




6pm:                Award Ceremony — at the pitch beer tent


6:30pm:           Rugby Pub

[1] Following match play, final club rankings are determined by the Tournament Director based upon match play record then points in the event of a tie-breaker.  The Tournament Director will base all decisions solely upon each match result submitted by the monitoring Deep South Union referee.


Louisiana Youth Rugby Growing Pains

Below is an exchange of emails regarding the evolution of youth rugby in Louisiana and some conflicting ideas related to the regions high school league and the emerging State Based Rugby Organization (SBRO). The emails are in reverse chronological order and have been edited to maintain relevant content.


March 20, 2014, from Paul Miniclier

After talking to Gary (Giepert) this a.m. the crux of these agenda item boils down to Gary’s position that the high school group should be an
autonomous group with Louisiana Rugby subject only to general USA Rugby
guidelines and my position that Louisiana high school teams are part of
Louisiana Rugby (State Based Rugby Organization SBRO) and, as such, subject to its guidance and control.    Thanks, Paul Miniclier


On 3/20/2014 from Gary Giepert

Here are the agenda items Paul wants to place on the SBRO meetings agenda.  Please see below:

Subject: Re: Agenda Items for La. SBRO Meeting
Since the high school season is nearly complete, I believe a few
interim issues need to be addressed.

1) Pending the formulation and adoption of By Laws and
Protocols/Procedures for all levels of rugby (not just high school), the
scope and authority of the High School committee to formulate its own
rules without Board approval. I propose that, until these items are
formalized, any issue from the high school committee must be submitted
to the Board for a vote. I also propose to limit voting rights on
substantive issues to Louisiana teams.

2) Pending the formulation  and adoption of By Laws and
Protocols/Procedures for all levels of rugby, the sole authority to
regulate any aspect of rugby rests solely with the Board and all
submitted items are subject to the vote of the Board.

Part of this discussion will include the pending issues
concerning the requirement for the payment of dues and enforcement of
this obligation/penalties for failure to pay dues; the enforcement of
coach certification requirement on teams; the confirmation of all rugby
team’s right to use the pitch at Harrison and Marconi in City Park; and
the disciplinary procedures for coaching misconduct.

3) Pending the formulation and adoption of the By Laws and
Protocols/Procedures, the budget year for Louisiana Rugby is the
calendar year and that the current dues structure remain in place until
these items are passed by the Board and/or members.

I will add these items to the agenda,
Regards, Paul

 On 3/20/2014 8:33 AM, from Gary:
  I would like to place the following two matters on the agenda for Tuesdays meeting:

1)    To confirm or vote on if it has not already been approved ( I thought we had voted on it and approved it at the last meeting) that in relation to high school rugby no rules, regulations, procedures, protocols, dues, assessment or anything else can be assessed by or pronounced by the La SBRO Board, any SBRO Board member or officer without it first being voted on and passed by the High School Rugby Committee.  The High School Rugby Committee shall be comprised of all High School Rugby coaches and assistant coaches with each La. team getting one vote. Non-La. will be members and have a vote regarding league issues but not regarding issues that are strictly State issues or La. SBRO issues.

2)    Any dues or assessments on high school rugby teams or players by the  La. SBRO are for a one year duration and must approved annually by the High School Rugby Committee.  The vote regarding the dues or assessments by the High School Rugby Committee must be held by July 15th for the next calendar year, in order to give the La. SBRO time to inform USA Rugby to include the dues on the CIPP applications or remove the dues from the CIPP applications.

Gary J. Giepert

On 3/17/14 Paul Miniclier wrote:
Rest assured, I know Louisiana Rugby stands on the shoulders on a
small group of guys who have worked very hard for many years to keep
rugby alive in New Orleans. To answer your questions:

1) In the past couple of months,Louisiana Rugby has been contacted
by groups and individuals who want to start youth rugby, including high
school, in Baton Rouge, Alexandria and Shreveport.

Since this season is almost over, we are focusing on the start of
the next school year. Our efforts will include identifying coaches,
getting them certified, helping the local groups form and offer
assistance in school visits, player clinics, and youth events. We are
currently in the process of formalizing requirements and recommendations
for these other cities’ rugby groups, as well as constructing a state

These programs are going to be new and over the next few months we
are going to discuss a short term and long term strategic plan for this
expansion. For example, I have proposed a high school coaches’ summit to
reach a consensus on standards for submission to the Board for approval
and, if necessary, submit to the general membership for approval.
Another potential program for expansion to other cities is to reach an
agreement with senior and/or college sides to help foster youth
programs. Again, we will propose a senior/college side summit to work
out the details for submission to the Board.

The plan has been to use New Orleans as the incubator for
developing programs, identify issues, resolving them and then offer a
program package to other interested rugby people around the state. This
is an exciting time for rugby in Louisiana and everyone’s input is welcome.

2) USA Rugby’s rates are not extravagant- $30 per year. The state
dues of $25 per player are going to help us match the $10,000 grant we
received for Nick Conte’s salary. By the time the high school tournament
is over, we will hopefully have  reached our matching requirement.
According to my calculations, $10,000 covers a 333 high school players’
dues to USA Rugby or, in historic terms, two years worth of dues for 150

National is also provides training, resources and a significant
push in youth rugby development. USA Rugby’s goal is to increase rugby
participation at all levels, from 6 years old to high school. Some
cities and states are way ahead of us. For example, Denver has over
20,000 kids participating in rugby. Texas, last year alone, exposed over
28,000 kids to rugby in two school districts.

So, national is also in agreement with you—“introducing the
greatest game in the world to the next generation and assuring its
affordability to all”. All of us should be in agreement on this point.
We are just getting started and need everyone’s help to move forward
together to reach this goal. This concept requires broader thinking
beyond the past and into the future. The Olympics are two years away—I
think we should be prepared for the next generation who asks to play
rugby once they see the Games.

Thank you for your years to help at all levels of rugby, Paul

On 3/17/2014 2:24 PM, Jerry Malina wrote:
Paul thank you for your kind words about all the old boys that put in
tremendous time and energy over the years to build a thriving NOLA
rugby community. I would like to emphatically state that in no way is
New Orleans Rugby broken.We have won national titles at the mens and u
20 level and  won regionally and represented in the national
tournament at the high school level. LSU, ULL and now Loyola have won
at the regional level and a achieved national rankings.The majority of
rugby communities never achieve this level of success.Nowhere near
it. So I guess I have two questions. As a state based organization
what is being done to grow rugby in all the cities of Louisiana? 2 who
becomes enriched by USA rugby’s extravagant rate hikes? Unless you play
high level select side most players get little if anything from the
national governing body. Rugby to me as a coach is all about
introducing the greatest game in the world to the next generation, and
assuring its affordability for all. Cheers, Jerry


March 17, 2013, email Paul Miniclier to Gary Giepert 

The Board votes on fee collections and the consequences, not you or
I. Nor do you get to decide what is voted on by the Board. And, there
has been no such vote by the Board granting any power to the High School
committee. That is one of the reasons that I proposed a summit to
discuss and draft a proposal for the Board’s approval which, in turn,
would be submitted to the membership for approval.
Also, your role as Treasurer of Louisiana Rugby makes you
responsible for dues collection. So, what is your proposal to collect
dues? And enforce the collection

As to West Jeff. and others, all teams are welcomed to play in our
league provided they comply with USA Rugby’s requirements and ours, as
well as any school requirements. Again, I have proposed a summit. What is your suggestion to meet with the  high school coaches, discuss, draft and submit procedures to the Board for approval and vote by the membership?

Change is coming. We either evolve into a professionally run state wide youth rugby group or
not. And, while I truly respect what you and others have done to keep high school rugby alive in New Orleans over the last twelve years, our group has larger objectives and cannot be focused on only the original four teams in New Orleans..

And, yes to all of the NOLA Old Boys, I do understand your impressive commitment to high school rugby in New Orleans and respect that effort. But, this organization is not dedicated to one city or  limited to four schools. And, what was done in the past does not necessarily work for the future.
Some of you have objected to my “instructions” and to the extent I may or may not have over stepped any authority, I apologize and want to work with everyone who wants to move us forward. As I have told a number of the “Old Boys”, I’ll step back as soon as someone “steps up”. So far, no one has stepped up for the tough decisions. So, any volunteers? Who
will actually make the tough decisions not based on past loyalties?           Regards, Paul

On 3/15/2014 Gary Giepert to Paul Miniclier .

The Board will not vote on dues and collection on March 25th.  The Board has already
voted that no rule or regulation can be passed related to High School
Rugby unless and until the High School Committee votes on it first. If I have anything to say about it all teams are welcome to play in the High School Tournament. Further,  the High School Committee has not said there would be a summit nor have they said we need written protocols or procedures.


– Paul Miniclier wrote:
The Board will vote on dues and collection on March 25th.
Coaches- instead of just saying no, what are your ideas to collect dues from teams who do not pay? And, how do you enforce? After the season, a coaches summit will be held to discuss in detail and establish consensus protocols and procedures for submission to the Board for approval. Once approved, the protocols, along with other major items, will be submitted to the membership at the annual general mtg in the fall, date to be determined.           Thanks, Paul

On 3/14/2014 6:38 PM, ALBERT FREYDER , coach of St Paul wrote:
Who makes up this board. I am not aware who the people are that make
up the board. Is it all the coaches? Is it just a few? I wasn’t aware
of the vote. Had I known I would have voted no. I am with Gary no one
should be denied being in the tournament because of money. If that were to happen then this whole thing becomes about money and not the  players. Certain teams may never get to compete if they can’t raise the money to pay these dues. AL Freyder St. Paul’s Rugby

On 3/14/14 From:* Paul Miniclier *Subject:* Re: Louisiana Rugby Dues
The matter will be submitted to the Board for a vote. The
issue of  payment of dues has already been voted on by the Board, including you.
The issue of enforcement will be submitted to the Board.    How do you propose to enforce dues requirement? Other than “encourage” them to pay?
You can defend your position to them. And, I will defend mine.
Thanks, Paul

On 3/14/2014 6:27 AM, Gary Giepert wrote:
You do not have authority to make rules or decisions regarding high school rugby. The rules and decisions regarding who may and may not participate in the High School Tournament is up to the High School Committee which is comprised of the coaches of all of the La High School teams.
Although I encourage every team to pay their dues, I vote against your proposal that only clubs that are current can participate in the High School Tournament.

In November, 2013  Agenda Items to Support & Advance Deep South Youth Rugby


In a series of emails to many members of the Deep South regions youth rugby leadership, Paul Miniclier brought up several items related to the advancement of youth rugby in Louisiana to be placed on agenda for consideration at high school rugby meeting:

One immediate item was setting April 12-13th as date of Serevi clinic.

There is no handbook/procedures yet. Discussion to begin to work  on creating handbook over the year, along with by-laws. With Nick Conte gone, this has been a solo effort by Paul.

Speaking of Nick (Conte), he has expressed the desire to move out of Youth Devel. Coordinator. for La. Rugby. Suggestions are needed for a replacement. Paul asked USA Rugby for grant for next year which with a little help, we can turn into full time paid position.

Middle school league not yet formed. Initial thoughts were to form 7th/8th grade teams at existing high schools, 4 or 5, so that they can practice at same time with same coaches and play matches before or after high school matches. Alternative, if not enough kids, do modified 7s season. As it goes, we can set up separate control but for now, it can fall under high school side.

Louisiana Rugby will have a separate mtg to elect board and draft by-laws. One committee will be the Competition Committee with sub-committees of youth, middle school and high school. Coaches for each level will be part of that sub-committee. Another committee-finance/fund raising–volunteers?

My topics for meeting:
1) Coaching certification/ Continuing Ed.;
2) payment of state dues;
3) Youth Dev. Coord.;
4) Host of State Rugby Tournament/Rugby Days;
5) HS physicals;
6) trainers at matches and concussion procedures;

7) Co-Host Serevi Rugby Clinic on weekend of April 12-13 for all
interested high school, college and men’s players. Cost- $250 per
player. Location-New Orleans. Main upside is that at least one, if not
both, of the main Eagles’ coaches will be at clinic to evaluate players
for national sides, all levels. This is a huge opportunity for our rugby
programs to be evaluated at the national level. BUT, we need to commit
to these dates VERY soon. It is the weekend before Easter.
I would like to commit to these dates before our scheduling meeting–Any
objections to setting aside this weekend? If so, please reply to group
and state your reasons for objections. If I hear no objections, I will
commit to weekend and we can work around it at scheduling meeting.

8) Coaches!!!!!! ESA has lost its coach and Rummel is struggling to find
experienced/certified coach. I also have had queries from Baton Rouge
and Shreveport, as well as Tulane. I need help identifying coaches,
locally and around the state. Please reach out and let me know.

9) NEW enforcement USA Rugby–No middle schoolers, 7th and 8th graders,
can play in any High School matches. 15 year old waiver only applies to
freshmen. And no HS v. college matches. No Exceptions or Modifications.

10) New Middle school league and season to run at same time as HS
season, maybe before or after HS matches.  15s ??? 7s???

11) Red Card procedures–USA Rugby has established Red Card review
procedures and guidelines for match suspensions. Please go to USA Rugby
website before mtg and review so that we can discuss/ adopt rules.

Thanks, Paul Minciler

Deep South Rugby News 2013-14 Season

Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference Championship

South Carolina Claims the 2014 SCRC Championship with hard fought 41-26 victory over LSU.

Div 2 & 3 Men’s Play-Off Results

In Huntsville, Alabama
 D3 semis
 Montgomery 60 Battleship 24
 Tallahassee 45 Huntsville 31
D2 semis
 Chattanooga 50 Baton Rouge 24
 Birmingham 24 Knoxville 22
True South D2 championship in Huntsville, AL
 Chattanooga 36 Birmingham 11
True South D3 championship in Huntsville, AL
 Montgomery 60 Tallahassee 27
D2 final 2pm Sun April 13th Chatt vs Birm
FRU D2 championship in Clermont, FL
 Miami RFC 37 FTL RFC 10
 Miami advances will play Chatt/Birm winner
Louisiana High School Championship

Shaw and Br Martin finished 1-2 in La on April 5th, but because of senior exams and senior proms, neither team can make the trip to Charlotte.

Loyola,  Best Small College in South

Loyola rugby team finished its best season in four years, taking home second place in the Mid-Atlantic Tournament after their 24-23 loss to Mount St. Mary’s University.

After four years of coaching the rugby team solo, Sam Brock added Jerry Malina (former NORFC coach) to help coach the team. This season the rugby team competed on a level that placed them among the top rugby programs in the U.S. Loyola’s team won the Deep South Collegiate League, beating teams that traditionally outplay them. Loyola went on to qualify for the Mid-Atlantic Tournament in National Small College Rugby Organization.

The Mid-Atlantic Tournament brought the best teams in the region to play for a chance at National title. In this tournament Loyola only played two games. In the first round Loyola Beat Mount St. Claire 44-15 increasing their national small college ranking to the elite eight. Winning against Mount St. Claire sent Loyola to the second round at North Florida University. But in the second round, Loyola was defeated by Mount St. Mary’s University.

New Orleans Royales in Las Vegas Invitational Elite Division

The New Orleans Royales  competed in the Elite division of the 2014 Las Vegas Invitational from Jan 24-26 . The elite division had many internationals playing including Ben Gollings former member of England national side and the all-time leading point scorer in the IRB  7s World Series.

The Royales won 2 and tied one in their pool. They beat the national side of Peru (35-0), the select side Atlantis (22-7) and tied Bahamian select side cOUScOUS (19-19). In the knock-out round they lost to Lionhearts (31-14) in cup quarterfinal and Mapleleafs (26-12) in consolation semi-final. The Lionhearts and Mapleleafs are select sides from Canada. Lionhearts took 3rd in the tournament defeating Belgium 38-5.

Below is a link to Youtube video of 2nd half of Royales vs. the Bahamian side cOUScOUS.  (Unfortunately the Bahamians are doing all the scoring in this half.)

35th Battleship Rugby Tournament Results (Nov. 9-10)

Spring Hill College, the New Orleans Rugby Football Club and Louisiana-Lafayette won rugby championships on Sunday, Nov. 10th,  at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama.

Spring Hill won the men’s collegiate division and New Orleans won the men’s club division of the 35th Battleship Invitational Rugby Tournament. Louisiana-Lafayette won the Deep South Rugby Conference Division 2 championship game.

Spring Hill defeated Sewanee 32-0 in the men’s collegiate division final game.

New Orleans repeated as the Battleship Invitational men’s club division champion with a 54-7 victory over the Fort Lauderdale Knights Rugby Football Club in the men’s club final.

The Deep South College Rugby Football Conference held its Division 2 championship game in conjunction with the Battleship Invitational Rugby Tournament. University of Louisiana-Lafayette beat Troy 39-5 to take the title.

As conference champs ULL advances to USA Rugby national Division 2 tournament in St. Louis on Nov. 23-24.

For more information on the tournament go to http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2013/11/spring_hill_new_orleans_louisi.html


First Ever Fall Florida Panhandle U-19 Tournament

October 26th, 2013,  Niceville hosted the First Fall Florida Panhandle U19 rugby tourney in the history of the world. A team from Orlando and the high school  team from Mississippi coached by Ray Campion attended. The tournament was more of a round robin with a switch teams format every 20 minutes.   Orlando had a very strong team with mostly seniors.  Niceville are proud to say they are starting to recruit frosh and soph and have 40 kids on their roster and hope to have a b-side to play New Orleans teams. (Info courtesy of Ed Frisbee – Niceville coach)

Deep South Rugby Spring Season (In Brief) – 12/7/13 by Steve Parrill

18-Jan Harlequins @ NO (D1)
25-Jan Gulf Coast @ Okaloosa
PCB @ Pensacola
Tallahassee @ B’ship
1-Feb Birmingham @ Baton Rouge   Battleship @ Pensacola
Memphis @ Jackson Gulf Coast @ PCB
Nashville @ Gadsden Tallahassee @ Okaloosa
8-Feb Jackson @ Birmingham   Okaloosa @ B’ship
Chattanooga @ Montgomery PCB @ Tallahassee
Brighton @ Gadsden Pensacola @ Gulf Coast
15-Feb Jackson @ Baton Rouge   B’ship @ PCB
Memphis @ Birmingham Okaloosa @ Pensacola
Clinch River @ Gadsden Tallahassee @ Gulf Coast
Nashville @ Montgomery
22-Feb   Woodlands @ NO (D1)   Brighton @ Montgomery
Knoxville @ Jackson Mardi Gras Tournament (W)
1-Mar   MARDI GRAS WEEKEND   PCB @ Okaloosa
Gadsden @ Montgomery Tallahassee @ Pensacola
Gulf Coast @ B’ship
8-Mar   Griffins @ NO (D1)     Okaloosa @ Gulf Coast
Baton Rouge @ Birmingham Pensacola @ PCB
Chattanooga @ Gadsden B’ship @ Tallahassee
Huntsville @ Montgomery
15-Mar   Memphis @ Baton Rouge   Tallahassee @ PCB
Birmingham @ Jackson Gulf Coast @ Pensacola
B’ship @ Okaloosa
22-Mar   Baton Rouge @ Jackson   PCB @ Gulf Coast
Pensacola @ B’ship Oakloosa @ Tallahassee
29-Mar   Blacks @ NO (D1)     PCB @ B’ship
Chattanooga @ Birmingham Pensacola @ Okaloosa
Hopkinsville @ Baton Rouge Gulf Coast @ Tallahassee
5-Apr   Reds @ NO (D1)

2014 Deep South High School Rugby Schedule



Saturday 18

Jesuit v St Paul

Br Martin v Mississippi

West Jeff v Audubon

Lake Area v Rummel

Shaw v Niceville

Thursday 23

Br Martin v West Jeff

Saturday 25

Audubon v St. Paul

Jesuit v. Lake Area

Sunday 26

Rummel v Mississippi

Tuesday 28

Br. Martin v Shaw

Thursday 30

West Jeff v Jesuit


Saturday 1

Lake Area v Niceville

Audubon v Mississippi

Lake Area v Mississippi

Audubon v Niceville

St. Paul v Rummel

Br Martin @ St Thomas – Houston

Br. Martin @ St Pius – Houston

Thursday 6

West Jeff v Shaw

Saturday 8

Jesuit v Br Martin

Sunday 9

St Paul v Mississippi

Tuesday 11

Rummel v Jesuit

Thursday 13

West Jeff v St Paul

Saturday 15

Lake Area v Audubon

Br Martin v Niceville

Jesuit v Mississippi

Tuesday 18

Shaw v Rummel

Saturday 22

Br. Martin v Audubon

West Jeff v Niceville

West Jeff v Mississippi

Tuesday 25

Lake Area v Shaw


Saturday 1

Shaw v Mississippi

Thursday 13

Br Martin v Rummel

Saturday 15

Audubon v Shaw

Jesuit v Niceville

Lake Area v St. Paul

Tuesday 18

West Jeff v Rummel

Saturday 22

Jesuit v Audubon

Niceville v Mississippi

Lake Area v West Area

Br. Martin @ White Station – Memphis

Br. Martin @ Christian Bros. – Memphis

Saturday 29   DAY OF RUGBY

Rummel v Niceville

Jesuit v Shaw

Lake Area v Br Martin

Audubon v Rummel

Niceville v St. Paul


Wednesday 2

Semi- Finals Cup Division

1 v 4

2 v 3

Saturday 5


BOWL DIVISION    ( 7TH through 10th)

PLATE DIVISION   ( 3rd through 6th)

CUP DIVISION ( winners of semis)


NORFC History by Jack Tillay before 2013 Ireland Tour

The below history of New Orleans Rugby Football Club was written by Jack Tillay prior to NORFC’s tour to Ireland in Oct. 2013. Jack joined NORFC soon after the club’s formation in the 1970s and beyond playing served in many administrative positions. As the oldest prior president of the club on tour, he was asked to write a history.


NORFC went 3-0 on the tour defeating Wanderers (Dublin) 40-17, Garryowen (Limerick)) 34-17, and Galwegians (Galway) 48-14.


“A Team of Rivals”

A NORFC Club History



Louisiana Rugby began building in the late 60’s/early ‘70’s on the college campuses.  LSU, Tulane, Hammond (SLU), USL, SpringHillCollege in Mobile introduced young men to the sport and created a lifelong bond.  Although the sport relished and cultivated a reputation of ruffians and rebels, it is noteworthy that many if not most of the players were engineers, lawyers, doctors, River Pilots, military/USCG officers and professionals from many fields.  All that youthful energy needed an outlet and a home for our spirit of camaraderie.


Deep and profound rivalries began to build in the ‘70’s as these young players began to build Club Side Rugby with the Crescent City Rugby Club, New Orleans RFC and Baton Rouge Rugby and LSU Rugby Clubs.  Most of the clubs had enthusiast support for A, B sides and scrubs. The matchups were marked on calenders and well prepared for or a beat down would ensure.  New Orleans was also a popular location for nearby Rugby Unions in Texas, Florida and the Midwest as well as for international touring sides to seek fixtures. (Imagine That!).  New Orleans became the site for “The Battle of New Orleans” competition of Select Side Teams from the Military, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, ERU and Western Unions.  This competition held every January in the late 70’s/early 80’s allowed Louisiana to show its talent and acquire skills from high level play.


Louisiana began to experience a significant drain on talent and support in the early/mid ‘80’s as it was hit with a significant energy sector recession.  Teams could not build young talent as the state began experiencing an exodus rate of 10:1 for young job seekers.  The rugby teams began to merely cannibalize each others talent and some had difficulty just fielding A side traveling squads.  During the 1986 season CrescentCity and NORFC clubs began planning the unthinkable – a merger.  These fierce rivals combined and obtained player support from the Tulane, Baton Rouge RFC and others.  NORFC began to build under a coaching dedicated to winning championships not just showing.  One of our current “Old Boys” leaders noted “Once people get a taste of being a champion they don’t want to let it go.”  And Championships did come.  In 1989 the Austin Tournament Trophy came to New Orleans and we went back again in 1990 just to show it was no mistake.  More were to come.


In the 90’s, the experienced NORFC players began to build HS rugby teams. It seems youthful energy still needs an outlet.  Fierce competitions began between Jesuit, Brother Martin, Rummel, Holy Cross and ESA. In the year after “Katrina” devastated New Orleans the HS rivals combined to build a select side to compete in the National HS Championships.  Their parents drove them to practice from all over the state where they were refugees from the storm aftermath.  NORFC “Old Boys” coaches and club proudly supported these young men and their families in their dream. They were not taken seriously by their opposition in their first year as motleys.  Someone forgot to tell them – they won the 2006 National HS Championship


The young HS competitors began to feed LSU, ULL and other college sides.  Supported by rugby “old boy” coaches LSU began making regular trips to the college championship playoffs. They made the “Final Four” in 2012 while ULL was runner up in the 2010 National SCO final four championship.  They all got a taste of being champions and never let go of it.  These college programs and are still building for a National Championship bid. Many of these young players and former rivals now play for NORFC and have combined with other strong and welcome players to achieve a commendable record of National Championships over the past three years (Division II Championships 2011/2012 and Division I Runner-up in 2013).


The New Orleans “Old Boys” team of rivals continue to travel well with strong teams. The rival teammates are now from around the country and the world as are the fixtures (i.e. St. Louis, Seattle, Aspen, Caribbean, Vancouver, France, Italy, Scotland, and Ireland).  The cheers for tries, breaks and tackles are now blended with those for mates’ and children’s lives. It seems that the taste of lifelong friendship is hard to let go of, too.


Cam Falcon (Shaw, LSU & NORFC) Chosen for National Select Side in American Rugby Championship


USA Men’s National 15s coach Mike Tolkin squad for the
2013 Americas Rugby Championship was:

Titi Lamositele – Prop – Saracens (on trial) Chris Sullivan – Prop –
Life University Nick Wallace – Prop – Olympic Club Shawn Pittman – Prop
– Seattle-OPSB Phil Thiel – Hooker/Prop – Life University Cam Falcon –
Hooker – LSU/Dublin University Danny Barrett – Flanker/Lock – SFGG Will Haydock – Lock – Seattle-OPSB Graham Harriman – Lock – Metropolis Trevor
Cassidy – Lock/Flanker – Old Blue Derek Asbun – Flanker/Hooker –
University of Cape Town Tai Tuisamoa – Loose Forward – OMBAC Liam Og
Murphy – Loose Forward – Boston Cam Dolan – Loose Forward – Life

Shaun Davies – Scrumhalf – Previously Glendale Raptors Chris Saint –
Scrumhalf – HARC Max D’Achaval – Flyhalf – Denver Barbarians Adam
Siddall – Flyhalf/Center/Fullback – Old Blue Chris Chapman –
Center/Fullback – NYAC Peter Moala – Center – E. Palo Alto Mile Pulu –
Center – SFGG Toby L’Estrange – Flyhalf/Center – NYAC Tim Maupin – Wing
– SFGG Mark Roberts – Wing – Chicago Lions Joe Cowley – Fullback – Life
University Ed Mills – Fullback – KC Blues

This team competed as the USA Selects, and full international caps
were not awarded. The Americans defeated Canada Select and Uruguay and lost to the Argentina Jaguars. The Uruguay team was the country’s
best players, while the Canadian and Argentina teams were squads of
the best available domestic players.

In the front rowfor the USA were Nick Wallace and Titi Lamositele, both young
props with a small number of Eagle caps who got their start (like
Pittman) at the Chuckanut Bay U19 program in northern Washington state.
Chris Sullivan from Life University, will also play prop, while Phil
Thiel and Cameron Falcon come in at hooker. Falcon is the
former USA U20 hooker who played this past season at Dublin University
after time at LSU.

(Above from info received from “Budzisz, Dominic J SSG US Army Resource Management NCOIC” <dominic.j.budzisz@afghan.swa.army.mil>

Cameron was  featured in a RugbyMag article on Oct 1st about the ARC tournament :


The USA Eagles placed 2nd in the tournament losing to Argentina and defeating Canada and Uruguay. Cam Falcon didn’t start any of the matches, but was selected as a replacement for all matches.

USA Rugby South Ceases to Exist


USA Rugby South Statement of Operation
With effect from September 1, 2013, USA Rugby South will cease to exist as an operating body for overseeing rugby in the former South territory. The departure of Georgia Rugby Union to become an independent LAU and Florida Rugby Union to become a GU means no effective structure for the governance of the game, no income from constituent bodies and therefore no budget .
The Board, Kevin Kitto – President, Danita Knox- Vice President, Martin Gardner- Past President , Carly Simon- Treasurer and John Devonport – Secretary, will continue as an active Board to achieve three objectives:
Oversee select side rugby for men women and youth as required (self funded) under the USA Rugby South banner Secure and protect the reserves of the former LAUs until its dispersal in September 2014 as agreed Keep alive the Delaware Corporation under which the assets of the former South territorial union are held.

Aug. 11,2013 New Orleans Royale Makes a Run for the National 7s Championship

The premier 7s side associated with the New Orleans Rugby Club (Royales)  started a determined effort to win a national championship by capturing the  Atlanta MidNight 7s on .June 16th . They went 4-0 through the tournament defeating the Atlanta Renegades 41-17 in the championship game,

On July 11th the New Orleans Royale drew national attention when they dominated the Cape Fear 7s.

Going undefeated through the pool play they won the semi-final 35-5 over Kenya Exiles and then defeated Trinidad and Tobago in the final 40-5.

From a StarNews Online article “New Orleans had been a constant dominating force throughout the weekend, and the championship game was no different.

Scoring in the first 30 seconds of the game and then again almost a minute later, they quickly racked up 14 points.

The Trinidadians tried their best to run through the Royale’s tight defense, but the size comparison between players for Trinidad and Royale just didn’t match up.

New Orleans was in sync through every play, and ended up with a crushing defeat over Trinidad 40-5.”

The victory was also reported in RugbyMag.com http://rugbymag.com/news/clubs/club-sevens/8555-new-orleans-royale-dominates-at-cape-fear.html

Royale members were:

Saade Bou-Mikael, Andrew Larkin, Nick Raziano, David Ross Buckingham, Jeffrey Reuther, Bobby Johns, Chance King Doyle, Will McSweeney, Jason de Leaumont, Zach Miller,  Adam Ducoing, & Amir Khan.

The Royale romped at Baton Rouge Redfish 7s and set their sites on qualification at the US South qualifying tournament in Atlanta on the weekend of July 27th. Only 3 teams were competing from the South – Daytona, Atlanta Renegades, Atlanta Old White & New Orleans Royale.

New Orleans qualified for the nationals as 2nd seed from the south. Atalanta Old White defeated the Royales in the final,

At the  Nationals Championships in Pittsburgh on August 10th  the Royals lost their 3 pool matches to Old Blue, San Fransico Golden Gate, and 1823 (Columbus) with 40 points for and 57 against. On the 2nd day the Royales went undefested to gain the Bowl trophy (9th place) . In the Bowl final they defeated 1823.

History of Crescent City RFC 1976-79

Crescent City RFC 1976 – 1979

By Jack Breen

Crescent City RFC was formed by a group of former American football athletes who learned to play rugby while earning their undergraduate degrees from Loyola University of New Orleans.

Danny Brasseaux, who has the physique of an NFL athlete, and was frequently mistaken for Terry Bradshaw the famous multiple Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who is a Louisiana native, was one of the Loyola alums who helped found and grow Crescent City RFC. Danny was a prop who anchored the CC RFC front row and served as the club’s Match Secretary. To say that Danny had a welcoming attitude toward new members of the club is a major understatement. He was an ambassador of the club that most opponents would remember as the face of Crescent City RFC during those years. Danny was also an unofficial ambassador of the French Quarter and the tavern industry of the NOLA region. Before he married during the end of this period, Danny took it upon himself to make sure every new member of the Crescent City RFC knew the ins and outs of the Quarter and the better watering holes all around New Orleans and its suburbs, many of which used Danny’s accounting services to make sure their taxes were properly filed each year.

Jack Mauer, who served with the US Marine Corps in Viet Nam after his graduation and then returned to his native New Orleans, was another of those founding members. He played at #10 and was the Captain of Crescent City up through August of 1976.  Jack Mauer has some exceptional leadership qualities that were instrumental to the success that Crescent City RFC earned over the next several years, before its merger with New Orleans RFC. One of his abilities was to put team over self, and another was to make a new club member feel very welcome.

Mauer’s ability to put what he thought was best for the club ahead of his ego created an attitude in the club that led to people feeling comfortable in offering their ideas as to how to improve the club, and set the tone for future club captains accepting those ideas. This open-to-suggestions quality of the club, along with the hospitality shown to newcomers allowed Crescent City RFC to add significantly to its roster during those years. Several of those additions were former captains of other rugby clubs whose wealth of knowledge helped the club improve in quality of play as well as quantity of players.

Fred “Big Daddy” Romero is a 6’7” Texas native and former Lamar University basketball star, who played lock and was the primary line out jumper for CC RFC. His line out duals with 6’10” Bob “Big Red” Causey, of LSU and then Baton Rouge, who was about a decade younger than Fred, were legendary. Fred also served as the club president in 1976 and subsequently in several executive offices with the Louisiana Rugby Union. Big Daddy was the lead organizer in the club and another leader in making players who joined the club instantly feel like part of a big family. Fred is a natural innovator and he taught the Yankees who joined the club to eat grits and had added to the grits whatever it took to get those unfamiliar with them to find them delectable. His approach to rugby was much the same, there must be a way to get the job done and Fred was always coming up with ideas that improved CC RFC dramatically during the period from 1976 to 1979. One of them was Fred’s acquisition of a camper van for the team to travel in to the many tournaments the club played in, spread far and wide across the US South. Cutting the cost of those trips for his teammates by providing accommodation as well as transportation increased dramatically the number of players who made those trips and the success the club had at those tournaments.

New Orleans was booming in the late 1970s and many players with rugby experience in other cities in the US were moving to NOLA for work and school, and more and more players from the university teams in Louisiana were graduating every year, and were looking for a men’s club to play with as they were starting their careers in the business world. Welcoming those players to their club is a big part of the way Crescent City RFC grew itself from a good club into a bona fide US rugby power in a few short years.

A first year Loyola Law School student named Jack Breen met Brasseaux, Mauer and Romero in August of 1976 and soon became the fourth member of the leadership cadre at Crescent City RFC. Within just a couple of practices of Breen’s joining CC RFC Jack Mauer asked Breen to take over as captain and coach of the club. It was not that Mauer did not like being captain, or that he had any concern about his being a good captain, it was that he could see that Jack Breen had been exposed to good rugby coaching and techniques Mauer had never before encountered and by empowering Breen as the captain the team would be more attentive to Breen’s coaching.

Jack Breen had indeed been exposed to some of the best rugby coaching in the US. He was an early version of the new breed of the American rugby player, who had the chance to the learn the sport in a high school in the Philadelphia suburbs, played with the Groton Submariners while attending the US Coast Guard Academy and had been named captain of the St. Joseph’s University RFC in 1975. He joined Whitemarsh RFC in Philadelphia then, where George Betzler had decided to coach after retiring from playing with the Philadelphia RFC. Breen learned from a teammate that there was a full time coach at Whitemarsh and by moving the SJU RFC practices to Wednesday and Friday he could practice under Betzler on Tuesdays and Thursdays and simply repeat the practices with the SJU RFC. As the club season was then longer than the university season Breen also gained the opportunity to play with one of the most powerful clubs in the USARFU.   George Betzler is an ardent student of the sport and was one of the coaches of the first several USARFU National Teams, and one of the earliest homegrown coaches in American rugby. Betzler taught Breen to be like a sponge that absorbs from every rugby person encountered whatever you can. He also taught Breen that a coach should learn as much, or more, as he teaches, and a huge amount about rugby in particular. Betzler introduced Breen to numerous games to use at practices to build rugby skills. In turn Breen passed what he had learned from Betzler on to CC RFC and returned home each summer break from law school and got new ideas from Betzler, and more playing time with Whitemarsh during the part of the season in Philadelphia that persisted post the season in Louisiana. Betzler traveled the world to keep up with the most current coaching ideas and through him so did CC RFC.

The time available to law students to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities is notoriously limited, but Breen was a hyperactive sort of fellow who somehow managed to complete law school without missing a single practice or match on the Crescent City schedule, and traveled with the club to every tournament during those 3 years, except for each year’s Austin Tournament, which always fell on the weekend before Fall semester law examinations.

Breen also somehow managed to find the time to offer coaching sessions to the Tulane RFC the Loyola RFC, and to become a referee and officiate matches, play for and serve a year as captain of La Select, and tour with the GITS

One of his law professors was so taken with Breen’s remarkable involvement with the Louisiana Rugby Union while attending law school that he nominated Breen for a Rhodes scholarship. Breen did not become a Rhode’s Scholar, but he was named a finalist, which required him to author a thesis and defend it, and to make application to Oxford and gain admission.

The incredible energy level of its captain/coach, who played at open side flanker for his club, and at both 7 and 8 for the La Select, was another reason for the success of Crescent City RFC during the years 1976 – 1979.    Breen now lives and coaches rugby on the Island of Maui in Hawaii and was reached by Jack Mauer by email with a request to supplement the history of Louisiana Rugby written by Peter Maud.

Here is a CC RFC list of players found by Breen believed to be for Fall of 1976. 1. Caesar Lamonica 12.  Don Evans  24.  Terry O’Flaherety 2. Jack Mauer  13.  Billy Goodell  25.  Kent Savoie 3. Kevin Kelleher 14.  Allen Messera  26.  Jerry Jones 4. Daryl Roy  15. Brian Foster  27.  Pat Delouise 5. Russell Plaisance 16.  Steve Udage  28.  Ronnie Tenhunfeld 6. Rick Speed  17.  Jack Breen  29.  Mike Ashe 7. Mark Brennan 19.  Joe Souoka  30.  Randy Stockman 8. Sam Fornet  20.  Mike Majore  31.  Bruce Nobles  9. Bill Hatchet  21. George Edson  32.  Chuck Calvo 10. Fred Romero  22. Rocky Rocquin  33.  Gerald Avery 11. Danny Brasseaux 23.  Rocky Capadeville 34.  Joe Guinta

Mauer(10), Kelleher (2), Speed (6), Brennan 10, 11), Brasseaux (1,3), Goodell (9), did their undergraduate work at Loyola and Breen (7), Edson (4), O’Flaherety (6), and Savoie (2) were all Loyola Law School class of 1979 graduates. Farnet (6, 2) did his undergraduate studies at LSU, Evans (14), who won the “Mr. Louisiana” contest, graduated from UNO, Messara (9) obtained an engineering degree from Lehigh where he played rugby, Foster (11, 13, 15) was a star high hurdler who graduated from Arkansas State, Udage (8) did his undergraduate work at Florida, Majore graduated from Southeastern Louisiana State and Romero obtained his engineering degree from Lamar University.

A March 1977 article published in the Loyola Law School Code, authored by Breen, notes there were 6 active rugby clubs in Louisiana at that time. LSU was a national power then, as it is again now. New Orleans and Crescent City were the two men’s clubs and close rivals at the time. Tulane and UNO were the school teams in NOLA and Southeastern Louisiana in Hammond was the other team and proud sponsor of the largest rugby tournament in the country, the 64 team Mardi Gras Tournament. The next couple of years saw added to this list, Shreveport, Fort Polk and Baton Rouge and the demise of the club at UNO, which did play matches in 1976 and 1977.

1977 brought a wealth of new blood into Crescent City, as many of the UNO RFC’s former players graduated and joined CC RFC. A team list  believed to be for that year reads as follows:

1. Keith Acker  25. Mark Neeb 2. Craig Boudreaux 26. Billy Nixon 3. Danny Brasseaux 27. Terry Perkins 4. Jack Breen (c)  28. Tom Quinn 5. Chuck Calvo  29. Mark Redford 6. Vince Cornet  30. Bob Rehl 7. Frank DePaola 31. Jim Ricciaidone 8. Clay Farnet  32. Skip Rizzo 9. Sam Farnet  33. Fred Romero 10. Kirk Fascio  34. Daryl Roy 11. Brian Foster  35. Kent Savoie 12. Al Freyder  36. Roger Taylor 13. Ronnie Gibbs  37. Neil Woodell 14. Joe Guinta  38. Steve Woodell 15. Steve Juan  39. Bob Woodworth 16. Mike Kerrigan 40. Rick Zimmer 17. Ceasar Lamonica 18. Bob Loup 19. Mike Majore 20. Terry Maistre 21. Jack Mauer 22. Allen Massera 23. Bobby McCullough 24. Tom “Mac” MacIntyre

Boudreaux (1, 2), Freyder (2), Gibbs (9), Nixon (14), Rizzo (11), Taylor (15), both Woodalls (12 and 13), and Zimmer (2,3) were alums of UNO and its rugby club. Mac Intyre (1, 3) earned his engineering degree at Rutgers, where he began his rugby playing career, and he became the anchor on the other side of the front row from Brasseaux.  Acker had played offensive line in football for Bear Bryant at Alabama and played at lock. Kerrigan (8) did his undergraduate studies at LSU and Perkins (12, 13) graduated from Southeastern Louisiana State and had been a standout on its rugby club.

That year Crescent City played well in major tournaments in Memphis, Austin, Huston, Galveston, and Mobile and took 3rd place in the 64 team Hammond Mardi Gras Tournament, falling to eventual champion Dartmouth in a semi-final.   Third Place 1977 Hammond Mardi Gras 64 Team Tournament, Crescent City RFC From left: Roger Taylor, Al Freyder, Danny Brasseaux, Fred Romero, Jack Breen, Jack Mauer, Eddie Cousins, Skip Rizzo, Ronnie Gibbs, Russell Plaisance.

Mike Kerrigan, Sam Farnet, and Ronnie Gibbs, who had been the captain of UNO, assumed leadership roles with the club during this time, both on and off the field.  The Crescent City back row of Farnet, Breen and Kerrigan was high endurance personified. All three were fast enough had good enough endurance to play the open side. Together they allowed Crescent City to dominate getting the first player to the breakdown.  At 6’5” Kerrigan also added another problem for opponents at lineouts, in which Crescent City was already winning more than its share of the ball, due to Romero’s considerable ability as a jumper. Farnet’s abilty to play hooker, as well as flanker, also allowed the team to send out a pack with 4 superior open field forwards or to bulk up on the blind side without loosing any speed to the breakdown. Similarly, Gibbs ability to play fullback as well as scrum half provided great flexibility to the club.

Fat Harry’s remained the cub’s predominant uptown Friday night starting spot and Pat O’Brien’s its mainstay for finishing up the pre-match drink ups and song fests in the Quarter, with the West End Saloon being the after practice watering hole and post match party venue. But there were frequent other outings and more and more often they tended to be getting organized by Kerrigan and Farnet as Brasseaux and Romero began settling down a bit as newlyweds and shifted their focus to organizing the club’s rugby functions more and its drink ups less and less.

The Spring Season of 1978 brought more new players to Crescent City, including a couple of Coast Guard Academy graduates, Tim McCarty (3) and Jerry Gallion (5), and experienced players from Chicago, Bob Scully (2), and Wyoming, Bob Jones (4), and several more engineers (about half the club were engineers at the time), one of whom, Eddie Cousins (2), who took over the role as club President when Fred Romero accepted an executive position with the LRFU.

There were also a few more important additions from other clubs in the state of Louisiana, including Larry Antonini (2) who graduated from LSU, Bob Tuminello (10, 11, 15) of SELSU, Gene Carr (12, 15) of SELSU, and George Henderson (12, 15), founder and former captain of Shreveport RFC. Breen recalls that a few other former LSU players also joined Crescent City that year, and the photos he produced show that, but their names do not appear on the phone lists maintained by Breen and he could not recall them.  If anyone can identify those players in the photos please send an email to the author of this history, at ????

The Crescent City RFC  roster for the Spring of 1978 included :

1. Larry Antonini* 23. Ken George  45. Rob Oser 2. Jack Biven*   24. Ronnie Gibbs*  46. Terry Perkins* 3. Craig Boudreaux* 25. Mike Guiterrez  47. Russ Plaisance* 4. Tommy Brand 26. Hank Gonzales  48. Tom Quin  5. Tiff Barnes  27. George Henderson* 49. Skip Rizzo* 6. Danny Brasseaux* 28. Robert Herbert  50. Doug Rogers 7. Jack Breen*(c) 29. Chris Jacobs  51. Fred Romero* 8. Mark Brennan* 30. Bob Jones*  52. Daryl Roy 9. Scott Byrum  31. Frank Kerrigan  53. H. Lee Rubin 10. Greg Cole  32. Mike Kerrigan*  54. Bob Scully* 11. Gene Carr*  33. Phil Lachin  55. Mickey Shaw 12. Eddie Cousins* 34. Caesar Lamonica* 56. David Sibley* 13. Jeff Eisner  35.  Landy Lanza  57. Jeff Songer 14. Don Evans*  36. Peter Makulec  58. Roger Taylor* 15. Clay Farnet  37. Jack Mauer*  59. Bob Tuminello* 16. Sam Farnet*  38. Jonathan May*  60. Ron Vergets 17. Mike Fogerty  39. Dale Messina  61.Woddy Whitacre 18. Brian Foster*  40. Ron Midkiff  62.Rick Zimmer* 19. Jon Freeman  41. Tim McCarty 20. Al Freyder  42. Tom MacIntyre* 21. Jerry Gallion  43. Mark Neeb 22. Jake George  44. Billy Nixon* (* = players who routinely played with the First XV at tournaments)

The Fall Season of 1978 saw further additions to the team, including another law student with significant prior rugby experience, Jeff Finley, who had played scrum half for Doylestown RFU, the EPRU and the ERU, and other significant additions from other clubs in Louisiana. The Spring 1978 roster was as follows:      1. Jack Biven*  24. Hank Gonzales  46. Russ Plaisance* 2. Craig Boudreaux* 25. Gene Hampton  47. Tom Quinn 3. Danny Brasseaux* 26. George Henderson* 48. Keith Raber  4. Jack Breen* (c) 27. Dennis Hedrick  49. Skip Rizzo* 5. Phil Calvo  28. Robert Herbert  50. Doug Rogers 6. Greg Cole  29. Chris Jacobs  51. Fred Romero* 7. Eddie Cousins 30. Bob Jones*  52. Daryl Roy 8. Jeff Eisner  31. Frank Kerrigan  53. Rex Roberg 9. Don Evans*  32. Mike Kerrigan*  54. Bob Scully* 10. Clay Farnet  33. Phil Lachin  55. Mickey Shaw 11. Sam Farnet*  34. Ceasar Lomonica* 56. David Sibley 12. Jeff Finley*  35. Landy Lanza  57. Jeff Songer 13. Mike Fogerty  36. Peter Makulec  58. Jackie Starks 14. Brian Foster*  37. Jack Mauer*  59. Roger Taylor* 15. Jon Freeman  38. Jonathan May  60. Randy Trailer 16. Al Freyder  39. Dale Messina  61. Bob Tuminello* 17. Jerry Gallion  40. Ron Midkiff  62. Ron Virgets 18. Jake George  41. Tim McCarty*  63. Woddy Whitacre 19. Ken George  42. Tom MacIntyre*  64. Duan Willers 20. Joe Guinta*  43. Mark Neeb   65. Rick Zimmer* 21. Ronnie Gibbs* 44. Billy Nixon*   23. Mike Guiterrez 45. Terry Perkins*

In 1978 the club had strong showings in major tournaments in Hammond, Pensacola, Mobile, Memphis, Austin, Houston, and Galveston.

The pool of players from which a solid First XV could be selected was very deep and remained virtually unchanged for the spring of 1979, with one terrible exception.  Billy Nixon who had been a regular on the wing for the First XV succumbed to bone cancer after a brave struggle that saw him out to the pitch even after loosing a leg and going bald from rounds of chemotherapy. Billy was a very well liked member of the club who had been instrumental in the decision of the UNO graduates to join Crescent City. He was only 26 years old and still a newlywed when he contracted the deadly illness.

Just how far Crescent City RFC had improved since the Fall Season of 1976 is best demonstrated by how differently their matches against their rivals in Baton Rouge turned out.

In 1977 the tremendous team LSU had put together laid a 59 – 0 whooping on Crescent City on a 95 degree 95 % humidity day in Baton Rouge. It was a humiliating experience that Crescent City used as motivation to improve. The next meeting between the two teams was far different, as the below clipping from the Times Picayune from February 1978 shows, Crescent City beat LSU 21-0 that year. It was a sweet victory for the Crescent City players who had been humiliated by LSU the prior year.

But that was not really the avenging win the Crescent City players who had played LSU in 1977 wanted. In 1978 LSU was no longer the power it had been, as the players that led them to national prominence had graduated and formed the Baton Rouge, RFC. Crescent City desperately wanted to beat the same players who had so humiliated them. That chance came with the matches against Baton Rouge in 1978 and 1979, as BR RFC fielded almost the identical side then that LSU had in 1977.


Champions First Baton Rouge Rugby 7s Tournament (1979), Crescent City RFC Seated from left: Ronnie Gibbs, Terry Perkins, Danny Brasseaux, Russell Plaisance. Kneeling from left: Sam Farnet, Jack Mauer, Jack Breen. Standing from left: Don Evans, Caesar Lamonica, Chuck Calvo, Tom MacIntyre, Fred Romero and Mike Kerrigan.

The First Annual Baton Rouge Rugby 7s Tournament in 1978 was the first ever Rugby 7s competition played in by Crescent City, and is believed to be the first ever Rugby 7s tournament in Louisiana. It resulted in a final between Baton Rouge and Crescent City. Crescent City won that Championship, by beating Baton Rouge by very narrow margin, even though Baton Rouge then featured one of the most powerful rugby players in the US, future USARFU Eagle Gary Lambert.

Crescent City also beat Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge in the Spring Season of 1979 in a full 15 a side match, establishing Crescent City RFC as the premier club in Louisiana that year.

In the Spring Season of 1979 Crescent City also proved itself one of the best rugby clubs in the US South, and perhaps the very best. Over Easter Weekend of 1979 Crescent City won the Galveston International Invitational Rugby Tournament. Crescent City opened with a win over the Dallas Harlequins and then went on to win their pool, and a semi-final against one of the most powerful teams from the UK to visit the US South up to that time, Kettering RFC, and the championship final of the tournament, in which Crescent City defeated the Houston Heathens.

1979 Galveston Rugby Tournament Champions, Crescent City RFC Front row from left to right: Eddie Cousins, Ron Midcaff, Ronnie Gibbs, Jack Breen, Jack Mauer, Randy Trailer, Bob Tuminello. Standing from right to left: Tom MacIntyre, Brian Foster, Roger Taylor, Bob Scully, Greg Cole, Terry Perkins, Fred Romero, Caesar Lamonica, Bob Jones, Mike Kerrigan, Jonathan May, Skip Rizzo, ???, ???, Jerry Gallion, Gene Carr, ???, George Henderson, ???

The Galveston newspaper published a detailed preview article about the tournament, featuring the very strong team from Kettering, England that had demolished the teams it had faced in Miami and the powerful Renegades of Atlanta. The article ended with a prediction as to where each of the 16 teams invited to the tournament would finish, and had picked Crescent City to finish dead last.  Obviously the sports writer in Texas had not been paying attention with what had been going on with rugby in Louisiana.

The headline of the sports page the next day, Easter Sunday, indicated that midnight would soon be coming for Cinderella, Crescent City, who had won all of its matches on Saturday to earn a match against Kettering in a mid-day semi-final.

That prediction looked most accurate when Kettering took the first scrum of the match and pushed Crescent City a full 22 meters into goal, three well coordinated short steps at a time. Kettering’s impressive display had moved in a slight diagonal, so that the try was scored out fairly wide, and they missed the conversion kick. But Kettering had made a statement with the most powerful performance in a set scrum ever witnessed by the Crescent City players.

Rather than being intimidated, however, Ronnie Gibbs saw an opportunity in the statement Kettering made that it intended to push around its much smaller opponents forward pack that day. Ronnie observed it was a very humid day in the in the hot Texas sun. His teammates who had been in Baton Rouge in 1976 remembered how such a day could work against the larger side. Gibbs suggested that Crescent City create as many scrum situations as possible in midfield when near enough to the touchline to get pushed into touch while going backwards. Instead of resisting the scrum shove, Gibbs suggested just using those scrum situations as rest periods, while the behemoths from Kettering sapped their own strength in the Texas mid day sun and humidity, to which Kettering was almost certainly very unaccustomed. Crescent City would use its considerable line out ability to obtain its share of possession. Crescent City planned to keep forcing scrums and line outs during the first half and then open the match up in the second half, when the Kettering forwards were likely to be exhausted.

When the halftime whistle blew and Crescent City gathered together they all could immediately see that Gibbs had been right, the huge Kettering pack were totally dehydrated and spent. Kettering had scored another try out wide, but had again missed the conversion. So, the score was only 8 to 0. The strategy for the second half would be to kick high balls to the Kettering backs and to swarm them, knowing they would have no forward support while the Crescent City backs could count on strong support from their very mobile back row. If the Kettering backs were foolish enough to return a kick with a kick, it would play right into the plan conceived by Gibbs.

The strategy worked. The Kettering backs began realizing they were lacking support when faced with up and unders and began to drop some of them after getting pounded by their opponents from Crescent City when the first few catches were made. The first few dropped balls were regained by Kettering and produced nothing but more scrums, during which the giant pack from the UK developed more and more heat exhaustion. Eventually a kick to Kettering was responded to with a kick back. An exhausted Kettering forward failed to retreat and was called for off sides about 35 yards from goal, directly in the middle of the pitch. Gibbs went for goal and made it. The score now stood 8 -3 and Crescent City needed only to put one converted try up to win.

Then, as time was winding down, Bob Tuminello called for the last ditch effort of all his teammates. He was playing at fly half. Mauer, whose nose was broken earlier in the tournament had moved to wing (no substitutions, even for injury, in those days). Tuminello let everyone know the next line out needed to be won, and when he got the ball from Gibbs, who was at scrum half, he would put it up extra high, and the team should make its best effort to put as much pressure under it as possible.

Tuminello hit a high deep kick that required the Kettering fullback to move several yards to get under it. Bob had struck the ball so forcefully his shoe flew into the air after the ball. But Tuminello was undeterred and chased under the ball with one shoe off and one shoe on. He arrived with perfect timing and jumped up high to contest for the catch. Terry Perkins had been following Tuminello by just a step, and kept going when Bob’s shoe bounced off Terry’s shoulder, with the rest of the team close behind. When Bob’s outstretched hand was able to knock the ball back in Perkin’s direction Terry was right there to scoop it up, and ran into goal and downed the ball just as the hooter sounded.

The angle for the kick was about 45 degrees off center, and the score stood at 8-7, with the kick to determine the outcome. Gibbs slotted it dead center, sending Crescent City into the final against the Houston Heathens.

The final at first seemed a bit anti-climatic; as Kettering was the team everyone had projected as the best team in the tournament. The Heathens were deflated, as a result of having lost their chance to prove themselves against the British team, through no fault of the Heathens. Meanwhile, Crescent City was riding a wave of adrenaline and jumped out to a 12-0 halftime lead. But the Houston Heathens were the Texas State Rugby Champions for a reason. That reason was they were a very good rugby team that was not going to let a mere two try lead overwhelm them, particularly when there was a whole half to go in a championship match. They mounted a second half surge and cut the lead to 12 – 10 with 4 minutes remaining in the championship match.

Then, it was time for the Crescent City forwards to pull out a win with a successful end of match maneuver, just as their backs had done in the semi-final.  A rolling maul was the tactic chosen to try to hold the lead until the final whistle was sounded, and it worked. The Crescent City forwards kept possession for those last long 4 minutes before the maul collapsed with the ball trapped under it and the final whistle sounded.

Crescent City took home a very impressive large shell trophy from Galveston on Easter Sunday 1979. They also went home with the very satisfying knowledge that they could win against a good English team and the best teams in Texas, their neighboring and arch rival state.

Greystones, RFC

The final event of the 1979 Spring Season for Crescent City RFC was hosting the Greystones RFC, from just south of Dublin, Ireland, a team La Exiles met again on their tour of Ireland in 1980. Mike Kerrigan and Skip Rizzo acted as the social hosts for the tour and showed the players from Ireland the time of their young lives. As the saying goes, what goes on tour is better left staying on tour. The wild times had during that tour are better left to description orally, with a pint in hand, rather than being memorialized in writing.

Post match photo of Crescent City v. University of Alabama at the old Crescent City  pitch on the levee at Robert E. Lee and Maroni.  The following Crescent City players, have been identified in this photograph: Sitting or kneeling from left: Keith Acker, Jack Biven, Daryl Roy, Caesar Lamonica. Standing from left Kevin Kelleher, Mark Brennan, Dan MacIntyre, Danny Brasseaux, Kent Savoie, Fred Romero. Standing or seated on truck from left: Brian Foster, Mike Kerrigan, Jack Mauer, Mark Neeb, Jack Breen, Sam Farnet, Frank Kerrigan, Al Massera, Skip Rizzo and Roger Taylor.

The history of Crescent City RFC during that time would not be complete without mentioning with gratitude Gene Freeze, a former Philadelphia Philly and Pittsburg Pirate, whose back room at the West End Saloon became the official party site for the club, and the Folks at Crescent Distributing Company who donated 2 kegs of Miller High Life for every Crescent City RFC home match during those years. Two sacks of oysters for every home match also came from somewhere, but you would have to talk to Danny Brasseaux or Mike Kerrigan to find out the source of that bounty.

Shreveport RFC

Among other papers Jack Breen found in his attic out in Maui was a list of the players on the Shreveport RFC when they faced Crescent City in Shreveport for the Northwest Louisiana teams first ever rugby match in the Fall of 1978, won by Crescent City.

Hal Rose, referee    Earl Bollinger  Iain Martin, Coach Mark Grubb, president   Frank Hoke Garry Jones, match secretary  John Walsh Curtis Gentz, secretary treasurer  Paul Dinkens Bill Ballien     Ray Shockley Mike Pass     Steve Timmons Danny Dunn     Ken Scott Mike Stautzenberger    Craig Weaver Chris Linn     Brian Taylor (Oregon) Charlie McClure    George Demitrinkus Bruce Crank     George Henderson Kelly Adams     Roger the Skyhook Bob Coons (Colorado)   Wally Rowan Gary Kennedy    Steve Tauber Gary Matthews    Buzz Mills Paul Van Cleve (Houma)   Charles Black

Select and Invitational Sides: GITS, La Select, the South Africa Tour and La Exiles

The Louisiana Governor’s Invitational Touring Side (GITS) traveled to England and Wales on a tour organized by Boyd Morrison (LSU ’76), a future USARFU Eagle, and Les Bratton (LSU ’72). That team played some of the finest clubs in and around London at the time, including the Saracens and Richmond RFC, with whom Morrison was then playing, and had a practice session with the London Welsh, which led to ensuring Louisiana got a match during the USA tour of that magnificent club the following year. According to The Rugby Chronicles, authored by Ted McGehee, a journalism student at LSU and a member of the touring side, that were published in the Daily Reveille beginning on January 24, 1978 the GITS led at the half in all 5 games of the tour but ultimately went 1-4. The first loss came against London’s then top team, Saracens, in a televised match that was very well attended that the tour itinerary lists as being played on January 2, 1978. McGehee lists the half time score as 8-6 in favor of GITS and the final score 8-28 in favor of Saracens. The GITS were reported to have been up 10-7 at Richmond before ultimately falling to Richmond RFC 13 – 27, with Morrison playing for the GITS against his Richmond teammates. The tour Itinerary lists that match as occurring on January 4, 1978.

The GITS were told they were the first US side to play in one of the 7 valleys of Wales, when they played at Nanty-Glo RFC on January 6, 1978. The team bus was swarmed by youngsters seeking autographs upon its arrival into the town, to the great surprise of the players. A team member recalls a fantastic try in the corner by Frank Perkins (LSU ’77), one of the few African Americans to be playing rugby at that time and the only member of his race to be on the pitch that day. That try would have won that match for Louisiana, but it was disallowed based on the call of the touch judge supplied by Nanty-Glo that Perkins knee had struck the goal line flag post before the ball was touched down in goal. The players from Louisiana did not agree with that ruling. At the post match disco they sought to find out if there was a racial animus behind the call and were pleased to learn that was not the circumstance at all. A good round of drinks was purchased for the team by the touch judge who complimented Perkins on his fine play and indicated it was nothing personal but he was not going to be the one responsible for his valley loosing its first match against an American side.  In light of the great hosting received in Wales the questionable call did not result in any sort of formal protest. No record of the score of the match has been found but the recollections are that the difference was less than 4 points.

On January 8, 1978 the GITS played against Windsor, RFC at the home of the British Royal Family, but no record of the score has been found. The final match was on January 11, 1978 at South End on Sea against Old Westcliffians, after a seafood pre-match lunch that sickened a few of the Louisiana players. No record of the score of that match has been found either.

McGehee’s Rugby Chronicles list Mark Lawson (LSU ’76 then Baton Rouge) as captain of the touring side, and its members as including Les Bratton (LSU ’72 then Baton Rouge), Bob Causey (LSU ’76, then Baton Rouge), Jim Braugh (LSU then Baton Rouge), Joey Husband (LSU ’78), Frank Perkins (LSU ’77) Dave Flotte (LSU then Baton Rouge) and Jack Breen (Crescent City). Wayne Fontenelle (LSU) and Gary Meyers (LSU then Baton Rouge) also appear in some old photos found by Breen.

La Select suffered a major disappointment when the planned tour to South Africa the players of La Select had trained for very hard under Andre Pelzer, the excellent coach of La Select who learned his rugby in his native South Africa, was cancelled. A January 16, 1979 memo from Ivor van Heerden, Chairman of the Organizing Committee – Louisiana Rugby Football Union Tour to South Africa, indicated La Select would tour during the period from 1st to 22nd August 1979 and that the SA Rugby Board had approved the tour that was to be under the patronage of the Natal Rugby Union and was to include 6 matches against teams in Natal and Transvaal. Unfortunately, the same political protests that led to a large boycott of the 1980 Olympics also put an end to this tour.

La Exiles was an invitational side that included many of the La Select of that era who had ties both with Louisiana and the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union.  Coached by George Betzler, La Exiles combined players from La Select and the perennial EPRU Champions Whitemarsh RFC. La Exiles won many tournaments, including the First Saranac Lake Tournament in 1979, which included for each winning team member tickets the Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games of 1980. La Exiles also toured Ireland and Europe in 1980 and came home with a record of 6 wins and only 1 defeat (by less than a try to then Irish National Club Champions Garryowen RFC). Greystones RFC, who had toured Louisiana in 1979, was one of the teams played on that tour, which renewed many friendships with that Irish club.

The above was written by JackBreen at the request of Jack Mauer to record memories of the early years of Crescent City RFC and Louisiana rugby.

July 27, 2013 Summary of New Orleans Rugby Foundation Meeting

The Mid-Summer New Orleans Rugby Foundation meeting was held on Friday, July 26, 2013, at noon at Joey K’s restaurant on Magazine Street.  The following people committed in advance to atend: Kerrigan, Reuther, Farnet, Buckingahm, McNulty, Goodell, Duhe, Ducoing, Tim Falcon, Bellaci, Boyd, Ormsby, &  Giepert

Louisiana Rugby has been formed as the SBRO ( State Based Rugby Organization). La Rugby is looking for Board Members, especially potential Board Members who are not presently affiliated with rugby.

It was agreed we will try to begin a middle school/junior high (7th thru 9th grades) competition this year. Our goal is four teams for the first year which could come from some of the high schools that presently have rugby.

We patted ourselves on the back for having a quality high school product, proven by Shaw winning the South against both single school and multi school teams. We have quality but now we need to start building up quantity. Our goal is to have at least two new high school programs next year. Potential new teams are St Paul’s, Rummel, West Jeff and Karr. St Paul’s seems to have an organization in place. Scully needs help organizing West Jeff. Hopefully Cody Cadella and Kevin Kern will have better luck with Rummel this year. Benji Haswell is a teacher at Karr and hopefully he can start a program there with some help.

Sonny Fontenot was at the meeting and will work to re-organize the SLU team together with a group freshman from the New Orleans High School programs who will be attending SLU in the fall and are eager to play rugby there.

We patted the Men’s Club on their backs for the 3rd place finish in division 1 and qualifying for the 7’s National tournament. They are obviously doing something right.
*The Men’s Club is set to join the Texas Union where both the division 1 and division 2 sides will compete. The benefit of this is that the team will travel together and play the same opponent each weekend. All of the Texas teams are supposed to have both division 1 and division 2 for NORFC to compete against.
The Men are also looking for a forward’s coach.

*Note: Clarification from Jerry Gallion

As clarification, NORFC is NOT joining the Texas Rugby Union.

Beginning this coming season, USA Rugby, not the local union, is responsible for the club competition structure and has divided the country into competitive regions. Even though NORFC is a member of the True South Geographic Union (formed by combining the old Deep South and Mid South LAUs), it has been assigned by USA Rugby to compete in American Competitive Region 4, which includes Texas, most of Louisiana, and parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

The distinguished field committee’s report is that sand will be added to both the Gretna field and the City Park field in August to help raise and level the fields. The fields will once again be planted with rye grass in November or December.
The rugby stadium in Algiers has a proposed finish date of November 2014.

As always we need more people to step up and referee. The referee’s society is targeting the NORFC Men’s Club for players who can referee high school games during the week. As a reward for Chance Doyle doing this last year, the New Orleans Old boys are paying for 1/2 of his Ireland Trip.  By Gary Giepert

The following is a short summary of Nick Conte’s past year as the Youth Rugby Development Coordinator in New Orleans, as well as a bit on the current state of youth rugby.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Summary of the 2012-13 CAA Rugby Service Term
Fall Season
In the summer of 2012, the New Orleans Rugby Foundation applied for a Coach Across America service grant with the Up2Us organization for a Youth Rugby Development Coordinator.  I was selected for the position and arrived in New Orleans on September 12th, 2012.  The responsibilities of this position were primarily to help run Youth Rugby NOLA and to expand the number of youth play rugby.
Over the course of the fall, I ran an outreach campaign to get word out about youth rugby.  By the December, I had reached over 1,200 students across the city in seven schools.  I was also asked to take charge of the sophomore Lake Area HS program.  To cap the season, I organized a “Day of Rugby” in December which highlighted youth and high school rugby.  We had over 35 youth players in attendance, all of whom took the pitch that day.  It was the largest gathering of youth ruggers in Louisiana.  We also held Louisiana’s largest pre-season high school tournament.
December saw the incorporation of Louisiana Rugby; a USA Rugby affiliated State Rugby Organization with the goal of fostering the development and growth of youth and high school rugby throughout the state of Louisiana.
Spring Season
The youth outreach paid dividends in the spring.  Our first spring practice had 18 youth ruggers, doubling our fall numbers.  By the end of the spring season we had 35 players participating in the scrimmages during Pan American Stadium’s HS Rugby Championship.  Outreach was slowed due to my additional involvement with Lake Area, a second youth practice on the West Bank, and Louisiana Rugby.  However, we still reached 400 students.
Lake Area took many strides forward.  We finished 3rd in the regular season, drawing a tie with Jesuit HS.  In the playoffs we finished 4th after a hard fought rematch against Jesuit.  Many of those seniors are now headed to continue their rugby careers at the university level.
We attempted to organize a Middle School league for April and May, but many schools were turned off by our desire for a contact league.  It became an experimental program with only Christian Brothers School participating.  The groundwork for that league is laid, we simply need more time next year.  We also decided to organize a Youth Rugby Summer Camp.
During the summer, I found employment with Tulane’s Ripples Day Camp as a full time rugby specialist.  There I was able to develop the skills of 600 youth, aged 5 to 14.  Tulane’s camp was hoped to be a major draw for participants in our own Rugby Summer Camp.  However, not enough campers pre-registered for the camp and we were forced to cancel.  As with the Middle School League, the initial groundwork is laid, we simply need to start planning earlier and with more coordination.
Current State of Youth Rugby
Overall, the past year has been a great success.  The number of consistent youth ruggers has tripled.  Over 2,200 other New Orleanian youth have been introduced to rugby.  Youth Rugby NOLA’s upcoming season promises exciting.  However, if there was one downside it was the organizing of Louisiana Rugby.  The institution has the potential to bring lots of resources to Louisiana by way of training, coach instruction, and equipment & grant funds.
In my mind, Louisiana Rugby acts as an umbrella youth organization, which does not necessarily interfere to local organizations such as the New Orleans Rugby Foundation or Youth Rugby NOLA.  The goal of Louisiana Rugby is to sprout rugby in areas where it does not yet exist, expand upon those areas where it does, and assist where possible.  It should not inhibit natural, grassroots growth.  Louisiana Rugby is an organization we should all be proud to be a part of.  With the right cultivation, it can be a shining example of what Louisiana is doing with America’s up and coming ruggers.  Though, that has not been the case since its inception.
I propose that we start anew.  Louisiana Rugby should be a collective of Louisiana’s best.  As such, I recommend the election of a full Board of Directors.  With the new rugby season should come a fresh beginning for this promising organization.
Personal Direction
I have been given the opportunity to be hosted and play with The Harvard Club, a decades old institution in Trinidad & Tobago.  So for the fall season, I will be away in Trinidad working to improve my skills for the spring NORFC season.
Thankfully, Coach Across America has granted us a second 900 hour service term which they will allow us to postpone until the spring.  So I will continue my position as Youth Rugby Coordinator upon my return.

R. Nick Conte

Youth Rugby Development Coordinator
Coach Across America/Louisiana Rugby

Top Thirteen Deep South Rugby Happenings 2012-13

1. New Orleans RFC finishes 3rd in Div. 1 National Club sides.

To get to final 4 NORFC defeated Chicago Griffins (41-17), Potomac AC (57-8), and Metropolis MN (15-10). NORFC lost to Seattle/Old Puget Sound (43-25) and defeated Denver Barbarians in 3rd/4th play-off (32-28). Life also from USA South won Div. 1 defeating Seattle/Old Puget Sound 27-26.

2. USA South wins the NACRA (North American Caribbean Rugby Association) championship with lots of Deep South help.

USA South captured the North American Caribbean Rugby Association Championship. To get to the final the USA South defeated Mexico (56-23), Jamaica (29-12), Cayman Islands (9-7), Bahamas (42-15), Bermuda (24-12), and in the final Trinidad & Tobago (26-18).

Chance Doyle from NORFC scored the game winning try in the championship match vs Trinidad & Tobago. Other Deep South players who played with USA South during the run to the championship were NORFC: Jeff Reuther, Matt Upton, Saade Bou-Mikael , Tallahassee: Tyler Bishop, Kirk Swanner Birmingham: Brendan Smith, Auburn: Ben Winiarcyk, Panama City: Marcus Satavu

U. of South Alabama – Wes Darwin coach/technical

Here is roster from final match vs Trinidad & Tobago

USA South Roster





Matt Upton


New Orleans


Eduardo Herrera


Boca Raton


Jason Hinchmann




Saadiq Ziyad




Stephen Hickey




Kirk Swanner




Derek Wolfe




Brenden Smith




Saade Bou-Mikael

Scrum Half

New Orleans


Lucas Biastrocchi


Univ. of Florida


Ty Elkins




Jeff Reuther


New Orleans


Amir Kahn




Ben Winiarczyk




Chance Doyle


New Orleans


Wayne Chermley




Josh Wolverton


Little Rock


Dave Meehan


Boca Raton


Chad Haynes




Jake Finger

Scrum Half



Mark Fulmer


Little Rock


Matt Abernathy

Center/ Forward


David Conyers


Kennesaw State

Rene Daniel


Emory Univ.

Jody Hensley



Wes Darwin


South Alabama

Will Rogers



John Devonport

Team Manager


Kevin Kitto

South President


Sean Borman


Boca Raton


3. Tracy Moens (New Orleans Halfmoons) is honored in Houston at USA v Ireland.

During her long  playing  career Tracy (who started playing for the New Orleans Halfmoons)  was capped for the USA. Tracey played twice for the US, once in 1987 in the first women’s international match against Canada in 15’s. The USA won. Tracey played inside center. Then 10 years later she played on the first women’s 7’s national team in Hong Kong. In Houston Tracey was among a group of past national team players who were honored. She was given a signed ball,,,” which was nice!”

4. Cameron Falcon (Shaw/LSU) played hooker for USA Men’s Junior World Cup team  in France.

Below is a post from “This is American Rugby” on selections for the USA’s match vs Scotland.

Having suffered three heavy defeats in the pool play but also able to judge which players played the best, Junior All-Americans coach Jason Kelly has named his starting lineup for his team’s knock-out match against Scotland tomorrow. Once again captaining the side will be Tom Bliss. He will also once again pair with Conor Kearns in the halfbacks.

Up front Kelly has named his most experienced front row with Chris Banks and Henry Hall lining up at the props and Cameron Falcon playing hooker. Teli Veamatahau and Chrisian Ostberg will form the locks while Zach Bonte, Vili Toluta’u, and Alex Goff will be in the back-row. Goff has been once of the team’s more consistent players and has beat out the likes of Ross Deacon, who is on the bench, for playing time.

Link to entire article: http://www.thisisamericanrugby.com/2013/06/junior-all-americans-name-starters-for.html

 2013 Junior World Championships Pool Standings

South Africa 3 0 0 154 43 111 1 0 13
England 2 1 0 163 37 126 1 1 10
France 1 2 0 70 59 11 1 1 6
USA 0 3 0 3 251 -248 0 0 0
New Zealand 3 0 0 104 42 62 2 0 14
Ireland 2 1 0 91 49 42 1 1 10
Australia 1 2 0 71 45 26 1 2 7
Fiji 0 3 0 21 151 -130 0 0 0
Wales 3 0 0 93 44 49 1 0 13
Argentina 2 1 0 92 54 38 1 1 10
Scotland 1 2 0 70 103 -33 1 1 6
Samoa 0 3 0 52 106 -54 1 1


5. Two Louisiana high schools are nationally ranked.

Rugby.Mag ranked Shaw 14th and Brother Martin 35th in the USA.

2013 RUGBYMag.com Boys HS Top 25

May 15 2013 presented by Selective Service

Crnt (Prev) Team Notes
1 1 Gonzaga (DC) 51-3 over Pride (8)
2 2 Xavier (NY)
3 3 Sacramento Jesuit   (Calif.)
4 4 Penn (Ind.)
5 11 Herriman (Utah) 41-19 over Snow Canyon   (10)
6 5 Dixon (Calif.)
7 7 Charlotte Catholic   (NC) 57-0 over Providence   (25)
8 6 Greenwich (Conn.)
9 9 St. Joseph’s Prep   (Pa.) 46-12 over Woodland   Hills
10 10 Snow Canyon (Utah) Lost 41-19 to Herriman   (11)
12 13 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.)
13 15 Chapin (SC)
14 17 Shaw (La.) Won South
15 8 Perry Street Pride   (DC) Lost 51-3 to Gonzaga   (1)
16 Unr Ravenwood (Tenn.) 34-5 over South Doyle   (16)
17 13 Park Hill South (Mo.) 2nd in Missouri to KC   Jr Blues (MS3)
18 18 St. Ignatius (Ohio) Lost 40-19 to Brother   Rice (MS 33)
19 19 Wilson HS (Calif.)
20 20 East HS (Colo.) Lost Colorado Final   47-13 to Colorado Springs (MS2)
21 21 Lake Travis (Texas)
22 22 Torrey Pines (Calif.)
23 23 Capital HS (Idaho) Won Idaho semi
24 24 St. Edward (Ohio)
25 26 Lincoln (Ore.) 44-14 over Prairie
26 27 Reynold Raiders (Ore.) 29-12 over Battle   Ground
27 25 Providence HS (NC)
28 28 St. Thomas (Texas)
29 30 Bishop Hendricken   (Mass.)
30 Unr Nakahi (Idaho) Still undefeated in   Idaho except for loss to Capital
31 12 Unionville (Pa.) 37-33 over Cumberland   Valley
32 16 South Doyle (Tenn.) Lost Tennessee Final   to Ravenwood
33 Unr Edina (Minn.) Undefeated in   Minnesota
34 Unr Burnsville (Minn.) Undefeated in   Minnesota
35 Unr Brother Martin (La.)


6. University of Louisiana – Lafayette  wins the Deep South College Conference & U of West Florida is ranked 28th by NSCRO.

On March 9th in the inaugural NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization) South Cup the University of West Florida represented the Deep South Rugby Conference. They finished 3rd defeating Sewanee 31-30. In the final (reffed by Deep South referee Alex Sharland) Duke won 24-5 over U. of North Florida. UWF lost 55-19 to Duke in the semi-final. Duke went all the way to the national championship where they lost to St John’s 31-16.


On April 6th the Deep South Rugby Conference championship was held. The Final 4 were U. of West Florida, U. of South Alabama, U. of Louisiana Lafayette, & Tulane. The final saw U. of Louisiana Lafayette defeat U. of West Florida 31-20.


In NSCRO’s final ranking of the 211 NSCRO rugby sides in the USA, Univ of West Florida was ranked 28th (tied with Wayne State)

7. Deep South Rugby Union merges with Mid-South to become True South.

See DeepSouthRugby.net article with Jerry Gallion


8. Montgomery Yellowhammers win Div 3 USA South Title

South Playoffs – April 27-28 in Fort Myers, FL
Semi-Final (4/27): Montgomery Yellowhammers 37-34 Palm Beach Panthers (FL)
Semi-Final (4/27): Hilton Head (SC) 19-5 Charlotte D3 (NC)
Final (4/28): Montgomery Yellowhammers 22-7 Hilton Head (SC)
The Montgomery Yellowhammers are the South #1 seed; Hilton Head (SC) is the South #2 seed

Montgomery lost to Kalamazoo Dogs (Michigan) 18-5 in the round of 16.

9. LSU finishes top of western division of new SEC Div. 1 rugby conference.

LSU lost to Eastern division champ U. of South Carolina in play-off.

10. Southeastern Rugby Conference player of the week

The following players from the Deep South area were named players of the week for the western division of the Southeastern Rugby Conference.

Week 1 Allen Alongi LSU

Week 2 Josh Oriez U of Alabama

Week 3 Will Middleton LSU

Week 4 Josh Eloy (sp?)  MS State

Week 5 Malcolm Gardner UM & Ben Winiarcyk Auburn

Week 7 Allen Alongi LSU

Week 8 Sebastian Kanyab (sp?) Auburn

Week 9 Malcolm Gardner  UM

11. DeepSouthRugby.net covers National Teams

 DeepSouthRugby.net covered the following tournaments involving USA national sides: NACRA 7s tournament Ottawa, IRB Women’s 7s in Houston, USA v Ireland in Houston, & Rugby World Cup 7s in Moscow.

12. Krebs Field was dedicated in Birmingham in honor of one of the founders of rugby in Alabama,  Eddie Krebs. See article in 2012-13 archive)

13. Lori Sutherland (the energy behind the founding of Mississippi youth rugby on the Gulf Coast) moved to California.

Please suggest other Deep South news items that you would like added and votes for  the top 3 of 2012-13  by emailing  deepsouthrugby@hotmail.com.

History of New Orleans Halfmoons – A Beginning

History of the Origins of the New Orleans Women’s Rugby Club (Halfmoons)

Below is the beginning of the story as Kris Franz related to me during halftime in a match at the 7s in Vegas in 2103. Please read and comment. There are questions below. Feel free to pass around to others who might have information about the history. Send additions and comments to deepsouthrugby@hotmail.com

In 1978 Jenna Meeks, Laura Roberts, Kris Franz, and Leslie Brandt while gathered at a bar in the French Quarter began to discuss forming a women’s rugby club in New Orleans. Three of the people present had played at LSU. Leslie Brandt (who had not played at LSU) had recently attended a meeting of the West RFU. The plan which was discussed and later enacted was to become an associate member of the West RFU.

Players came to the club in many different ways. Some had played in college but many had an athletic interest in the sport sparked just by watching the women practice or play. Tracy Moens (who went on to play representative rugby for the national side) was jogging on the batcher (levee) one day when she saw the Halfmoons practicing. She came out to her first practice which included a scrimmage. Kris Franz tackled her and looked her in the eyes and said, “ If you want to play rugby and you can take that, you’re in.” Tracy brushed herself off and said, “I want to play.”

In the early days the Halfmoons traveled to either Texas or Florida for matches. Florida State University was the competition in Tallahassee, and Houston had 2 sides (The Hearts and the Boars) and the Dallas Debutants would would come to Houston to make a round robin tournament out of New Orleans visit to the Lone Star State.

For the first 3 to 5 years the Halfmoons were awful. The team was excited just to score a try. The idea that the team might win a game was almost laughable. After George Henderson began to coach the team they began to steadily improve and recruit  serious athletes.


Is there a history out there we can add to? Kris, you seemed to indicate during our far too brief chat that there is a history that says the club began in 1979, but you think that is incorrect because you were out  of LSU in 1978 and playing rugby in New Orleans for a New Orleans club. Right?

How did the name Halfmoon arise?

What year did George Henderson  arrive? He came on NORFC tour to Bahamas in 1981 and he was coaching Halfmoons then, I think.

What  was the highest “ranking” the Halfmoons achieved and when was that?

Everybody add what you like and please correct my spelling of names.

Maud’s History – Part 2 – NORFC 1973-74

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 1:  Tulane University


Peter J. Maud

Part 2: The New Orleans Rugby Club:  1973 – 1974


The New Orleans club was founded in the Fall of 1973 primarily due to the fact that there were quite a large number of ruggers residing in the city who were no longer either eligible to play for the Tulane team, or having graduated from other institutions moved to the city for employment purposes. Bob Urann, Stan Smith and Peter Maud, all previous Tulane players, were the three players primarily responsible for founding the club. Others listed on the official club roster for that Fall of the first year included Fred King, Mike Martin, Barry Kennedy, Joe Hamby, Max Bishop, Charlie Monnot, Lawrence Williams, Tom Crosby, Joe Fox, John Nicol, Richard Odum, Barry Haney, Rick Fuchs, Dennis Fitzgerald, Robert Tuminello, Ken Roy, Mark Bergschneider, Richard Evans, Billy Goodell, Glen Wondergem, and Bill Cloud.

Although not listed on the roster for the Fall season, Mike Porter soon appeared on the scene and became the club coach for the next four years. A more complete description of his contributions to the club and to the state is to be found in the January 1978 edition of “Rugby” (2)

Over the next few seasons other players who became major contributors to the club included Segundo Fernandez, Bob Squires, Brian Travis, Crosby, Joe Hamby, Whit Oliver, Steve Davies, Dave Farrar, Doug Guth, Barry Johnson, Jim Rozek, Dave Jones, Harvey Hatfield, Grady Williams, Andre Pelser, Robert Markel, T. R. Rainey, and too many others to list.

New Orleans Rugby Club, 1973 – 1974 Season


A  photo  taken on September 15, 1973 immediately following the first game for the new club against L.S,U “B” team had the following team members:


Rear row left to right: Peter J. Maud, Bill Cloud, Bob Urann, Ken Roy, Tom Crosby, Max Bishop, Richard Evans, Bob Tuminello, Dennis Fitzgerald, and Glen Wondergem.


Front row: Lawrence Williams, Charlie Monnot, Barry Haney, Joe Hamby, Stan Smith, and Richard Odom.

The following are listings of games played by the New Orleans Club from Fall 1973 through Spring 1978. Data is unavailable for some seasons and any reader who is able to fill in either games played or game results is encouraged to contact the author.


Club Officers, 1973 – 1974 Season


President                                 Peter J. Maud                         Social Chairman                     Barry Kennedy

Coach                                      Michael Porter                        Treasurer                                                Charlie Monnot

Match secretary                      Lawrence Williams                 Captain                                   Bob Urann



(No match result data available.)


Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

09/15/1973              Louisiana State University “B”                Away                      

09/22/1973              Montgomery                            Home

09/26/1973              Pensacola                                 Away

10/06/1973              U. Southern Mississippi “B”    Home

10/13/1973              Tulane University                    Home

10/27/1973              Memphis                                 Away

11/10/1973              Springhill College                     Away

11/17/1973              Louisiana State University       Home

Maud’s History – Part 3 – NORFC Record 74-78

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 3:  NORFC Records 1974-78


Peter J. Maud


New Orleans Rugby Club, 1974 – 1975 Season

Club Officers


 President                                                Peter J. Maud                         Social Secretary                      No data

Coach                                      Michael Porter                        Match secretary                      No data

Captain                                   Bob Urann                              Treasurer                                                No data



“A” Team




Played    20             Won   13,               Lost  7,                                    Tied  0,                   Pts. For  375,           Pts. Against  217 


Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

10/06/1974              Vanderbilt University                                                                  W                         28 – 9

10/12/1974              Crescent City                                                             L                            9 – 14

10/20/1974              Tulane University                                                      W                           22 – 6

10/26/1974              Memphis Wanderers                                                                  W                           30 – 20

10/27/1974              Memphis Old No. 7                                                  L                              6 – 11

11/02/1974              Louisiana State University                                         L                            15 – 37

11/16/1974              Springhill College                                                       L                            18 – 28

11/23/1974              Southeast Louisiana University                                                 W                           20 – 6

12/07/1974              Pensacola                                                                   W                           14 – 6

01/25/1975              Pueyrredon (Argentina)                                             L                            6 – 23

02/01/1975              Louisiana State University                                         W                           16 – 12

02/08/1975              U. Western Ontario (Canada)                                     L                              4 – 10

02/15/1975              Springhill College                                                       W                           14 – 0

02/22/1975              Crescent City                                                             W                              4 – 0

03/01/1975              Tulane University                                                      W                             45 – 6

03/08/1975              Southeast Louisiana University                                                 W                             13 – 0

03/15/1975              Memphis Old No. 7                                                   W                           18 – 0

03/29/1975              HMY Britannia (United Kingdom)                             W                           64 – 0

04/05/1975              Pensacola                                                                   W                           16 – 10

04/12/1975              Houston                                                                     L                            13 – 19

There was no “B” team during the first two years of club existence.

At the conclusion of the 1974 – 1975 season at the annual general meeting held in the Spring, the club constitution was formerly adopted. Items of interest from the by-laws included information relative to club fees ($15 per player per half season), club colors (gold jerseys with black letters, black shorts, and gold socks with black tops), selection committee (coach, captain and vice-captain), and composition of club officers as listed below.


New Orleans Rugby Club, 1975 – 1976 Season      

Club Officers


President                                 Peter J. Maud                        

Treasurer                                                Charlie Monnot

Secretary                                                Segundo Fernandez

Match secretary                      Grady Williams                     

Social Chairman                     Dave Farrar

Publicity                                  Bob Squires or Dave Jones (contradictory information – secretary vs. president’s reports)

Grounds keeper                      Steve Sallman

Coach                                      Michael Porter

Captain                                   Bob Urann  (Fall 1975)

                                                Tom Crosby (Spring 1976)

Vice Captain                           Jim Rosek




“A” Team


Played    24,            Won   18,               Lost   4,                   Tied   2,                  Pts. For   497,          Pts. Against   204 


Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

09/27/1975              Louisiana State University                       Home                         L                            3 – 49

10/04/1975              Memphis Old No. 7                 Away                         T                            12 – 12

10/11/1975              Mobile                                     Home                         W                           24 – 0

10/18/1975              Pensacola                                 Away                         W                           22 – 6

10/25/1975              Springhill College                     Away                         W                           12 – 6

11/01/1975              Tulane University                    Home                         W                           27 – 12

11/08/1975              Southeast Louisiana U.            Home                         W                           20 – 10

11/22/, 11/23/1975  Baylor University*                  Away                         W                           10 – 0

                                San Antonio*                                                             T                              6 – 6

                                Blue Goose*                                                              W                           14 – 0

                                Austin Huns*                                                            W                           10 – 0

                                Minneapolis*                                                             L                            6 – 12

12/06/1975              Houston                                   Home                         W                           58 – 0

01/17/1976              Pensacola                                 Home                         W                           39 – 0

01/24/1976              Tulane University                    Away                         W                           42 – 6

01/31/1976              Springhill College                     Home                         W                           22 – 0

02/07/1976              Crescent City                           Away                         W                           28 – 4

02/11/1976              HMS Danel (United Kingdom) Home                         W                           12 – 4

02/14/1976              Jackson                                    Home                         W                           36 – 0

03/13/1976              Mobile                                     Away                         W                           13 – 9

03/20/1976              U. of New Orleans                   Away                         W                           45 – 12

03/27/1976              Houston Old Boys                   Away                         L                             6 – 22

04/03/1976              Louisiana State University       Away                         L                            16 – 34

04/10/1976              Memphis Old No. 7                 Home                         W                           14 – 0

“B” Team


Played    17,            Won   12,               Lost   3,                   Tied   2,                  Pts. For   196,          Pts. Against   198. 

Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

09/27/1975              Louisiana State University “B”                Home                         L                            3 – 48

10/11/1975              U. of New Orleans “A”            Home                         L                            0 – 35

10/18/1975              Pensacola “B”                          Away                         T                            14 – 14

10/25/1975              Springhill College                     Away                         W                           30 – 0

11/01/1975              Tulane University “B”             Home                         W                             6 – 3

11/08/1975              Panama City “A”                      Home                         W                             7 – 6

11/15/1975              Crescent City                           Home                         T                              0 – 0

01/17/1976              Crescent City                           Home                         W                             7 – 6

01/24/1976              Tulane University “B”             Away                         W                           27 – 0

01/31/1976              Springhill College “B”              Away                         W                           30 – 0

02/07/1976              Louisiana State University “B”                Away                         W                              4 – 0

02/14/1976              Jackson “B”                             Home                         W                           20 – 0

03/13/1976              Panama City “A”                      Away                         W                           12 – 4

03/20/1976              U. of New Orleans “B”            Away                         W                           10 – 4

03/27/1976              Houston Old Boys “B”            Away                         L                              3 – 57

04/03/1976              Louisiana State University “B”                Away                         W                            12 – 11

04/10/1976              Memphis Old No. 7                 Home                         W                           11 – 10

New Orleans Rugby Club, 1976 – 1977 Season

Club Officers


President                                 Charlie Monnot

Secretary                                                No data                  

Treasurer                                                No data

Match secretary                      No data

Social Secretary                      No data

Publicity                                  No data

Grounds keeper                      No data

Coach                                      Michael Porter

Captain                                   No data

Vice Captain                           No data



“A” Team


Played    28,            Won   21,  Lost   4,                Tied   3,   Pts. For   583,   Pts.  Against   173. 

Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

09/12/1976              University of New Orleans      Home                         W                           50 – 0

09/18/1976              Memphis Old No. 7                 Away                         W                           23 – 9

09/25/197                                Southeast Louisiana University               Home                         W                           26 – 0

10/02/1976              Houston                                   Away                         T                            17 – 17

10/09/1976              Mobile                                     Home                         W                           38 – 0

10/16/1976              Tulane University                    Home                         W                           44 – 0

10/23/1976              Pensacola                                 Away                         W                           29 – 0

10/30/1976              Houston Old Boys                   Home                         W                           14 – 0

11/06/, 11/07/1976  University of Georgia              *              Away                         W                           24 – 3

Tallahassee*                            Away                         W                             6 – 3

Atlanta Renegades*                  Away                         L                              6 – 13

11/27/1976              Panama City                             Away                         W                           15 – 0

12/04/1976              Crescent City                           Home                         W                           12 – 0

12/11/1976              Louisiana State University       Home                         W                             4 – 0

01/22/1977              Tulane University                    Away                         W                           36 – 6

01/29/1977              Dallas                                      Home                         T                              0 – 0

02/06/1977              U. of New Orleans                   Away                         W                           48 – 0

                                Springhill College                                                       W                           24 – 4

02/12/1977              Mobile                                     Away                         W                           25 – 15

02/19/1977              Atlanta                                     Home                         L                              6 – 14

02/26/1977              Houston                                   Home                         W                           25 – 0

03/05/1977              Southeast Louisiana University               Away                         W                           8 – 3

03/12/1977              Jackson                                    Away                         W                           32 – 4

03/19/1977              Houston Old Boys                   Away                         L                            13 – 40

0326/1977                               Memphis Old No. 7                 Home                         T                            10 – 10

04/09/1977              Bermuda Renegades                 Home                         W                           16 – 3

04/23/1977              Louisiana State University       Away                         L                            8 – 25

04/30/1977              Crescent City                           Away                         W                           24 – 4












“B” Team


Played    17,            Won   12,                Lost   4,                   Tied   1,   Pts. For   305,   Pts.  Against   128. 


Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

10/09/1976              Mobile                                     Home                         W                           39 – 0

10/16/1976              Tulane University                    Home                         W                           13 – 0

10/23/1976              Pensacola                                 Away                         W                           16 – 0

10/30/1976              Houston Old Boys                   Home                         L                            14 – 20

01/22/1977              Tulane University                    Away                         W                           30 – 0

01/29/197                                Dallas                                      Home                         W                             9 – 4

 02/06/197                               U. of New Orleans                   Away                         W                           48 – 0

                                Springhill College                                                       W                           42 – 0

02/12/1977              Mobile                                     Away                         W                           4 – 3

02/19/1977              Atlanta Renegades                    Home                         L                            4 – 16

02/26/1977              Houston                                   Home                         W                           4 – 0

03/12/1977              Jackson                                    Away                         W                           31 – 10

03/19/1977              Houston Old Boys                   Away                         L                            13 – 40

03/26/1977              Memphis Old No. 7                 Home                         T                              0 – 0

04/09/1977              Bermuda Renegades                 Home                         W                           16 – 3

04/16/1977              Tulane University                    Home                         W                           18 – 8

04/23/1977              Louisiana State University       Away                         L                              4 – 24

*Atlanta Peachtree Tournament

New Orleans Rugby Club, 1977 – 1978 Season


Club Officers


President                                 Charlie Monnot

Treasurer                                                Richard Evans

Secretary                                                Jim Rosek              

Match secretary                      Robert Markel

Social Secretary                      Alan Breslin

Publicity                                  T.R. Rainey

Grounds keeper                      Anton Hajjar

Coach                                      Peter Maud

Assistant Coach                      Andre Pelser

Captain                                   Bob Urann

Vice Captain                           Stanley Smith



“A” Team                              


Played    21,            Won   11,                                Lost   10,     (3 additional games            were played but results are unavailable)

Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

10/01/1977              Jackson                                    Home                         W                           44 – 4

10/08/1977              Baton Rouge                            Away                          L                             0 – 10

10/15/1977              Houston                                   Away                          L                             4 – 25

10/22/1977              Houston Old Boys                   Home                          L                             0 – 22

10/29/1977              Tulane University                    Home                          L                              6 – 12

11/5, 11/6/1977       St. Louis Falcons*                   Away                         W                           16 – 3

                                Atlanta White*                                                           L                               3 – 4

11/12/1977              Louisiana State University       Home                         W                           26 – 0

11/19/1977              Mobile                                     Home                         W                           20 – 0

12/03/1977              Memphis Old No. 7                 Away                          L                           19 – 23

12/10/1977              Pensacola                                 Home                          W                          42 – 0

01/28/1978              Houston                                   Home                         W                           28 – 10

02/04/, 02/05/1978  Ohio State University**                                             L                              0 – 4

                                Iowa State University**                                             W                              6 – 4

                                Emory University**                                                                  W                           29 – 0

02/18/1978              Tulane University                    Away                         W                           12 – 4

02/25/1978              Jackson                                    Away                         W                           12 – 6

03/04/1978              Baton Rouge                            Home                         W                             22 – 6

03/11/1978              Memphis Old No. 7                 Home                         L                            No data

03/18/1978              Mobile                                     Away                         L                            No data

04/01/1978              Vancouver Rowing Club          Home                         L                              22 – 26

04/08/1978              Louisiana State University       Away                       No data                    No data

04/15/1978              Crescent City                           Home                       No data                    No data

04/22/1978              Pensacola                                 Away                       No data                    No data

*   Atlanta Peachtree Tournament

** Mardi Gras Tournament in Hammond, Louisiana.


“B” Team


Played    15,            Won    9,                                 Lost    6,     (3 additional games             were played but results are unavailable)

Date                         Opponent                                 Venue                      Result                      Score

10/01/1977              Jackson                                    Home                         W                           28 – 10

10/08/1977              Baton Rouge                            Away                         W                           16 – 4

10/15/1977              Houston                                   Away                          L                              8 – 30

10/22/1977              Houston Old Boys                   Home                          L                              6 – 28

10/29/1977              Tulane University                    Home                         W                              14 – 0

11/12/1977              Louisiana State University       Home                         W                           14 – 7

11/19/1977              Mobile                                     Home                          L                             0 – 4

12/03/1977              Memphis Old No. 7                 Away                          W                          11 – 4

 01/28/1978             Houston                                   Home                         W                             4 – 0

02/18/1978              Tulane University                    Away                          L                             0 – 3

02/25/1978              Mississippi State University    Away                         W                             6 – 4

03/04/1978              Baton Rouge                            Home                         L                              6 – 10

03/11/1978              Memphis Old No. 7                 Home                            W                                        No data

03/18/1978              Mobile                                     Away                         W                           No data

04/01/1978              Vancouver Rowing Club          Home                         L                            18 – 10

04/08/1978              Louisiana State University       Away                       No data                    No data

04/15/1978              Crescent City                           Home                       No data                    No data

04/22/1978              Pensacola                                 Away                       No data                    No data

(Authors Note: I think that I would be remiss if I failed to mention the short term contributions to the club during the Spring 1978 season of one of our subsequently renowned players. Eddie Murray, the Tulane University field goal kicker, came in to my office one day and expressed a desire to play rugby for our team. He had played a little in his home town of Victoria, Canada. He was welcomed aboard after assuring me that head coach Larry Smith had no objections. It was during a game in Jackson, Mississippi, that I witnessed the longest successful penalty kick that I have ever seen. We were awarded a penalty kick about 10 yards inside our own half. When I indicated to the referee that we were going for the goal he grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat while the Jackson team began to laugh. The opposition was still laughing when the ball sailed between the posts with plenty of height to spare. The only published record that I have been able to find of Eddie’s post high school rugby career appeared in the February 24th edition of Tulane Hullabaloo which cites Murray as being the primary force that allowed the New Orleans club to defeat Tulane the previous week. He only played during the Spring 1978 season. Eddie went on to fame in professional American football. Initially drafted as the field goal kicker for the Detroit Lions in1980, he spent 19 years in the NFL, making two Pro Bowl appearances, and earning a Super Bowl ring in Super Bowl XXVIII as a member of the 1993 Dallas Cowboys team.)

Maud’s History – Part 4 – NORFC 74-78

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 4:  Early NORFC Review


Peter J. Maud

In brief review of the first five seasons of club existence, it is interesting to note the increase in playing numbers as indicated by the development of a solid second team by the commencement of the 1975 – 1976 season. Probably the highlights of club occurred between 1975 and 1977 where the first team played a total of 52 games, winning 39, losing only 8, and tying 5, amassing a total of 1080 points for and only 377 against. The “B” team was equally successful during this time playing 34, winning 24, losing 7, and tying 3. The point’s differential was not quite as dramatic as they scored 501 for versus 326 against. 

This report would be incomplete without touching on some of the social aspects of the club. Perhaps one of the most notable contributions came from Bob Urann, Tom Crosby, and Dave Farrar when they founded Spilfters and Schmulchkins Rugger’s Pub on Frerret Street. This became the club HQ. It was where club members drank, sang, socialized, and even became an operating room where Dr. Stan Smith would provide free medical assistance (stitching, wound dressing etc.) to both the New Orleans club members and even to members of the opposition when requested. Stan was also famous for his 50 (well at least it seemed that long) verse rendition of “Eskimo Nell”! The choir was pretty good also! Club spirit during the early years resulted in many friendships that last until the present day.



This team photo was taken during the 1975/1976 season


Rear row, left to right: Don Gartside, Doug Guth, Richard Evans, Dave Farrar, John Nicol, Vern Peck, Jim Rozek, Steve Sallman, Peter Maud, Dave Kangha, Brian Travis, Barry Johnson, Grady Williams, Gary Boesh, Jim Trenton, Bob Squires, Dan Rodman.


Front row, left to right: Mac McCollough, Steve Davies, Tom Crosby, Lawrence Williams, Bob Urann, Harvey Hatfield,

Stan Smith, Charlie Monnot, Mike Porter, Segundo Fernandez.

Maud’s History – Part 5 – Birth of the Union

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 5:  Regional Union Beginnings


Peter J. Maud


The Southeast Gulf States Rugby Association


A proposal was made in early October 1969 by Maud, at that time the coach of the Tulane University Rugby Club, to form an association of rugby clubs in the southeast Gulf States to further develop, and promote the game of rugby. A letter was mailed requesting that representatives from the clubs attend a meeting to be held on October 25th in New Orleans on the Tulane campus. (The reason for the proposed date was due to the fact that the Tulane Club was due to play Notre Dame that afternoon while the Tulane “B” side was scheduled to play Springhill College.) Invitations were mailed to the following clubs: Pensacola Rugby Club, the Southeast Louisiana College Rugby Club, Springhill College Rugby Club, New Orleans Blues Rugby Club, Louisiana State University Rugby Club, and Tulane University Rugby Club. It is interesting to note that Louisiana State University were invited but they evidently they did not form a team until the following year.

The meeting was duly held with Patrick DeLouise, from the Hammond Club (this may have been at a time when the Southeast Louisiana Rugby Club for a short time became the Hammond Club), Michael vonDeckbar and Alber Enos representing the New Orleans Blues Rugby Club, Michael Keyes and Peter Maud, the Tulane University Club,  and Gene Gerdes, independent. Although there were no representatives from either the Springhill Club or the Pensacola Club they gave verbal approval for the formation of the association. The following motions, as extracted from a letter sent to all relevant parties, were approved at the meeting:

1. That the general objectives of the association shall be to promote, encourage and organize the playing of rugby throughout the Southeastern Gulf States area.

2. That the officials of the association shall consist of a president, secretary /treasurer, and one representative designated from the clubs not represented by either the president or the secretary/treasurer. Therefore each club will be entitled to one vote.

3. That officials be elected on a one year basis at a meeting to be held in September or October of the playing year.

4. That the membership fee for individual clubs will be $10 per year plus a 25 cent per year individual team member fee for all players who participate in Southeastern Gulf States conference games.

5. That a Southeastern Gulf States Conference will be formed within the association and that each team entered in the conference will play one home and one away game with all other conference teams. (Specific rules for the conduct of conference games will be drawn up at a later date. Fixtures to be organized for the 1969-70 season prior to February 1, 1970)

Officials elected for the 1969-70 season were: President, Peter J. Maud, Tulane University Rugby Club, and Secretary/Treasurer Michael E. von Deckbar, New Orleans Blues Rugby Club.

Some of the other issues that were debated at that first meeting and subsequently at later dates either by mail or telephone included: publicity, clinics, laws of the game, representative fixtures, appointment of referees, penalties for cancellation of matches, punishment for players being sent off during a game etc.

Ultimately fixtures for all participating teams were arranged to be played during the Spring of 1970. As no results were recorded for the New Orleans Blues team it is assumed that the club had folded by then.

Game Results for the Spring 1970 Season


Date                                         Teams                                      Venue                      Winner                     Score


02/21/1970              Springhill    vs.   Hammond                     Springhill                 Springhill                 Forfeit

02/22/1970              Pensacola    vs.   Hammond                     Pensacola                 Pensacola                 Forfeit

02/28/1970              Tulane       vs.   Pensacola                       Tulane                     Pensacola                 18 – 11

03/01/1970              Tulane         vs.   Springhill                      Tulane                     Tulane                     21 – 8

03/01/1970                 Hammond    vs.   Pensacola                                  Hammond                                Pensacola                 19 – 3

03/07/1970              Pensacola    vs.   Springhill                      Pensacola                 Pensacola                 16 – 3

03/08/1970              Hammond   vs.   Tulane                          Hammond                                Hammond                                11 – 6

03/14/1970              Springhill    vs.   Tulane                           Springhill                 Springhill                 11 – 3

03/15/1970              Hammond   vs.   Springhill                      Hammond                   Not played

03/21/1970              Pensacola    vs.   Tulane                          Pensacola                 Pensacola                   6 – 0*

04/04/1970              Springhill    vs.   Pensacola                      Springhill                 Pensacola                 16 – 3

04/05/1970              Tulane         vs.   Hammond                    Tulane                     Tulane                       8 – 5

*This game was technically forfeited due to the Tulane team having an insufficient number of players.


Final Team League Standing for the Spring 1970 Season


           Team                            Played      Won        Lost         Tied         Points For     Points Against    

1st        Pensacola                          6             6           0             0                72                   17

2nd.=    Tulane                               6             2           4             0                49                   53

2nd =    Springhill                         5             2           3             0                22                   59

4th        Hammond                        5               1           4             0                19                  43

In a letter dated May, 18, 1970, Maud submitted his resignation as president of the association due to the fact that he was leaving the area and moving to the University of New Mexico in order to further his education. In that letter, on behalf of the Tulane Club, he nominated Jim Silverwood of the Pensacola Rugby Club to succeed him as president for the following 1970/1971 season. It was also requested that other clubs nominate a potential president of the association. This request resulted in only one response, from the Springhill Club, supporting the nomination of Jim Silverwood. Association files for the Spring 1970 were forwarded to Jim.

It is believed that Jim Silverwood left the Pensacola area and unfortunately the association did not survive.

The Louisiana Rugby Union


1974 -1976                    


The second attempt to form a coordinated association of rugby clubs in the Southeast came in the Fall of 1973 when Maud, upon his return to Louisiana, proposed to the Louisiana clubs that a local union be formed to regulate and promote the sport within the state of Louisiana. The Louisiana Rugby Union became a reality at a meeting held on April 22nd, 1974. Member clubs at that time included the Crescent City Rugby Club, the Louisiana State University Rugby Club, the New Orleans Rugby Club, the Southeast Louisiana University Rugby Club, and the Tulane University Rugby Club. At that time no decision was made as to which regional union the Louisiana Rugby Union would apply for membership.

Shown below is the initial Louisiana Rugby Football Union constitution as adopted in the Spring of 1974.








The name of this Union shall be the Louisiana Rugby Football Union.



It is the purpose of this Union to regulate the play of  Rugby Football in the state of Louisiana, to improve the standard of play, and to promote the growth of the sport.

                Activities of the Louisiana Rugby Football Union in support of these aims may include:

                1.  The coordination of scheduling among member clubs.

                2.  The organization of a Louisiana Rugby Football Championship.

                3.  The training, assignment, and supervision of referees.

                4.  The organization of representative teams as required for matches against other Unions or touring clubs.

                5.  The organization or sectioning of tours and tournaments.

                6.  The provision of other forms of assistance to member clubs as available.

                7.  Encouraging by any practiced means the formation of new rugby clubs in Louisiana.



                The Louisiana Rugby Football Union shall have sole jurisdiction over all games of Rugby Football played in the state of Louisiana.

                All games under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Rugby Football Union shall be played  according to the current Laws of the Game as approved by the International Board and published by the Rugby Football Union in England.


Membership in the Louisiana Rugby Football Union shall be open to all rugby clubs in the state of Louisiana upon payment of dues in the amount fixed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Governors.



                The Board of Governors shall consist of one representative chosen by each member club, the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the President of the Louisiana Society of Rugby Referees.

                Except as hereafter provided elsewhere in this constitution, the Board of Governors may make regulations concerning the conduct of any rugby football game in the state of Louisiana.

                The Board of Governors shall hold regular meetings twice each year. A special meeting of the Board of Governors may be called at any time, appropriate notice having been given, at the  request of any two members.

                Fifty-one percent of the membership of the Board of Governors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



                The officers of the Louisiana Rugby Football Union shall be the President and the Secretary-Treasurer.

                The President and the Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected by the Board of Governors at a regular meeting and shall serve for two years. Consecutive terms may be served.

                No individual shall simultaneously represent his club on the Board of Governors and serve as an officer of the Louisiana Rugby Football Union.

The President shall provide executive leadership in the activities of the Union.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Governors and may cast a deciding vote in case of a tie.

The President shall represent the Union in relationships with other Constituent Bodies or with civil governments.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain an accurate and complete record of the activities of the Union.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall give adequate notice of meeting of the Board of Governors.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall coordinate scheduling of matches between member clubs and shall function as the Fixture Secretary of the Union with respect to arranging representative matches with other Unions or touring clubs.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect the dues of the Union, and all other funds payable to it, and shall pay all bills incurred by the Union.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of all income and expenditures of Governors, giving the condition of the treasury.




The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the President of the Louisiana Society of Rugby Referees.

The Executive Committee shall conduct the regular business of the Union.

It is authorized to take all such actions as will carry out the Union’s purposes and further its objectives, subject to the limitation that it may not spend, or contract to spend, more money than is actually in the Union Treasury without the approval of the Board of Governors.

                Two thirds of the membership of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.






The Louisiana Society of Rugby Referees shall be established as an organ of the Louisiana Rugby Football Union. The Society shall provide referees, to the extent possible, for all games played under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Rugby Football Union.

The Society shall have sole authority with respect to any questions concerning the interpretation of the Laws of the Game.



As Established by the Louisiana Rugby Football Union


1.  Dues for membership in the Union are set at $25.00 per year.

2.  The dates for the regular meeting of the Board of Governors shall be fixed by the Executive Committee and announced to the members with at least three weeks notice. Ordinarily, one meeting will be held in late April, at which time the officers are elected, and one meeting in early September.

3.  The playing year and the terms for all officers shall run from July 1 to June 30 of the calendar year next following.

4.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall call a meeting of the Fixture Secretaries of all member clubs in October of each year to arrange schedules among member clubs for the next playing year. That is, there will be a meeting in October, 1974, to arrange schedules for the 1975-1976 playing year.

5.  All member clubs must inform the Secretary-Treasurer of their complete schedules when finally arranged, but no later than November 30, even if there are some open dates. Thereafter, the Secretary-Treasurer must be informed of any changes or additions.

6.  The scheduling shall be so arranged that each member club plays other member clubs once each Fall and Spring, normally on a home-and-away basis, these to be designated as League Games. It is the responsibility of the home team to inform the Secretary-Treasurer of the results of each League Game. Points will be awarded for League Game results according to the following scheme: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The team with the greatest total number of points in League Games shall be declared Louisiana Champion, except that in the event of a tie, co-champions shall be declared. A floating trophy shall be awarded each year to the Champion. Further games may be scheduled among member clubs, but any such games shall not be counted as League Games and shall not affect the Championship.

7. Any member club arriving late for a regularly scheduled game within Louisiana shall be fined as follows: $5.00 after 15 min. delay; $10.00 after 30 min. delay. If either team is not prepared to play one-half hour after scheduled time, the referee will decide, in consultation with both captains, whether to cancel the game or play as the teams stand. Any game cancelled under this provision shall be considered forfeited by the offending team.

8.  The Louisiana Society of Rugby Referees shall prepare, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall distribute to all member clubs, a detailed procedure for the operation of the Disciplinary Committee established by Article VIII of the Constitution.

9.  With the advice and consent of the Board of Governors, the Executive Committee will appoint selectors and a coach for any representative matches.

10. Attention is particularly drawn to the Laws applicable to the proper size and marking of grounds. This is the responsibility of the home team, and a referee may refuse to officiate, or a visiting team may, without prejudice, refuse to play on an improperly marked ground.

Several changes were made to the constitution and regulations following this initial draft.

It was not until a meeting held on Tuesday, December 3rd 1974, that the Louisiana Rugby Union voted unanimously to apply for membership within the Eastern Ruby Union. Subsequently at an E.R.U. meeting held in Philadelphia on March 16, 1975, the Louisiana Rugby Union was formally elected to Local Union membership in the E.R.U. At that same meeting Maud, who attended that meeting as an invited observer, was elected as a director to represent Louisiana. It is also of interest to note that at that meeting the Southeastern Rugby Football Union was also elected to Local Union status within the E.R.U.

Ironically a few days prior to the E.R.U. meeting, Maud had received a letter from Gerard Seymour, President of the Heart of America Rugby Football Union, requesting that he attend a meeting to be held on Saturday March 15th to discuss the formation of a proposed Western Rugby Football Union. By this time however, the decision to apply for membership within the E.R.U. had already been made.

An attempt was made in 1995 by Dave Shepherd, a member of the Southeastern Louisiana University Rugby Club, to form a Southern Rugby Union. He contacted clubs and unions from west Texas to Florida, with a tentative meeting set to be held on 24th May, 1995 in the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans. It is unknown as to whether or not the meeting actually took place but the proposed union did not materialize.

Elected officials (1974 – 1976):


President                                             Peter J. Maud

Secretary/Treasurer                                    Patrick De Louise

President of the Referees Society         Michael Porter

During the first year of the union’s existence a Louisiana Championship was held with each team playing home and away games against the other union members. Following is the championship final standing:

1. Louisiana State University R.F.C.

                                2. New Orleans R.F.C.

                                3. Southeastern Louisiana University R.F.C.

                                4. Tulane University R.F.C.

                                5. Crescent City R.F.C.

Three representative fixtures were played by the union between Spring season 1974 and the Fall of 1975. Results were as follows:

Date                        Opponent                                Match Result           Pts. For.                  Pts. Against            


01/23/1974              Club Pueyrredon (Argentina)                Lost                                    0                20

11/15/1975              Florida Rugby Union                                        Lost                                        7                10

12/13/1975              Texas Rugby Union*                                        Lost                                        3                38

*Although officially listed as a union representative fixture, Tulane had earlier indicated that their team members were unavailable due to end of semester exams. Likewise some of the L.S.U. players had also indicated that they were unavailable for the same reason. Some of the L.S.U. players were supposed to be available and were selected. A few days prior to the fixture being played several L.S.U. members withdrew from the team and on the day some were no shows. The net result was that the team was comprised entirely of New Orleans club members with the exception of one player from the Southeastern Louisiana University (Robert Tuminello).









The Following Represented the State of Louisiana at Rugby: 1974-1975.

                                Versus                                Versus                                                    Versus

                                  Club  Pueyrredon                         Florida                                                    Texas

                                  January 23, 1974                   November 15, 1975                 December 13, 1975

                            Louisiana 0, Pueyrredon 20             Louisiana 7, Florida 10                       Louisiana 3, Texas 38

Fullback                   D. Bare (L.S.U)                        D. Cohen (N.O.)                      P.J. Maud (N.O.)

Wings                      G Gerdes (Crescent City)         F. Perkins (L.S.U.)                   J. Rosek (N.O.)

                                F. Perkins (L.S.U.)                   S. Solliman (N.O.)                   D. Cohen (N.O.)

Centers                    J. M. Hamby (N.O.)                 L. Williams (N.O.)                   S. Salliman (N.O.)

                                P.J. Wylie (L.S.U.)                   C. Monnot (N.O.)                    C. Monnot (N.O.)

Fly Half                   C.L. Monnot (N.O.)                 E. Reinowski (L.S.U.)                              R. Tuminello (U.S.L)

Scrum Half              R. Urann (N.O.)                       L. Bratton (L.S.U.)                   R. Urann (N.O.)

Hooker                    T. Yokum (Tulane)                  T. Yokum (N.O.)                     T. Yokum (N.O.)

Props                       P. Dial (L.S.U.)                        R. Evans (N.O.)                       W. Oliver (N.O.)

                                M. H. Porter (N.O.)                  J. Lewis (L.S.U.)                      M.H. Porter (N.O.)

2nd. Row                  S. P. Davies (N.O.)                  R. Causey (L.S.U.)                   G. Williams (N.O.)

                                R. Causey (L.S.U.)                   R. Edmundson (L.S.U.)           D. Guth (N.O.)

Wing Forwards        T. L. Crosby (N.O.)                 T. L. Crosby (N.O.)                 S. Smith (N.O.)

                                P. J. Maud (N.O.)                     M. H. Porter (N.O.)                  D. Farrar (N.O.)

Number Eight          B. L. Haney (N.O.)                  M. Lawson (L.S.U.)                 B. Travis (N.O.)

Coach                      M. H. Porter (N.O.)                  M.H. Porter (N.O.)                   M. H. Porter (N.O.)

In the Spring of 1976 a match was arranged to be played between the Louisiana Rugby Union State team and a representative side from the Orange Free State (South Africa). All major arrangements were made including the purchase an official Louisiana Rugby Union plaque which was to be presented to the visiting team. Unfortunately just before the touring team was due to depart from South Africa, then President Carter, refused to allow visas to be issued. Obviously this was related to the apartheid policy in place in South Africa at that time.

Perhaps special mention should be made of the part played by the South African Consular staff in the development of the game of rugby within the state, particularly Arnold Du Pissani and Andre Pelser. Arnold was very instrumental in helping the initial development of the Tulane University team as a player (scrum half) and the team coach. At a later date Andre coached the Tulane team, and at one time also played for, and coached, the New Orleans club. He also coached both the Louisiana Select Team and the All Southern Team. The original Mardi Gras Rugby Tournament cup (The Andries Gobler Cup) was donated by the South African Consul.

Another individual who made a significant contribution was Michael Porter (2), a member of the Tulane University faculty, whose knowledge of the laws of the game, and his ability as a forwards coach (he coached the first three state representative teams) positively impacted the game within the state.

Others who played a significant part in the early development of the Louisiana game included Bob Urann, Stan Smith, John Healey, Dave Shepherd, and Max Simmonds who was very influential as a referee and coach. There were  too many others to individually identify. 

(Authors personal note: The Eastern Rugby Union, the parent body of the Louisiana Rugby Union, was originally founded in 1934 and played representative games against a visiting Cambridge University (England) team that same year and again in 1938. The next representative game by an All-Star ERU team was played against the Quebec Provincial Representative team in the Spring of 1962 in Montreal. I was a member of the Quebec team and had the misfortune to have as my opposite number Tony Madigan, an Australian 1960 Rome Olympic bronze medal light heavyweight boxer, whom, I believe, lost to gold medal winner Cassius Clay in the semifinals. Quebec, however, won the match!)

(Limited data only is available for the following four years. Any reader who has more detailed information, concerning representative fixtures and selected players in particular, is requested to contact the author in order to make this a more complete report.)


1976 – 1978


Elected Officials:


President                                                 David Shepherd

Secretary/Treasurer                                               Charlie Monnot

President of the Referees Society           Rick Odom

During this time several representative games were played. In the Fall 1976 a game was played between the Louisiana representative team and Georgia. The Louisiana team was the victor. (score ?) A game was played against the Florida Rugby Union on October 22nd 1977, with Louisiana winning by a score of 31 points to 12. This game was a part of the Southern ERU trials where a team to represent the Southern ERU against a Northern ERU select team was selected. Louisiana Rugby Union players selected to represent the Southern team included Bob Causey (Baton Rouge Rugby Club), Pat Dial (New Orleans Rugby Club), and Donnie Bratton, Joey Husband, and Frank Perkins (L.S.U. Rugby Club) with Bob Edmundson (Baton Rouge Rugby Club) and Andy Miles (New Orleans Rugby Club) selected as reserves.

The following represented the Louisiana Rugby Union in the game against Florida:

Fullback                   Kuykendahl                             Props                       Edmundson


Wings                      Foaster                                     Hooker                    Anderson


Centers                    Hampton                                  2nd Row                   Dial                                                                         

                                Garry                                                                       Causey

Fly Half                   Tuminello                                                Wing Forwards        Breen                      


 Scrum Half             McLean                                   Number Eight          Crosby




1978 – 1980


Elected Officials:


President                                                 Max Simmonds

First Vice President                                                Fred Romero

Second Vice President                             Ed Owens

Secretary/Treasurer                                               Charlie Monnot

Fixtures Secretary                                  Bob Causey

President of the Referees Society           Rick Odom

Highlights of the 1978 – 1979 season included state representative fixtures against the Palmetto Rugby Football Union (South Carolina) where the Louisiana side was victorious by a score of 36 points to 12, against a touring London Welsh team where Louisiana lost by 14 points to 9, and against the Greystones Rugby Football Club from Ireland with the touring team winning by 14 points to 6.

In 1978 Boyd Morrison toured South Africa with the U.S.A. Cougars and Bob Causey played for the Eastern Rugby Union representative team with Donney Bratton as a reserve.

Bob Causey subsequently played for the U.S.A. national team.

Several changes were made to the constitution during this period, including the addition of two vice-presidents and a fixtures secretary to the Executive Committee.

Maud’s History – Mardi Gras Tournie Part 6

The Early Years of Rugby in Louisiana:

The Tulane University and New Orleans Clubs, and Union Affiliations

PART 6:  Mardi Gras Tournie, Other Teams, & References


Peter J. Maud


The Mardi Gras Tournament


The first Mardi Gras Rugby Tournament was held in the Spring of 1968 and originally probably proposed by John Healey, who had been one of the prime founders of the Southeast Louisiana College Rugby Club the previous Spring. In order to make the tournament more attractive to visiting teams and to help with organizational issues, the Southeastern Louisiana club invited the Tulane club to co-sponsor the event. The preliminary games were to be played in Hammond on the Saturday and the final and semi- finals on Sunday on the Tulane University campus. The following year, due to differences of opinion as to the venue of the tournament, two separate tournaments were held, one sponsored Southeast Louisiana College and the other by Tulane University. Following are the results of the first twelve tournaments sponsored by the Tulane University club:

Results -Tulane University Tournament


Year                                        Winner                                    Runner-up

1968*                      University of Wisconsin                          Tulane University

1969                        Tulane University                                    University of Wisconsin

1970                        University of Wisconsin                          University of Waterloo (Canada)

1971                        Palmer College of Chiropractics                               Tulane University

1972                        Texas A & M University                         Tulane University

1973                        University of Indiana                                               Brown University

1974                        Potomac                                                   Austin

1975                        Pensacola                                                 University of Iowa

1976                        University of Wisconsin                          Blackthorn

1977                        San Antonio                                             Boston College

1978                        Tulane University                                    Bucknell

1979                        Vancouver Rowing Club                          University of Oklahoma

*Combined Southeastern Louisiana University and Tulane University tournament



Other Louisiana Rugby Clubs:


Southeastern Louisiana College/ Hammond/ Southeastern Louisiana University*.

New Orleans Blues

Louisiana State University

Loyola University

Crescent City Rugby Club

Baton Rouge Rugby Club

Fort Polk

(The University of New Orleans, and a team potentially called the Bayou Boys Rugby Club also tried to form but ultimately their members joined the Crescent City Club.)


*Southeastern Louisiana College gained university status and it is believed that they played as the Hammond Rugby Club  for a short period during this time.


(The Louisiana State University rugby club was founded in 1970 with the three principal players responsible for its foundation being Rob Haswell, a South African, Jay McKenna who had previously played in Maryland and Hal Rose who had prior experience with the Austin Rugby Club. In their first game the Louisiana State University team defeated the Tulane club by a score of 15 – 5. From its early beginnings  the club established itself as a rugby powerhouse in the southern part of the country and one of the better national collegiate sides as demonstrated by the fact that in 1972 it took third place in the 1st (unofficial) National Collegiate Rugby Championships. One of its early team members, Bob Causey, made a significant contribution to Louisiana rugby by being selected to play for the U.S.A. National Team, the Eagles. Further detailed information concerning the founding of this club would be better addressed by one of its early members although a brief history of the club can be found at their website: http:/www.lsurugby.com/history.php. )


1. Keys, M, “The Rough, Rugged Road To Rugby” The Tulane Hullabaloo, Friday February 16, 1968

2. Maud, P.J., “Rugby Pioneer – Mike Porter” Rugby, Vol. 3, No. 8, January 1978