9-27-15 What’s under the Kilt?

I wandered through a misty Leeds morning looking for a Sunday Times. None had been delivered by 7am. The Leeds train station has a piano with signs in almost every imaginable language that say “Play Me.”. I was playing lullabies for the all nighters waiting for their train home while watching the newsagents for paper delivery. An old Yorkshire gentleman wandered up to chat, showing me the 2 fingers he had lost during his 20 years on the dock. He has a good mate who is the doorman at the Queens Hotel where the USA team is staying. I asked if our boys were behaving themselves. He told me he had heard they were out on the piss on Friday. It could be raining Scottish tries today.

The big news from yesterday’s matches is Wales triumph over England (28-25). England now face the potentially humiliating experience of being the first ever World Cup hosting team to not make the quarterfinals. During their upcoming match on Saturday against Australia they will carry not only a will to win but the hopes of a sport loving nation. South Africa have recovered and their 46-6 convincing win over Samoa have catapulted them from disparaging comments about being over-the-hill no-hopers to chatter about having the potential to go all the way.

Canada outplayed Italy but fell short by five points (23-18). The match was exciting because of its closeness and the three lead changes. Canada’s wings, Van Der Merwe & Mackenzie, were fantastic. Unfortunately the ball was slow to come out of the loose and passes too often lazily drifted through the atmosphere at the stadium that is home to Leeds United football team.  Canada’s choice to take 3 points from a penalty kick from 5 meters out with 9 minutes left in the match left them two points down, desperate, and hapless for the remainder of the match until a penalty in the waning moments gave Italy their 5 point margin.

As I am writing this Eddie, John, Brian, and Ally from Scotland have wandered up. As we laughed and talked about World Cup experiences, I asked if they would share with out female readers what Scotsmen wear under their kilt. Here are the replies …

Brian,  “Nothing!” to which Ally replied, “You might have nothing, but I have loads.”

Eddie, “There is nothing worn. It is all in perfect working condition.”

Time to file this and head to the pitch to see what the Scottish team has under their kits.

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